Musing on "The Real"

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Musing on "The Real"

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Wiremu sends me a message;

Wiremu: Greetings Manu Iti.
I was communicating with a ghost today who wants to experience real things in the next phase.

Without getting into the conversation preceding this part of it, she wrote;

Now that is interesting and makes sense, makes sense from hellish NDES like Howard storms, makes sense in Kabbalah and Sufism too.. yes I believed hell isn’t forever too, more of a correctional facility for the Ego.. Buddha taught none permanence to these too.. but after heaven, hell, reincarnation etc.. what’s left?

Wiremu: I replied to her the following;
"Whatever you want to believe is what will be next..."
to which she in turn said;

I’d rather it to be something real, then just something I wish for.. if that makes sense.

Wiremu: It is a common request I I replied;
"Yes it makes sense. But it does not work that way. The only actual "real" is The Eternal Creator Consciousness. Therefore all experience is not real, but created to be able to be experienced as real by that which is doing the experiencing...we are all aspects of The Eternal Creator Consciousness and are the very ones who make things experienced "real" therein, let the imaginings create the reality you most want to experience..."

I gave her directions to The Campfire in the hope she might want to sit and talk more about this.

Universal Balance and Harmony


I pour myself a brew. Te Ruru hoots from the nearby forest...

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