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471. When we are tired and fatigued, then we have strayed from the Celestial way; when we are happy and unrestrained, then we are closer to the Celestial way.

472. Swine must know the thinking of swine keepers to know the meaning of their lives; people must know the thinking of their keeper to know the meaning of their lives; anyone who knows the meaning of their life has become celestial.

473. To become a celestial being and achieve celestial immortality, one must strive to find the “spiritual pure land�, and they must plan their life around it, spread their love across the world, and pool in effort to the new era.

474. Eight major consciousnesses are involved in the process of advancing from the human world to heaven; namely, from stagnating in a human life to achieving a celestial one:

(1) Consciousness of LIFE. LIFE is a nonmaterial structure of spirit; it undergoes endless transmigrations without annihilation.

(2) Consciousness of life and Death. Life and death are only superficial phenomena, not essences; only forms, not roots. “Boundless grasses across the plain come and go with every season; wildfires never quite consume them, they are tall once more in the spring wind�. When your boat reaches the other shore, you should disembark and forget about it.

(3) Consciousness of Karma. “As a man sows, so he shall reap�;�Divine punishments, though slow, are always sure.�

(4) Consciousness of Space. There are twenty (20) parallel worlds in the universe, thirty-six (36) dimensional space, and paradises and hells. Paradises are for perfect souls; hells are for defective ones. There are different spaces of LIFE for different life states.

(5) Consciousness of Predestined Relationships. All relationships are predestined. Relationships with ghosts will drop one to hell; relationships with celestial beings will raise one to a fairyland. If one’s debts are not paid off, they cannot escape their obligations, and if one does not have enough merits and virtue, they cannot reach a fairyland.

(6) Consciousness of Mind and Nature. Reality is a projection of consciousness; consciousness creates reality. Phenomena arise from minds and minds transcend all phenomena. “Minds are the most important of the Three Realms, and consciousness is the most important of all rules.� Fragrances will attract butterflies to flowers and pure hearts will be frequented by celestial beings. Minds that do not abide anywhere are Tathagata. Nature is the characteristic of structure, and nature is Buddha.

(7) The consciousness of Magical Arrays. The universe has thirty-six (36) magical arrays, and they are the sources of games. They are full of fun. For example, power, money, fame, gain, carnal pleasure, and sentiment are magical arrays from which no one can detach themself once they become entrapped. Only after one has acquired supreme Authentic Wisdom, can they transport themself outside the samsara world of endless transmigrations.

(8) The consciousness of the Real Self. Everything has its source; its real self. Consciousness, structure, and energy are the three constituent elements of the universe. All others are “as a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a shadow; as dew and lightning. Thus, should you meditate upon them�. Buddha and the Greatest Creator are the sources of everything and therefore, the real self. Understanding the Greatest Creator and following Way of the Greatest Creator, will lead you to find any of the eighty-four thousand (84,000) Buddhist gates (ways) which lead to smooth paths. If you do not understand the Greatest Creator and follow Way of the Greatest Creator, the eighty-four thousand (84,000) Buddhist gates (ways) will lead to cliffs.

475. How does one become enlightened? If you can cultivate a righteous body and mind, a true spirit and soul will abide within them, and great capabilities and virtues will arise from them. If you do not have the wish of a Great Vehicle, then you will find it impossible to understand the profundity of the universe and to achieve this consciousness. If you can stick to and keep “universality�, have no self or selfish desire, revere the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature wholeheartedly, follow Way of the Greatest Creator, and devote your heart and soul to the creation of a reality in which “the talented will be put to good use, and the whole world will be one family�, in which “no one would pocket anything found on the ground, and doors are not bolted at night�, and in which everything is in harmony, the weather is perfect, and everyone is happy, joyous, free, and blessed, then the light of your soul will become brighter and brighter and your consciousness will become clearer and clearer and you will finally become enlightened.

476. If conditions are not ripe, the program cannot initiate. One cannot ascend to a celestial being if their self-improving and self-refining has not achieved the necessary ideal status.

477. Heaven is the general term for the Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, and the Elysium Celestial Islands Continent.

478. The Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, and the Elysium Celestial Islands Continent are not fanciful imaginations. They are an inevitability caused by the law that the sum of positive and negative energies are always zero, just like the inevitable existence of Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the outer planets in our solar system or the inevitable existence of our seven apertures, hair, limbs, and all of our human internal organs.

479. The Thousand-year World is a celestial body 960 light years away from the Earth. About ten times the size of the Earth, it is currently inhabited by approximately 200 million people. Because the basic life span of LIFE (celestial being) on this celestial body is about 1,000 years (in relation to Earth time), it is called the Thousand-year World. It is a pure world of sincerity, kindness, and beauty; one of love, peace, pleasure, and a place of sublime human nature. Undoubtedly, anyone with a perfect human nature can go there, as there is no limitation on the number.

480. The Ten-thousand-year World is a beautiful celestial body located 3,480 light years away from the Earth. It is sixteen (16) times bigger than the Earth and is surrounded by sixteen (16) suns arranged at equal distances. About 100 million celestial beings live there. The basic characteristics of these celestial beings are pretty much the same as those of land celestial beings described by Taoism. They enjoy life spans of about 35 thousand years, and thus this celestial body is called the Ten-thousand-year World.

481. The Elysium World is the general term for the Paradise universe (the universe inhabited by man is a small one that is called the Earth universe). The Paradise universe is so called in relation to other universes. The structure of the Paradise universe is a Taiji ellipsoid which is called the Law- Rotary Galaxy. Law- Rotary Galaxies contains three thousand (3,000) the Rotary-River Galaxies, each Rotary- River Galaxy contains three thousand (3,000) Milky-Way type Galaxies, and each Milky Way type system contains three thousand (3,000) Solar systems. In other words, the Elysium World is composed of three thousand macro worlds, nine million medium worlds, and twenty-seven billion small worlds.

482. The Elysium Celestial Islands Continent is the backyard of the Greatest Creator. It has 80 billion islands, each the size of the Earth. Each island has a name. There is only one celestial being living on each island. Apart from the 30 billion islands that have been used by celestial beings as their homestead, the remaining 50 billion islands are not currently inhabited by any celestial beings. They are to be inhabited by people from the human world, the Thousand-year World, and the Ten-thousand-year World as they succeed in transforming themselves into celestial beings through self-cultivation and self-refinement to the highest level.

483. The Elysium World has ten continents:

(1) The Lotus Continent

(2) The Borneo Continent

(3) The Kasyapa Continent

(4) The Yingwu Continent

(5) The Amita-Buddha Continent

(6) The Celestial Islands Continent

(7) The Three Worlds, Two-way Continent

(8) The Moon Temple Continent

(9) The Gods Continent

(10) The Supreme Authentic Wisdom Continent.

The Celestial Islands Continent is one of the continents of the Elysium World.

484. Super Celestial Beings are the highest realm that humans can attain. The base camp of celestial beings is on the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World.

� Hostess Yu’e, of Xuefeng Island on Celestial Islands Continent is a Super Celestial Being.

â—� Guanshiyin, the revered Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, is a Super Celestial Being.

â—� Angels in western culture are Super Celestial Beings.

Super Celestial Beings are Buddha. The difference is that Buddha has certain restraints, while Super Celestial Beings do not. Buddha has responsibilities but Super Celestial Beings do not. The greatest characteristic of Super Celestial Beings is that they can play in whatever way they think is most interesting. After Buddhahood is attained, there are still higher realms awaiting, but after becoming a Super Celestial Being, there are none to pursue. Super Celestial Beings mainly engage in self-entertainment and do not care for affairs in heaven or the human world. Buddha does not pursue entertainment and is not obsessed with momentary relaxation, but focuses on the acquisition of supreme authentic wisdom. Super Celestial Beings are the freest, most pleasant, and happiest LIFE in the universe. As the favorites of the Greatest Creator, they do not undertake any responsibilities or obligations. Buddha is the most intelligent and self-disciplined LIFE in the universe. When necessary, Buddha will bear responsibilities and obligations.

