God promises damnation for lack of belief in the messiah?

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God promises damnation for lack of belief in the messiah?

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What's this I hear about being threatened with damnation if we don't believe in Jesus?

Where do you guys come up with your opinions of God? You apparently feel that God would make this threat. Have you even read the Hebrew the Scriptures. It's what you call the old testament. God speaks in it.

Christians: the concept of the messiah comes from the Hebrew Scriptures. Where you n the Hebrew Scriptures does God tell us to make sure we believe in the Messiah when he comes? Where? Or threaten damnation if we don't believe in him?

God does not say that.
If believing in the Messiah when he comes is the KEY TO EVERYTHING why didnt God say that?

You think this is a matter of faith?

When the Messiah comes ALL WILL KNOW. It won't be about belief or faith. The very fact that Jesus isn't known by ALL to be the Messiah proves he isn't.

Why do you believe in this threat about believe in Jesus or you will go to hell? God never said such a thing nor will it be necessary to make that threat.. For when the Messiah comes the whole world will know.

Like it or not, the Messiah is the the Jewish Messiah. And no one is the Messiah until the Jews say he is the Messiah. What Christians think doesnt really matter. It is the Jews who have the power over this. This is one Jew who will never accept that do-nothing dead Jew from Nazareth as the Messiah. Never! Be prepared to spend an eternity waiting for Jesus. Very clever of the church by the way. To blame the failed return of Jesus on the Jews when the reason is that he isn't the Messiah.

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Re: God promises damnation for lack of belief in the messiah?

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Mainly by reading Paul and then some of the gospels, it looked to me that being saved depended on Faith in Jesus and Works (though important) wouldn't be the thing that would save you (though sinning could imperil your salvation). But I think we all knew that, didn't we?

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