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PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2006 2:35 am  Are you nominal Christian or true Believer? Reply with quote

Link: nominal Christian or true believer?

Are you a person who wants to be a Christian, perhaps attends the church meetings, but doesnít have any "oil in his lamp", in other words there is no spiritual life in his heart? Are you in other words only a nominal Christian, who has external Christian habits in his life, but hasnít really been born again and experienced a living faith?

It really is possible, that if God hasnít had the chance to awaken us, we are just these kinds of people. We can have all the external signs of Christianity, we may have turned away from certain sins and we might think that we are on the way to heaven, even though we are in fact going in just the opposite direction. This is possible, if we have not yet seen our true condition and the need for salvation in the light of God.
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I guess that the difference between your and my outlook is that while you seem to attribute some select events or passages to the authors of the gospels, I attribute the whole shooting match to the gospel writers.

That would be a miracle in it's own rite. d'oh!


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