485. Heaven is for happy and joyous people. It is not for those who are weighed down by worries. The longer the time of one’s happiness and pleasure, the better and more stable the nonmaterial structure of one’s LIFE becomes and the closer their LIFE will be to paradise.

486. To obtain a visa to the Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, or the Elysium World, one must give up their ego and enter a holographic state. The abnegation of ego is not “Sustain justice and extinguish humanly desire� as advocated by Confucianism in China, nor is it a rivalry against “the realization of individual value� as advocated by American culture, rather the abnegation of the self means the abjuration of obstinate belief in oneself. If you are convinced that your own cognition is completely right and immaculate, then you may be correct in every step along your way, but finally go astray into illusive thinking and never be able to walk out of the desert of LIFE and the “Cave of Silken Web� of transmigration.

487. Heaven, be it the Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, or the Elysium World, is a world of liveliness and recreation. And this is particularly true of the Celestial Islands Continent. If you are not good at or have no intention of having fun, then why do you self-improve and self-refine to enter the land of heaven? Do you want to be a police officer in heaven? Let me tell you, there are no police, lawyers, judges, director generals, section chiefs, or supervisors there.

488. People who cannot dream of a colorful dreamland will be unable to enter heaven, so as long as you often see green mountains and clear rivers, gentle breezes and bright sunshine, and delightful auspiciousness pervading everywhere in your dreams, then you have taken a glimpse of the Thousand-year-world. If you always dream of wonderful and fantastic places, soaring in the sky, feeling extremely marvelous in your mental, spiritual, and physical blending with the opposite sex, and you do not have the slightest fear or trepidation, then you have received indications that you can go to the Ten-thousand-year World. If you dream that you can make yourself invisible, soar freely, transform yourself at will, and make places change according to changes of your own consciousness, then this indicates that you can enter the Elysium World.

489. To aim for heaven, you must climb two huge mountains, one is the man-made program, and the other is the “Egypt of the Soul�.

â—� The man-made program includes family, nationality, state, religion, political party, the existing order, and the lifestyle of human society. To enter heaven, you must walk out of this program of necessity. You cannot reach heaven if you do not escape from this program.

â—� The Egypt of the Soul includes jealousy, comparison, complaining, arrogance, wrath, possessiveness, forced occupation, enmity, tenets and doctrines, commandments and dharma, contention, avarice, laziness, and intentional action. If you do not clear away this trash in your soul, then you cannot reach heaven.

So please abandon the human program, flee from your “Egypt of the Soul�, break your chains, and run toward freedom.

490. How can we accumulate wealth in the land of heaven? Here are eight (8) ways:

(1) Revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE, revere nature, and follow the Way of the Greatest Creator

(2) Unselfishly spread your love

(3) Dissolve enmity, and bring serenity, peace, and warmth to others

(4) Have a kind heart and do good deeds

(5) Sing praises to the Greatest Creator, Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, celestial being Lao Tzu, the prophet Mohammed (PBUH), and the sages and saints from throughout history, to life and other people, and sing praises to and protect nature

(6) Promote people’s confidence in life, prompt people to long for beautiful futures, and eliminate people’s anxieties, worries, trepidations, and fears

(7) Bloom one’s affectionate and romantic love in ways that do not bring any psychological, spiritual, or physical harm or stress to anyone else

(8) Fully exhibit one’s aesthetic skills

491. Heaven does not accept childish or immature people, but neither does it accept adults who do not behave like children, nor mature childlike adults. People’s traditional lifestyle has hindered them from growing up. Many people are still immature and cannot become “ripe crops�, even though they are well into their advanced years. This is something that provokes our thought. “Ripe crops� are certainly children who have grown up and matured; if you have not done so, then you will absolutely not enter heaven.

492. To enter the Thousand-year World, one must meet the following eight requirements:

(1) Revere and firmly believe in the Greatest Creator, and always be grateful to the Greatest Creator

(2) Revere LIFE and nature

(3) Possess no jealousy, resentment, greed, persistence, selfishness, or complaints against others

(4) Never hinder other people’s happiness or freedom under any pretense or excuse

(5) Have a kind heart, be kind to others in behavior, action, and word

(6) Be honest, practical and realistic, and truthful; never cheat or lie

(7) Work hard, but keep the living and surrounding environment clean, tidy, beautiful, and harmonious

(8) Keep all promises and agreements

493. To enter the Celestial Islands Continent, one must achieve the status of a Super Celestial Being; to achieve the status of Super Celestial Being, one must possess the LIFE structure of a Super Celestial Being. Self-consistency is one of the eight characters necessary for the LIFE structure of Super Celestial Beings. Self-consistency refers to a self-formed complete system, which is defective of nothing, runs in good coordination and congruity, and satisfies what it needs without relying on anything outside of itself. Self-consistency is Tathagata, with no form of ego, other people, other beings, age, dharma, or non-dharma. Self-consistency is trance, obscurity, the subtle, male and female, yin and yang, and Taiji.

494. How can we cultivate the character of self-consistency? Here are eight (8) ways:

(1) Create millions of images and dharma within your mind; namely, “create reality with consciousness�

(2) Life is death, death is life, glory is disgrace, and disgrace is glory; show no concern for life, death, glory, or disgrace; possess strength but retain gentleness; know and observe all, but remain obscure

(3) Emptiness is form, and form is emptiness; consciousness returns to the state of zero, and the soul returns to the spiritual pure land

(4) Everything is but a game, only soul is true, so do not persist in anything

(5) You own everything when you own nothing, transcend over time and space, and maintain a powerful and unconstrained style

(6) Follow your own nature, and be unrestrained; follow predestined relationships, and be carefree; follow your destiny

(7) Maintain holographic order with no interiors or exteriors, no borders or boundaries, no rights or wrongs, no truths or falsities, and no kindness or wickedness

(8) Make the “real�, illusive and dreamlike; make the “illusive�, reasonable

495. There is neither oppression nor exploitation in heaven; all those who want to enter heaven through self-improving and self-refining must make certain that they do not contend with others, oppress or exploit others, bring unhappiness or unpleasantness to others in any way under any pretense, restrict others’ freedom in any way, impose their own ideas and views on others, or cause any spiritual, mental, or physical harm to others.

496. If you have a clear conscience, have repaid the favors of nature and your parents for your upbringing, and do not owe any debts to any people, animals, or nature, then you can march toward heaven in your next life. If you have eliminated from your consciousness the concepts of families, nationalities, states, political parties, and religions, if you like freedom, non-restraint, happiness, and joy, have repaid all debts in the human world and have built your merits and virtues, then you can enter the Thousand-year World of paradise in your next life. If you often dream of soaring freely and can maintain a state of pleasure without sexual contact, then you can enter the Ten-thousand-year World of paradise in your next life. If you possess the consciousness of Buddha, you will enter the corresponding Elysium World in your next life. If you revere the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature, follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, possess supernatural power, and can create the world you yearn for, then you will undoubtedly enter the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World.

497. Three steps are required to become a celestial being.

(1) One must step out of trouble, pain, sorrow, worry, and fear, and live a happy, joyous, free, and blessed life

(2) One’s mind must not abide anywhere, must follow predestined relationships and be carefree, must follow their destiny, and can maintain a condition of pleasure

(3) They are not constrained by heart forms, everything is nature and they live in nature, are flexible, accommodating, and agile, and possess sixty-four (64) kinds of magical powers, are easy and self-harmonious, are in a state of free from ego and form, and have become fully synchronized with Tao.

498. Becoming a Super Celestial Being and reaching the Elysium World is to reach the peak of LIFE. Man cannot become god and cannot ever become the Greatest Creator.

499. Everyone is always pursuing Tao. Tao is actually not very far from us and it will not abandon us. Tao surrounds us as water surrounds fish. Tao exists in our everyday lives and in everything. Tao also exists in changing all phenomena. Going with the flow of Tao means that you have attained it; letting yourself melt into Tao and having Tao manage your life means that you have attained it.

500. Everything in the universe moves with Tao, including the behaviors of governments. Therefore, do not complain or get upset or enraged, just do what you need to do. If you choose to plant a flower, that is your business; if the government chooses to destroy your flower, that is their business. Ultimately, Tao gives everyone fair and just trials.

