Questions About Citations and Footnotes

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Questions About Citations and Footnotes

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I'm looking at several other dissertations and journal articles as examples for citation using Turabian and I'm finding some formats that I can't find in the Turabian book or How tos online.

Authors seem to use "See" quite a bit in a footnote when referencing a book or article. Is this standard use when citing a primary or secondary source or is it optional? Example:

See Michael Heiser, Unseen Realm, 23.

Also, when citing references, do I need to use the full note for the first use of that reference or can I use the shortened reference format for all citations? Example:

Michael Heiser. 2004. Unseen Realm, Lexham Press, pg 23. (full note)
Heiser, 23. (shortened note + bibliography entry)

Also, from what I read, Turabian is a hybrid of Chicago Style and is used exclusively for students. It does not appear all too different, though, from published articles in academic journals or what I've seen in several books written by Bible Scholars. Will Turabian work okay in the future when submitting to journals and publishing books or will I need to switch to a different citation format (Chicago, APA, etc)? I was required to use APA in my Master's program, but my ThD program requires Turabian.


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