Guidelines on preaching

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Guidelines on preaching

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1. Preaching is not in itself against the rules, but posters should take note of the following guidelines.

2. Do not use the forum as simply a way to present people with the gospel or any other religious or anti-religious message. This is a debating forum, not a convenient place to overtly proselytize.

3. Do not portray yourself as speaking directly for God or as a special messenger of God.

4. Do not proclaim where another person is going to go in the afterlife. Do not pronounce that God should judge another person with any sort of punishment.

5. Do not judge if someone is or is not a real Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc. If someone claims to be something, do not argue that he is not what he claims to be. If someone does not claim to be something, do not impose a label on that person. (If someone does not call himself a Satanist, don't call him a Satanist.)

6. Do not claim that you alone know the truth and everyone else is in error. Do not claim that only your interpretation of scripture is the only correct one.

7. Do not use scripture to directly or indirectly attack another person or group of people.

8. Do not respond to a post by simply quoting scripture that has no relevance to the topic.

9. Do not post a lengthy homily that has no direct bearing on the topic. Do not get on a soapbox to preach an irrelevant sermon.

10. Do not present your views dogmatically. Instead, preface your views with "According to my interpretation" or "I believe that God would" or "In my opinion".