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501.The Greatest Creator is the supernatural soul of the universe.

502. Everything traces back to the Greatest Creator:

l Everything comes from its source; the Greatest Creator is the ultimate source;

l Every LIFE is at its level; the Greatest Creator is the highest level;

l Everything is in motion; the Greatest Creator is the original power for all motion;

l Everything has order; the Greatest Creator is the designer of all order;

l Everything has spirit; the Greatest Creator is the ultimate source of all spirit.

503. Wuji gave rise to Taiji and Taiji is the Greatest Creator. Taiji came from nature, so nature and the Greatest Creator are one and the same.

504. The Greatest Creator has eight (8) features:

(1) Uniqueness

(2) Formlessness

(3) Neutrality

(4) Mystery

(5) Impartiality

(6) Mercy

(7) Supreme Power

(8) Absolute Wisdom

505. The Greatest Creator is:

l The supreme leader of the universe

l The master of all gods

l The nerve centre of the universe

l The cradle of LIFE

l The birthplace of wisdom

l The creator of the universe and of LIFE

l The driving force of the universe

l The energy center of the universe

l The sweet spring in the desert; the beacon in the dense fog

l The ancestor of Buddha, Allah, Grand Brahma, and heaven

506. The Greatest Creator is not a god. There are many gods in the universe, but the Greatest Creator is exclusive.

507. Jesus Christ is not the Greatest Creator but a god.

508.The relationship between man and the Greatest Creator is the most fundamental of all human relationships.

509. The Greatest Creator never communicates with individuals directly with spoken words. Everything is through the language of the Greatest Creator. Changing phenomena are the dialogues between the Greatest Creator and man. People capable of understanding the “book without words� have direct dialogues with the Greatest Creator.

510. The Greatest Creator never records his will with words, never worries that some deity or demon might usurp his authority, never enters anyone’s mind to grant them special instructions or edification, and never judges, rewards, or punishes anyone.

511. Where is the Greatest Creator? The entity of the Greatest Creator is at the Zero World, but the spirit of the Greatest Creator pervades everything throughout the universe.

Where is the Zero World? The Zero World is the point of zero in the universal coordinate system through which X, Y, and Z axises all pass through.

The twenty (20) parallel worlds are connected at the zero (0) point. As a result, the Greatest Creator exists simultaneously in all twenty (20) parallel worlds, but without the Greatest Creator, none of them would exist.

512. All spiritual wisdom originates from, and all glory remains with the Greatest Creator.

513.It is Tao that governs the universe and the operation of everything in order. Tao is the consciousness and the magical power of the Greatest Creator.

514. The way of nature is the way of the Greatest Creator; the way of the Greatest Creator is the way of nature.

515. The Way of the Greatest Creator has eight major meanings:

(1)The universe is the product of the consciousness of the Greatest Creator

(2)Everything comes into being as a result of creation

(3)Everything runs within the consciousness of the Greatest Creator - Tao

(4) One must give play to their nature and conform to nature.

(5)Revere and emulate the Greatest Creator

(6)Reality is the collective projected image of the consciousness of all LIFE forms

(7)Happiness, joy, freedom, and blessings are the theme of LIFE

(8) Everything is but a game

516. The essence of the Way of the Greatest Creator is nature, love, and Tao.

l Nature is the feature of structure.

l Love is the feature of energy.

l Tao is the feature of consciousness.

517. The core of the Way of the Greatest Creator is Tao, to “Reap what you have sown�; if you want to eat cucumbers, then you must sow cucumber seeds in the field. In this way, you will undoubtedly reap cucumbers, and not watermelons or pumpkins. If you deviate from it, you may reap beans from melon seeds or melons from bean seeds. To be less abstract, the seeds of selfishness, greed, jealousy, resentment, ignorance, fatuity, and trickery, will yield different harvests than the seeds you have sown. You may reap beans from melon seeds, or vice versa. Only from the seeds of kindness, honesty, credibility, and unselfishness, can you “reap what you have sown�. In order to do that and realize your dream, you must follow the Way of Nature. If you stray from it, hope will become desperation and comedy will morph into tragedy.

518. The Way of the Greatest Creator is rich in meaning and extensions; it transcends time and space and governs everything. It is so extensive that there is no exterior and so narrow that there is no interior. It operates everything and governs the universe.

The Way of the Greatest Creator is:

The Way of light

The Way of creation

The Way of LIFE

The Way of love

The Way of freedom

The Way of happiness

The Way of magic

The Way of holographic order

519. The way of the Greatest Creator is the way of nature, so we must comply with and benefit from nature, while neither conquering nor changing it.

520.There was only one random accident in the universe: the birth of the Greatest Creator. Other than that, all other things are a matter of inevitability; inevitability is the order of the universe and the order of the universe is inevitability. The universe is unified harmoniously by Tao; Tao is law and principle. Everything within the scope of law and principle is inevitable. There are absolutely no coincidences. Coincidence was a link in the chain of inevitability.

521. There is no final judgment because judgments are being rendered continuously. What judges LIFE is not the Greatest Creator, gods, Buddha, or Hades, but the Tao of the Greatest Creator. The Tao of the Greatest Creator operates during every moment throughout eternity.

522. As for the LIFE of the universe, it is the original intention and will of the Greatest Creator to let all LIFE forms live happily, joyously, freely, and blessedly.

523. To understand, revere, and believe in the Greatest Creator, and to follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, is the precondition to initiate our conscience. One who has no Greatest Creator in their mind will be unable to initiate their conscience, and their conscience may die out. We can even say that such a person has no conscience and is a sly hard nut. Following the Way of the Greatest Creator is the fundamental prerequisite and guarantee for human being and anyone who wants to lead a happy life.

524. Anyone who wants to become, thinks they can become, or instigates others to try to become the Greatest Creator is an incarnation or representative of, and an accomplice of demons.

525. Psychic energy is the highest level of energy in the universe; all psychic energy comes from the Greatest Creator. As long as we continue to believe in and follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, then we will have no shortage of psychic energy. Essence and spirit are energies second only to psyche. The energy of Essence mainly comes from the aura between heaven and earth, and this aura includes the energy brought to man by everything in nature, namely the energy given to man by all the beauty of nature and the energy of carbohydrates converted into food. The energy of spirit mainly comes from the level of consciousness. It is a structural energy, a program energy, a belief energy, and can also be generalized as the energy of Tao.

526. All life can be called spiritual as long as it gives reverence to the Greatest Creator, perceives the profundity of Tao within its soul, pursues supreme authentic wisdom, and tries hard to achieve the highest realm of life. To attain a spiritual life, one must listen to the teachings of Jesus Christ and march toward the Way of the Greatest Creator by following Jesus’ instructions.

527. Why should we take the Way of the Greatest Creator? Because we can only get to higher LIFE spaces via that path. Without the Greatest Creator, we can hover in a certain space or slide into lower spaces, but we can never climb to higher spaces.

528. The Way of the Greatest Creator is the road to happiness, joy, freedom, and blessing. You are to keep a peaceful and joyous inner mind whether you are in a favorable or an unfavorable circumstance or even in the face of desperation or death. You must be convinced that the Greatest Creator is perceptive of the slightest errors and is definite about punishments and rewards, and you must be brave enough to have the Greatest Creator take charge of your LIFE and to have Tao manage it.

529.All things created by the Greatest Creator are arranged in clearly defined layers. As long as we obey the arrangement of the Greatest Creator, strictly adhere to our required behavior, and move forward, following the track of human nature, we will have an unregretful life, no matter whether we are in a favorable circumstance or in adversity; in a bright situation or a dark one.

530. Even gods, Buddha, celestial beings, monsters, demons, and goblins are powerless before the Greatest Creator, so on our road of life and LIFE, everything will give way to us and cannot harm us as long as we cling tightly to the hand of the Greatest Creator.

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531. The Greatest Creator does not decide anyone’s destiny. Everyone’s destiny is ultimately brought about by themselves. Their destiny is the result of their consciousness.

532. Understanding things is not for the sole purpose of enjoying and living harmoniously with them. What is more important is to make use of them to serve us and to broaden our scope of free activity to the greatest extent. Following the Way of the Greatest Creator is not to endure hardships and sufferings but to enjoy life, enjoy LIFE, and obtain more happiness and pleasure.

