Women's health and covid jab

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Women's health and covid jab

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Post by Rose2020 »

I would like to know from any ladies on here if their reproductive health has been impacted by having the covid jabs? That's both pre and post menopausal. Any unusual unexplained symptoms shortly after having the vaccine?

I ask because I can find very little information on this but I have found myself having problems, to the extent I now face having intrusive worrying tests. I can see a hint on Google of some anecdotal stories of women saying periods are heavier, unexplained bleeding has been known.

We will not know the long term effects of course yet of these vaccines. I am no anti-jabber, but I believe there is always a grain of truth in rumours and nothing should be dismissed. We may be solving one problem very effectively while creating others, as medicine does.

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Re: Women's health and covid jab

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Post by PiterDest »

The thread is a little old but I still wanted to respond and address your concerns about women's health and the COVID jabs. While I can't provide personal experiences, it's always important to consult with healthcare professionals regarding any unusual symptoms or concerns you may have. They are the best equipped to provide accurate and personalized information. Since this thread is a bit dated, I hope you've been able to find the support and guidance you were seeking regarding your reproductive health and the COVID vaccines. If you're still looking for resources, you can check out individual health insurance at https://ibgportland.com/individual-health-insurance. They might have some insights or information that could be helpful.

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