How do mixed races cope with racism?

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How do mixed races cope with racism?

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I have 7 grandchildren who have grandfathers of various ethnic backgrounds from Mexico, Africa, Philiphines, Norway and native Americans.

My body was birthed from the womb of a body who had Norwegian parents and the sperm came from generations of Norwegian bodies, too.

Who knows how pure my Norwegian ancestors were since the early Vikings raped and pillaged many nations around Europe, even with natives from Iceland, Greenland and north America?

I never taught my sons about racism and that they were superior to any other race so it was natural to them to not think about race when dating their girlfriends and end up marrying those who birthed all these grandchildren with grandparents of other ethnic backgrounds.

To me, this proves that racism is taught and not something that you inherited and birthed with from the womb.

Do you have proof that racism isn't taught by racist's?

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