533. Great love is like a mountain and is wordless. The Greatest Creator’s love for us is constant and eternal; the Greatest Creator’s love for us has never been expressed in language. If conditions are attached to love, if it needs to be repaid, or if it can be expressed in words, then such love can be only called small love; not great love.

534. Why should we revere the Greatest Creator? The Greatest Creator is the supreme sovereign king of the universe, the creator of LIFE, and the guardian of equity and order. Without the Greatest Creator, there would be no universe; without the Greatest Creator, there would be no mankind; without the Greatest Creator, there would be no god or Buddha. So should we not feel awe and respect? Only if we feel awe, can we hold our desires properly in check; only if we feel awe, can we obey the objective law and model after nature; only if we feel awe, can we understand that “there are divinities watching over us� so that we dare not harbor evil ideas or conduct misdeeds; only if we feel awe, can we live in harmony with nature, beings, and everything, instead of doing whatever we want to including the butchering of beings. Awe and respect derive from feelings of gratitude, humility, passionate love for life, and heartfelt esteem for the creator and the governor.

535. If we do not follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, then we cannot solve the problems of life; if we do not sublimate our LIFE, then we cannot have an excellent life.

536.The Way of the Greatest Creator is neither of private ownership nor of public ownership, but of non-ownership; resources are simply used as they are needed. It is only when people can use things as and when they need them; not just to have them, that the human world will become an ideal land and the beautiful dreams of mankind will be realized.

537. “Man proposes and god disposes�. That is to say, one’s success in achieving something and realizing certain wishes and ideals relies 30% on individual diligence and 70% on the natural environment; in this sense, the natural environment means the Greatest Creator, Tao, the program, good timing, geographical convenience, harmonious human relations, and nature. Human wisdom and human endeavors are both very limited; if time and geographical positions are not favorable, you cannot achieve anything no matter how much effort you exert.

538. By following the Way of the Greatest Creator, you can do these things:

You can disengage yourself from the abyss of misery and arrive directly at the most ideal realm of LIFE.

You can connect with the origin of the universe and enjoy the pleasures of LIFE at any time.

You can shake off the bondage of time and space and let your thinking and consciousness race freely across the unlimited universe.

You can accumulate your merits and virtues.

You can pay back all your debts from all of your past lives.

You will have a limpid mind and a clear consciousness to realize your dream.

539. Following the Way of the Greatest Creator is most convenient, simple, direct, and effective; by following it, you can dispense with all taboos, and not immerse yourself in daily exploring and searching after Tao, virtue, benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, credibility, and art; you need not chant scriptures and pray every day, go to great lengths to cultivate special magical power and arts, tread great distances to follow the enlightened, or engage in serious heated discussions. All you need is to model after nature.

540. The Way of the Greatest Creator is the Way of nature. Everything is accomplished naturally. It is against the Tao of nature to expect to obtain and achieve something as soon as you want it. “Success will come when conditions are ripe� - this is what is meant by nature. Force and compulsion are against nature. Conscious effort should be combined with adherence to the course of nature. Without conscious effort, we can only circle at the original spot and cannot walk out of the bewilderment and the thirty-six (36) eight-diagram arrays. Without an attitude and state of mind that adhere to the course of nature, we will certainly feel anxious and contentious, act hastily, and our eagerness for success will backfire. In the end, we may get the opposite of what we have wished.

541. For five thousand years, man has only had a smattering of knowledge of the Greatest Creator, but without a correct and relatively complete understanding, we cannot feel awe and reverence; without awe and reverence, our lives as individuals will be perplexed and doleful, and society as a whole will not be able to eliminate the hidden troubles and establish auspicious and peaceful vital forces in harmony with nature. One can only have a perfect life by following the Way of the Greatest Creator; mankind can only keep itself from going astray by doing the same.

542. Walk on the way of the Greatest Creator but not on the way of gods, because Satan is also a god.

543. The Greatest Creator is love, sincerity, kindness, beauty, faith, honesty, happiness, joy, freedom, and blessing, and so should we be; the Greatest Creator, as the name means, is a wonderful creator, and so should we engage in and derive pleasure from labor and creation; the Greatest Creator per se is selfless dedication; and so should we derive happiness from selfless dedication.

544. Human beings must never say or do things in the name of the Greatest Creator.

545. The way to contact the Greatest Creator is to read the “book without words�, to meditate, and to pray.

546. If one's life is not smooth, then they must go against the way of the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator will not use suffering and misery to test those people who walk along its way; no, not at all. If we encounter tribulation and suffering, it is not the Greatest Creator testing us, but we ourselves who have deviated from the way of the Greatest Creator.

547. The will of the Greatest Creator manifests itself through the rules and laws of nature.

548. People who practice divination, fortune-telling, magic arts, evil arts, necromancy, are charmers, or who consult with ghosts or wizards are hated by the Greatest Creator.

549. Do not put the Greatest Creator to the test.

550. Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

551. Forgive those who sin against you, and the Greatest Creator will forgive your sins: forgive not those who sin against you, and the Greatest Creator will not not forgive your sins.

552. Have firm faith in the Greatest Creator and not worry about tomorrow.

553.Do not judge others’ guilt, so that your guilt will not be judged by them; for as you judge others, so shall you be judged, and the measure that you weigh upon them will be weighed upon you.When we see others' shortages, we shall consider that we might be more worse than others.

554. Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find it; knock, and the door will open to you.

555. Always do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

556. Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it, but small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to LIFE, and very few ever find it.

557. Guard against false prophets, for they come to you in sheep's clothing, but are inwardly ferocious wolves; by their fruits, you can recognize them.

558. Not everyone who cries, “Lord, Lord�, will enter the kingdom of heaven; only those who do the will of the Greatest Creator while on earth will be so blessed.

559. In the realm of the Greatest Creator, people do not marry; only those who do not marry are entitled to enter the realm of the Greatest Creator; those who want to marry can never enter the realm of the Greatest Creator.

560. Trust is truth, and love is LIFE; trust can accomplish everything. Small trust brings about small achievements; great trust brings about great achievements. Without trust, you will be at loose ends and will achieve nothing.

561. The disciples said, “If this is the situation between husbands and wives, then it is best not to marry�, but Jesus said, “Not everyone can accept this, but those who are able to, should accept it. Accept it if you can�.

562.For whosoever does the will and walks on the way of the Greatest Creator is my spiritual relative.

563. My brother keeps offending me; I will forgive him seventy-seven (77) times. If we do not forgive others from the bottom of our hearts, then the Greatest Creator will treat us likewise.

564.Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first among you must be your slave.

565. Give back to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God(the Greatest Creator) what is God's(the Greatest Creator’s).

566. The Greatest Creator is not for the dead, but for the living.

567. For whoever exalts themself will be humbled and whoever humbles themself will be exalted.

568. What goes into a man's mouth does not make him unclean; what comes out of it does.

569. What does it benefit someone to gain the whole world and yet lose his soul? What can anyone give in exchange for his soul?

570. Love the Greatest Creator with all your hearts, minds, and souls. The second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'

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571. To worship the Greatest Creator, you need not go to churches or temples. The whole universe and man’s soul are places of worship for the Greatest Creator.

572. Do not amass wealth for ourselves on the earth, but accumulate our wealth in heaven. Our heart and future will be wherever our wealth is.

573. The realm of our LIFE will certainly be reflected by what we value. We will live wherever our consciousness is.

574.The sky will not offer rain over land that is a bleak wilderness; heaven will not offer spirituality to a heart that is a bleak, spiritual wilderness.

575.The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is LIFE and peace.

576. If we do not change back to being as children, then we will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

577. A man's foes shall be his own household.

578. What is grand trust? It is 100% doubtless belief and acceptance. It means trusting both what you already understand and what you do not yet. If grand trust cannot be established, then we are as water without a source or a tree without roots.

579. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and LIFE, so we must hear his teachings and follow his guidance.

