Separation as a Last Resort

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Separation as a Last Resort

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Question for Debate: How does total racial separation hold up as a last resort solution to racism and oppression in America, provided each race actually gets a fair share of land and resources?

I'm not just talking about separating water fountains at the park. Obviously that's not a solution. It doesn't work, because the white water fountain will be maintained and the black water fountain will not be. The whites will get the front of the bus, and others will be relegated to the back.

I'm talking about actually dividing land. Whole states if necessary. "Separate but Equal" failed partly because there wasn't separation.

I'm also only suggesting this as a last resort. In other words, if oppression and racism continue and can't be stopped or curtailed by other means. To me it seems fairly logical that if whites continue to oppress others and won't stop, they should be relegated to white-only areas where they can't hurt anyone. I don't think of this as continuing oppression if there is true separation. I think of it as concentration camps for racists.

Whites seem to prefer to live around other whites. You can call this racist, and obviously it is, but what's it hurting anyone to give them their bottles if the alternative is that they're going to use their innate, immutable racism to hurt POCs in some way every time they have an interaction?

What's the problem with walls, if they don't wall in disproportionate resources and wealth for white people?

To me, this is a solution that would make everyone happy.

Whites believe they're just as good as everyone else. They believe they can compete on the free market, they believe they're just as good at their jobs as any immigrant, and they only lose out because of government policy. So why not use this knowledge to get them to separate themselves voluntarily and die off when they're removed from the people who do all their work for them?

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Re: Separation as a Last Resort

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[Replying to Purple Knight in post #1]

I can't see how this would keep everyone happy, the amount of resources is fixed (of fixed-ish) but population changes. Redistribution would be required to maintain this "fair share of land and resources." Where there is redistribution to a group that is already hated to the point of requiring separation, there is gonna be resentment. What's would stop this resentment from building into the race war that this last resort cannot contain?

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