580.All who hear the words of Jesus and act on them will be as the wise one who built a house on a rock; and the rain came down, and there was a flood, and the winds blew, but the house remained because it was based on solid ground. All who hear the words of Jesus but do not act on them will be as the foolish one who built a house on sand; and the rain came down, and there was a flood, and the winds blew, and the house came down and great was its fall.

581. Do not hold mantras and swear, because we can not control the changes and developments in our lives; once we fail to hold our oaths and lose our faith, we shackle and bind ourselves.

582.Do not be unfeeling; love, but do not fall in love.

583. Proper emotion is good for the mood; excessive emotion is like poison; emotional poison causes trouble and sorrow.

584. People with greater love in their hearts have more beautiful souls, gentler characters, calmer tempers, live more happily, love LIFE, nature, and other people, and are closer to the Greatest Creator; people with less love in their hearts have uglier souls, more venomous characters, meaner tempers, live more miserably, do not love LIFE, nature, or other people, and are farther from the Greatest Creator.

585. The lower the level of LIFE, the less love there is. The higher the level of LIFE, the richer the love will be. What is hell? A place that is absolutely devoid of love! What is heaven? A place that is absolutely brimming over with love.

586. Control the extent of your love; love will develop among those who karma has brought together; love will follow with nature and opportunity. When you feel love, your heart will show it; when you feel it go away, your heart will be devoid of it and show that, too. You must not be obsessed or infatuated, you must not intend to claim it as your own, and you must not occupy it with force. Let love carry on as long as both of you still feel it. If you fall out of step with each other, then neither must impose it on the other. The extent of love is the extent to which it makes both parties happy and pleasant.

587. Escape from the whirlpool of sentimentality; we are not indifferent, but we are not without feelings and we are not immersed in our emotions. It is like eating and drinking; we need food and water, but we do not view them as the purpose and significance of our lives. If we only scurried about looking for food and water during our entire lives, then there would be no value or significance in being human. In the same way, if we only lived for good feelings throughout our entire lives, then we could tramp over hills and dales all we like, but we should never expect to reach the realm of freedom.

588.Each love has its own frequency; only loves that share the same frequency will resonate in sympathetic vibration; love will be found with love; a heart without love cannot find love; to obtain love, you must first understand it, then seek and maintain love with love. People who lack love cannot feel it from others.

589. Emotions, love, sex, and beauty are our most primitive perceptions from nature and our most basic feelings, but also the most precious elements of our LIVES, the sources of all fun, and our essential motive force to live. In order to have a good life and future, we must integrate them into our life rather than isolate them. When we melt into them, they will be unusually brilliant with highlights too beautiful to be absorbed all at once, and be brimming over with vigour, vitality, and endless enjoyment. If we isolate them, then our lives will be like the Gobi desert, with utterly dreary cries and screams, profound silence, and an endless sea of tribulations.

590.Sex is a kind of resource. It is not only a material resource, but one of spirit and soul. The resource of sex is the particular resource which is even more value and significance than food.

This resource has eight major pleasures and benefits:

It makes people placid and gentle

It makes people satisfied and content

It makes people love life and LIFE

It makes people yearn for the future

It guarantees our propagation and continuation

It pleases people and makes them happy and joyous

It makes people feel grateful

It gives people a taste of the blissful realm

591.The best way to live is to follow nature; the best way to associate with others is to follow predestined relations; the best way to achieve tranquility is to accept things as they are; the best state of being is to unite with Tao; the best emotion is the emotion with nature; the best love is romantic love.

592. Exclusive relationships between men and women are ugly phenomena. From humanity's perspective, exclusive relationships are nice, but from celestial beings’ perspectives, they are very ugly. Similarly,having many different exclusive relationships is also very ugly. It is best to take things as they come, associate with others by following predestined relations, act in accordance with your natures, and take advantage of opportunities that arise.

593.The love between lovers, exclusive couples, and married couples who pledge solemnly to love eternally and "grow old together" are all toxic love relationships; falling into toxic love relationships guarantees that there will be pain in one’s future.

594. Emotional romantic love can make us , but it can also ruin us. Broad and extensive love is the quality of LIFE in heaven; narrow and exclusive love is the character of LIFE in the human world; scrambling for and possessing sexual resources is the nature of animals.

595. Emotional and sexual love are only beautiful embellishments in life; accessories to life, not all of life at all.

596. True love is selfless. Selfishness and wanting to possess others as your own private goods, embellishments, and accessories becomes unusually ugly and shows the indecency and domineering natures of slave masters. When that happens, the picturesque and noble love which began, falls into the trap of vulgarity and no longer grows the fragrant flowers of love.

597. Sex, is not a dreadful monster. If you let a river flow naturally, it will not become a dreadful monster, but if you block the water and do not let it flow naturally, then once the floodgates open or the dam breaks, it will cause devastating floods and certainly become one. The more repressed sex is, the more violent it will turn, and it will become a dreadful monster.

598.Everybody has a pure heart,but the mind reflects the world. Thinking can create anything and the pure nature can conquer everything.

599.Women are beautiful for their femininity and softness; their softness can dissolve hardness. It is neither weak, nor suggestive of a lack of will. Rather, it means that they will neither take anyone in, nor be bullied arbitrarily. On the contrary, their softness is their strength. Femininity and softness contain marvellous strength. Soft sentiment is like water; it can wash away all dirt, wear away stones, and conquer everything.

600. Love is an attribute bestowed upon people by the Greatest Creator; a precious gift. All love is pure, true, kind, and beautiful. The perfect man will honestly sincerely love all ladies everywhere; the perfect woman will passionately love all men everywhere. This is not being promiscuous or fickle, but a noble quality which only celestial beings can appreciate.

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601.To marry is to be duped by the patriarchal clan system, by the autocratic governors, and ultimately by Satan.

602.Marriage licenses are legal bills of sale on people’s most freedom of their life.

603.Chinese written characters were created by god. Let us consider the character “婚� (marriage), what does it mean? 女 means women, � means confused. So, “婚� means that women marry when they are confused, and that men unite with women who are confused. That is “结婚� (get married).

604.Of all the traditions established by people, marriages and families are the worst; they maintain the rule of men, but actually benefit no one.

605.Secular relatives help us to fall into hell as they hinder our ascent to heaven. Therefore, Jesus Christ said that a man’s foes will be the members of his own household.

606.Traditional marriages and families have caused a lot of harm. Of all the relationships between people, those between married couples are the most difficult to maintain, the most unfortunate, the most upsetting, the most emotionally destructive, and the most restricting. This has been proven repeatedly with endless examples everywhere over thousands of years. Therefore, to see through them and emancipate oneself from their shackles as soon as possible is to swim out of the abyss of misery and reach the shore of freedom.

607.The traditional family life program is the birthplace of humanity’s afflictions. Marriages and families are boundless abysses of misery.

608.Families are prisons of souls, shackles weighing people down, the root causes of narrow, selfish greed, barriers to freedom, obstacles to people’s natures, the greatest barriers to realizing beautiful lives, and stumbling blocks that prevent people from advancing toward higher levels space of LIFE .

609.None of the contradictions, conflicts, and disasters occurring in traditional families are caused by parents, children, husbands, wives, or any sisters or brothers, but by the program of family life itself, which carries spiritual viruses. No matter how civilized people might be, they can not help being infected by them once they enter the family program.

610.It is unnecessary for couples to marry, because their love might not last forever, but if it is to have any chance of doing so, then they should occasionally separate and live apart.

611.If you have a traditional family, love it, and cannot leave it, then no matter how well you engage in self-cultivation, how far you cultivate it, or how thorough your cultivation is, then you can never reach or have any relationship with heaven.

612.The abysses of misery are boundless, so repent and be saved. What are the abysses of misery? Marriages and families are! They are the roots of all agonies and afflictions. People’s vexations, depressions, anxieties, and misgivings all stem from them. “The abysses of misery are boundless, return to the right track and you will see the shore.� Where is the shore? The shore is the the New Oasis for Life (formerly the Second Home), created by Lifechanyuan. Devoid of marriages and families, it offers the most ideal lifestyle and is the only hope to end suffering and afflictions.

613.We should address problems from their root causes. The root cause for the suffering and affliction of the masses is the existence of families. They are like garbage; if it is not thrown away, then flies cannot be kept away; without the disappearance of families, the misery and affliction of the masses will never end. To occupy yourself with relieving people’s endless misery and suffering on surface rather than addressing their root causes is dealing with a situation ineffectively, as one who tries to stop water from boiling by scooping it up and pouring it back in , without turning the fire off or cutting branches off brambles but not digging up their roots. Wherever families exist, so will endless misery and suffering. If we do not start with the root causes, then the misery and suffering of the masses would remain and continue, even if the Buddha, Jesus Christ, and Lao-tzu were still in the world; were families to exist in heaven, then even heaven would change into an abyss of misery.

614.Marriages and families are Satan’s cradles; upon entering them, even angels become devils; upon entering them, everyone becomes prone to commit crimes.

615. The cells of society are its individual people, NOT its families; the essence of society is people, NOT relation of production. Families are only relationships for production and only the cells of certain social formations related to production, but not the cells of society. The best societies have no families.

616.Difficulties and hardships never crush people; only the invisible pressures and destructive nature of marital and family bonds make them lose confidence in life, feel that life is meaningless, and even collapse.

617.Marriages and families are the hotbeds and soil to generate selfishness, the sources of trouble and misery, and are enough to cause one to commit crimes.

618.The human world is mortal only because of the existence of marital bonds because they require that couples possess each other, occupy each other, depend on each other, tie each other down, and form shields against the outside world. No one who is wrapped in a marital bond can be unselfish and able to reach the realm of heaven.

619.The most complex and troubling relationships in the world are marital bonds. Not only are they the saddest and most disappointing ones, but also the most desired and desperate. When involved with them, one must avoid being too hard or too soft, too near or too far, too strong or too weak, or going to or coming from them; they are tangled like silk, untouchable like flame and ice, unspeakable, and indistinct.

620.Marriages are tombs of love, and families are sources of humanity’s sin. Being involved with one, people lose their freedom; having one, they become selfish. Marriages and families have generated boundless misery and are the abysses of misery themself.

621.Ending nuclear families and establishing BIG families under Xuefeng-style communism is the only way for new era people to advance.

622. Escaping from nuclear families is not escaping from one’s relatives; it is escaping from the traditional life program and entering a new life program; it is absolutely:

· NOT leaving one’s duties and obligations

· NOT disregarding one’s relatives

· NOT abandoning filial piety.

623.Traditional families are ingrained. Family consciousnesses have infiltrated into everyone’s blood, cells, and even souls. Traditional families are like huge icebergs which have grown for thousands of years, so they will not disappear today or tomorrow, but mankind has come to the crossing of a transformational era. When enough people realize the disadvantages of traditional families and take part actively in the work of melting these icebergs, then mankind has hope and the Greatest Creator will show appreciation and offer a way out. Vicious cycles can change or even reverse and people can be led into a happy era. However, if too many people choose to maintain their traditional families and not enough join to melt the icebergs, then they will suffer the punishment of natural law.

624.Throughout history, family tragedies have been performed throughout the world continually. From remote countrysides to prosperous cities, from the illiterate to Nobel prize winners, from ordinary citizens to international celebrities, and from official, commercial, and cultural circles, the tragedies resulting from families are repeated everywhere. Facts speak more loudly than words; people should reflect and discuss profoundly to change the traditional family life patterns and improve everyone’s existence.

625.After breaking up marriages and families, is any life pattern better than the traditional one? Yes! Since 2009, Lifechanyuan has put into practice a new and different kind of production and life mode, that is “The Second Home�, now renamed “the New Oasis for Life�. One hundred and eighty (180) people, young and old, early and late, participated in our practice for up to eight (8) years, and proved that the life pattern of the New Oasis for Life is superior to the traditional one. For more details, please refer to:

Our English language website: http://www.newoasisforlife.org

Our Chinese language website: http://www.lifelvzhou.org

626.The New Oasis for Life is a new life pattern for people created by Lifechanyuan which has been proven to be successful in practice.

627.The general program of the New Oasis for Life has eight (8) objectives:

1) Unify all thoughts and all beliefs into one the Greatest Creator’s will.

2) Unify all religions into one uniform belief system.

3) Unify the whole world with 800 Values for New Era Humans.

4) Lead mankind into the Lifechanyuan Era, which is characterized by the absence of state, religion, political party, marriages, families, and spousal relationships, and in which the following will happen:

5) “The worthy person will fully utilize their talents�

6) “The whole world will be as one family�

7) “No one will keep lost articles found on the roadside and house will not need to be locked at night�

8) Everything will be in complete harmony, the weather will be good for harvesting, and everyone will be happy, joyous, free, and blessed.

628.The New Oasis for Life has eight (8) characteristics:

1) Take the way of the Greatest Creator: holographic order management.

2) Possess nothing yet own everything.

3) Ask for and take only what you need.

4) Have no marriages or nuclear families.

5) Educate the young, support the old, and feed everyone.

6) Politics and Religion are NOT to be practiced.

7) Everyone works to the best of their abilities.

8) Be flexible, act tactfully, and bend according to the situation.

629. The New Oasis for Life consists of people who are not ready to marry and establish families, have divorced and choose not to remarry and set up another family, and couples who are both Chanyuan celestials. This new life pattern copies the lifestyle of celestial beings in the Thousand-year World. The main content of the new life pattern includes:

1) Non-ownership, with everyone owning nothing but possessing everything

2) No marriages, no families, and no distinctions between close and distant relationships; relationships between everyone are as those between sisters, brothers, close relatives, and lovers.

3) Everyone takes what they need but never waste or indulges in luxuries or extravagances.

4) The homestead shall be collectively responsible for everyone’s food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, illness, and death, for rearing and educating the children, and for nursing and supporting the elderly.

5) Everyone chooses jobs according to their skills and hobbies and does their best to ensure the highest quality performance in the work they do; there is no place for lazybones or parasites in the Second Home.

6) Everyone’s bedroom is their sacred and private space which is free from disturbance and interference; no one intrudes into these special spaces under any pretense with any excuse. All other spaces are public.

7) Everyone shall enjoy happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives.

8) Individuality shall blend with commonness; commonness shall accommodate individuality. There shall be both uniform will and a personally comfortable mood, and everyone must be able to exhibit their special talents. It is both an integrated group and a paradise consisting of mutually independent individuals.

9) Holographic order management will be implemented; namely, that non-management is the best management. There are no bosses or offices; everything runs on the members’ own initiatives and under the 800 values for New Era Human Beings.

630.The New Oasis for Life bombards traditional marriages and families; a program of life which is infected with viruses. Such viruses will encroach upon the sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty in human nature and drag the originally happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives into abysses of suffering, anxiety, enslavement, and desperation. To disband them and replace them with a brand-new style of life is the most important matter that concerns every person’s happiness. Leaving traditional families for the New Oasis for Life of Lifechanyuan resembles leaving one family and entering another one outwardly, but the content of life is actually totally different. The New Oasis for Life is not only capable of what traditional families are, but also of much, much more.

631.The New Oasis for Life is the number one home in the world. A happy and auspicious place is one that is blessed by the grace of the Greatest Creator; a pleasant and jubilant place is one that is cared for by Jesus Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni; a free and beautiful place is one in which the dreams of the sages and saints of past generations are realized. This is the first homestead born for the grand adjustment of LIFE; it serves the purification of the Earth and lays foundations for the new life of humanity after 2013. It is hoped that virtuous people will find the gate to our first homestead as quickly as possible and become members as soon as possible. This is the most important of all issues for you to address. It is time to redefine traditional relationships which have been based on kinship. All those who act on the order of the Greatest Creator are our relatives and all those whose souls resonate to the same frequency as ours are also.

632.In order to realize the ideals of sages and saints as well as the wishes of the broad masses and to set a good example for mankind, Lifechanyuan has initiated an unprecedented model of a new life style for humanity’s future - The New Oasis for Life. This is no longer idle theorizing, but a reality of life. The New Oasis for Life is a copy of the Thousand-year World, but in the human world. It is the base of self-cultivation for Chanyuan celestials to thoroughly remould themselves and become Celestial beings and the transfer station from the human world to heaven. The New Oasis for Life explores a new pattern of life. We believe firmly that when everyone lives according to the life pattern of the New Oasis for Life, their tribulations will be alleviated, their suffering will be eased, nature’s deterioration will be reversed, and we will have entered into the Lifechanyuan Era that is to last for a millenium. The New Oasis for Life has solved problems that have been with us for thousands of years, such as support for the elderly. By consolidating and improving continuously, the New Oasis for Life will become a paradise, not only for children, young people, and middle-aged people, but particularly for the elderly.

633.All members of the New Oasis for Life are transferred to a new location every three years. That is, after working and living in a certain branch, they are transferred to live and work in another one.

634.Any member living and working in the New Oasis for Life shall be expelled from the homestead immediately if they are found to have intentionally caused physical, psychological, or spiritual harm to any other member.

635.Laziness is the archenemy of the New Oasis for Life. Diligence symbolizes beauty, while laziness creates ugliness; diligence leads to bright futures, while laziness ruins the happiness endowed by the Greatest Creator. Laziness destroys everything; it makes people sink into depravity; it corrupts and erodes people’s wills, spirits, souls, and bodies; it causes the collapse of diligent collectives; it destroys the spiritual health of communities as viruses, and eventually casts listless and spiritless spells over everything. What comes out of it are depression, ruination, and destruction.

636.Laborers have the greatest souls; although they may not be able to compose articles of great literary talent and wisdom, they may lack the skills for debate, they are not clever enough to exhibit their intelligence, they may be extremely ordinary, they may not be able to recite Buddhism and Taoism, and they may not be able to quote phrases and sentences from the classics, they still have the greatest souls; their behaviors in themselves prove that they have abided by the teachings of Jesus Christ, Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu, and sages and saints.

637.Birthdays are not celebrated at the New Oasis for Life.

638.Only festivals which glorify nature are celebrated at the New Oasis for Life.

639.The New Oasis for Life will implement a holographic order management pattern. Holographic order management is non-management. Everyone is always both the master and the servant. One is different from another only in the type of work they do. There exist no hierarchical relationships between the leaders and the governed. Everyone does their best to bring their qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty into full play. Everyone says what is on their mind, does their own work, takes charge of their own responsibilities, builds their own paths, and goes their own way without minding anyone else’ business. They are responsible to themselves and to the Greatest Creator, but to no one else. They will not help unless asked, but will render it immediately if it is. Anyone who offers a suggestion will be responsible for its execution. Everyone will build a sacred court in their own conscience and pass judgment upon themselves.

640.The most significant characteristic of the New Oasis for Life which distinguishes it from the secular society and other communities is that there are no marriages or families, and no individuals upon whom to depend with regard to one’s emotional and sexual life. We take things as they are, associate with others by following predestined relationships, act in accordance with our natures, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

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641.The New Oasis for Life is not a shelter. No one who intends to escape secular debts, obligations, implications, or punishment can join us.

642.The New Oasis for Life is not a charity.

643.The New Oasis for Life is a paradise which consists of the most civilized, diligent, kindhearted, and selfless people.

644. Affectionate and romantic love in the New Oasis for Life : Affectionate love is considered to be a precious gift bestowed upon us by the Greatest Creator. Romantic love is the inevitable path to sublimating human nature and leaving for the high-level space of LIFE; Affectionate and romantic love are two souls dancing in resonance. As long as both parties desire each other, they can do whatever they feel is appropriate. Nobody supervises, interferes, bothers, gossips backsides, possesses, occupies, or envies another. Freedom is everything; respecting each other’s freedom fully. Never do the slightest bit of mental, spiritual, or physical harm, or act against the least bit of reluctance from another person.

645. The eight (8) advantages of the New Oasis for Life:

(1) Life is guaranteed, there is no longer any need to worry about food, clothing, shelter, or transportation; you will be cared for when you are sick and your affairs and remains will be dealt with after you pass on.

(2) You will live for your values and faith, escape from the secular world, and no longer suffer from its structure and business.

(3) Without the control of relatives, you will achieve more physical, mental, and spiritual freedom; nobody will watch you, bother you, or tangle with you; you will no longer be entangled with the issues of your young children.

(4) Regardless of how you might change, you will always be able to find someone whose personality and temper will fit yours and with whom to work, chat, and enjoy life.

(5) As the division of labor is clear-cut, you will have a great amount of free time in which to do what you want and read what you like.

(6) There are endless activities and entertainment to keep you from ever feeling bored or lonely.

(7) Our collective energy will always support your path to achieving Tao and liberating yourself from the sansara of reincarnations, then leaving for heaven.

(8) Our collective energy will help you to overcome all hardships.

646.The New Oasis for Life defines no rules or regulations and no leadership roles in the traditional sense. One is different from another only in the division of labor. There are no top-down relationships between the leaders and the governed. Everyone is the master of the homestead and everyone needs to carry out their responsibilities and obligations as masters. All affairs should be handled flexibly in accordance with the principle of “Keep the main but change the others according to the situation�, “Buddha has no set rules; Buddha's rules always conform to meet the situation� Anyone can do whatever they want, consistent with the nature of origin, which consists of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty.

647.The New Oasis for Life does not practice democracy, but rather Superman philosophy; this is how the division of labor of all affairs among everyone works; each person has the final say over their own jobs. Anyone who accepts a job has the final say over how it gets done, but also accepts all the consequences.

648.The New Oasis for Life is not an organization in any form, not a political one and not a religious one. It is a loosely unified utopian group which consists of people who share the same resonance of soul, and who are willing to produce and live together according to the 800 Values of the New Era Human Being. There are no organizational forms to go beyond the charter, the convention, the constitution, or the laws, nor does it have any power to deal with contradictions, conflicts, violations of laws, or disciplining anyone.

649.The New Oasis for Life is not a promiscuous place; rather, it is a highly-civilized place where people interact with each other, with society, and with nature in very harmonious ways.

650.The New Oasis for Life opposes psychic activities, chanting mantras, fortune telling, the use of supernatural powers, magical arts, witchcraft, ESP (extrasensory perception), psychokinetic power, members praying collectively in support of individuals, and holding unified Qigong practice or meditational activities.

651. No political or religious ceremonies are allowed in the New Oasis for Life.

652.The New Oasis for Life does not condone the building of temples and churches, hanging any portraits of gods, Buddha, prophets, or saints, engaging in any form of personal worship activities, or engaging in any sneaky and furtive activity dealing with spirits and deities or fortunes and disasters.

653. The program for entering the New Oasis for Life:

· Learn and understand these 800 Values for New Era Human Beings.

· Communicate with other members on our website for at least half a year; present an application if you are satisfied.

· If nothing bonds you to secular society, then you can enter and live in the New Oasis for Life.

654.Small workshop production modes will inevitably be replaced with the streamline production technique; small workshop style families will inevitably be replaced with the streamline style - the New Oasis for Life. Whether you like it or not, it is a historical imperative that the traditional family lifestyle WILL be replaced by the New Oasis for Life mode of life; the traditional small family order WILL be seen as an ignorant and backward lifestyle to be swept into the garbage bin of history.

655.Collective lives are superior to individual ones; they are the best places for self-improving and self-refining. If we cannot blend into collective lifestyles and go through the edification and smelting of collective lives, then we will never be able to enter heaven.

656.To scale the highest realms of life and LIFE, we should resolve to sublimate ourselves into collective lives, because without doing this, our dreams and ideals cannot be realized. Thus far, no people have yet experienced real collective lives. A group of people simply working together cannot be counted as a real collective unless all their members’ food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, illness, and death are included as public interests, and with neither private property, private ownership, nor marriages and families, and when those coworkers also live and relax together and share all their blessings and woes. Any differences between individuals in terms of status, life, or enjoyment means a departure from the tenet of collectivism.

657.The perfect ideal group is made up of excellent individuals. Without excellent ones, the so-called ideal group would only be a castle in the air and impossible to achieve.

658.Consciousness determines existence. The form of consciousnesses will determine the form of LIFE, and that will determine the living conditions.

659. The combined wisdom of three cobblers can never match that of a master strategist; the thinking of the multitudes can never equal the great vision and insight of a saint. Democracy will always be the pursuit of mediocrity , the magical weapon to cling to bygone values, and its proponents will always use it as their hidden weapon to strangle saints.

660.Consciousnesses sense territories; they like familiar places but feel uncomfortable in strange ones, so they are usually reborn into familiar environments. Therefore, if you yearn for a place, you must first develop a conscious familiarity with that place.

661.Consciousnesses originate from structures and they act upon them. Energy is neutral; it comes and goes with changes of structure. Consciousnesses come from nonmaterial structures; different nonmaterial structures give birth to different consciousnesses.

662.The ultimate goal of life is not to move toward death, but toward another life; the ultimate goal of a fetus is not to grow in the womb, but to come to the human world. Human society is like a big womb; one must pass through what appears to be "death" in order to go to another world. Therefore, death is not the end; it is the beginning of another journey of LIFE.

663.Do not learn too many skills; specializing in one is enough. Even without much expertise or talent, one can lead an easy life if they are honest, diligent, kind, sincere, unsophisticated, or keep the faith. Life is very short, so why worry yourselves over business and always be tired?

664.Consider water; it takes the form of any container which holds it; it can be round or square depending on its container. We also possess this property. Different generals will produce soldiers of different fighting abilities and different environments will foster different kinds of people. If you live on a mountain, then you will learn the tweeting of birds; if you live beside water, then you will learn about fish; if you work with ink, then you will stain yourself black; if you associate with saints, then you will develop agile thinking, sudden enlightenment, and transcendence over vulgarity; if you mingle with laities, then you will have prejudicial thinking, contention, and vulgar interests.

665.You must think before you can solve; when your thoughts change, everything that follows also changes; first get the concept, then carry it out.

666.The highest realm of thinking is holographic thinking; it is the thinking of the Greatest Creator. It can also be called the thinking of god, which is unimaginable to ordinary people. Buddha Sakyamuni attained non-form thinking, Lao Tzu achieved Taiji thinking, celestials achieve visualized thinking, Zhuge Liang, Einstein, and the like achieved associative thinking; artists like Beethoven knew image thinking; common people are stuck in material thinking. Religionists possess illusive thinking.

667.The most significant feature of illusive thinking is that every small step is a step forward, but all of them eventually return to their original starting points; that all ideas are correct but return to their original starting points after a big circle.

668.Long-standing habits induce mindsets which are very difficult to break away from after they form. Everyone’s intellects are covered by invisible meshes of thinking and everyone is weighed down by heavy crosses. Whether they feel them or not, they have neither the courage nor the power to break away from them. Seeing people around them living in this manner sets them at ease and justifies their own behaviors; they become accustomed to their situations, numb, and tolerate them. They never think to ask, “Why is it this way?�, or “Is there another way?�.

669.Without unconventional thinking, it is impossible to escape from fate. We should work while common people idle with their hands crossed behind their backs, but relax while common people hustle and bustle, because 98% of people live according to planned programs. The trajectory of their lives and beings have been programmed from screenplays. To avoid the confines of heaven and earth, we must escape from the bondages of the Three Realms and Five Elements and leave the realm of necessity for the realm of freedom. We must not resonate with the thinking and mindsets of the multitudes; rather, we should act in the opposite way.

670. What is thought to be impossible with conventional thinking can be solved easily with unconventional thinking. Topology is unconventional thinking; it can shift positions of space and interconnect closed spaces both internally and externally; it is impossible to distinguish between interiors and exteriors, just as with mobius strips, where it is impossible to determine the obverse from the inverse. Therefore, when we face psychological obstacles, spiritual depression, difficult situations in life, or feel that our situations are hopeless, unconventional thinking will guide us to find hope right under our noses.

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671.Unconventional thinking is the magical weapon for us to explore the profound mysteries of the universe and discover its truths. It is the best way for us to find the true meaning of life. As long as we proceed forward steadily, we will eventually enter into a vast world at which time we will be amazed to understand the nature of the universe and the profound mysteries of LIFE; we will be thrilled to learn that a beautiful future life as a celestial being awaits us, we will love LIFE and mankind more deeply, and we will cherish this life even more.

672.As we know from the mystery of the three elements of the universe - consciousness, structure, and energy - our beautiful futures will not be created by our hands, but by our brains; that is, by our consciousnesses.

673.You are the only one who can end your worldly ties. The best way to do this is by giving alms formlessly.

674.The most brilliant swordsmanship lacks a sword; the most supreme mind-dharma lacks a mind; the most profound Buddha dharma lacks Buddha; the greatest self lacks self.

675.Buddha is nature; nature is Buddha.

676.We should cultivate pure and clean minds which do not abide in form, sound, smell, taste, touch, or dharma, but actually abide nowhere. We should have no notions of egos, personalities, beings, or lives of Dharma or non-Dharma. Form is emptiness and absolute emptiness is form.

677.The merits and virtues of formless alms-giving outweigh those of the seven-treasures alms-giving that are as countless as the grains of sand in the Ganges river; the returns on formless alms-giving are inconceivable. One should give without a mind abiding in form, sound, smell, taste, touch, or things. A Bodhisattva should give alms without a mind abiding in false notions of form (laksana). Everything with form is unreal; all that is void of different forms is called Buddha. A Bodhisattva should not be after merit or virtue.

678.Those who suggest that Buddha Sakyamuni preached dharma, slander Buddha and do not understand the essence of Buddha’s teaching or the gist about the way of Buddha. All dharma is the way of Buddha; the real way of Buddha is free from ego, personality, being, life, and dharma.

679.All phenomena are like dreams, illusions, bubbles, and shadows; like dew and lightning; thusly should you meditate upon them. No dharma of inaction can be expressed; they come like lightning and vanish as illusions. There is neither entity, nonentity, sound, breath, edge or border, movement, nor target. They are invisible, intangible, and tremendously powerful; can neither be hidden nor stolen; are forever changing. Everything is them, yet they are not everything. Conform to them, and you will enjoy smooth faring and peace for tens of thousands of years; go against them, and your future will suffer frustration and disasters.

680.Buddha Sakyamuni is not the ancestor of Buddha; only the Greatest Creator is.

681.Words of Tathagata are real and true. They are ultimate; neither deceitful nor heterodox. The Dharma the Tathagata has obtained is neither real nor unreal. It possesses human eyes, deva eyes, wisdom eyes, Dharma eyes, and Buddha eyes and is so named because Buddha is as he is, coming from nowhere and going to nowhere.

682. Everything with form is unreal. If all forms are seen as unreal, then Tathagata will be perceived.

683.“All Bhadras and Aryas differ because of the Eternal Asamskrta Dharma.�

684.All rules are Buddha’s rules, and yet all rules are not Buddha’s rules; Buddha has no set rules; Buddha's rules always vary according to the situation. So-called Buddha’s rules, are non-Buddha’s rules.

685.Never believe that you can, “liberate living beings�; “you cannot save a fish from drowning in water�.

686.“Those who see my outward appearance and seek me in sound, tread the heterodox path, and cannot perceive Tathagata.�

687.Buddha has no mind; Buddha is nature. An enlightened heart is perceptive of nature; perceptive of Buddha.

688.Without the perception of nature, one will always be bewildered and seek others’ help but never find Buddha; without it, even those who can explain the creed of The Twelve Classics only say demonic words; without it, it is impossible to obtain the way of Buddha; without it, even praying for Buddha, reciting sutra, chanting mantras, making vigorous effort, building or repairing temples, offering and sustaining, freeing captive animals, kowtowing, and burning incense, one still cannot become Buddha.

689.Give homage to the perfection of wisdom, the lovely, the holy! Avalokita, the Holy Lord, and Bodhisattva were moving in the deep course of wisdom which has gone beyond. He looked down from high above; He beheld but five heaps; He saw that they were empty in their own-being.

690.Form is emptiness, the very emptiness is form; emptiness does not differ from form, form does not differ from emptiness; whatever is emptiness is form. The same is true for feelings, perceptions, impulses, and consciousness.

691.All dharmas are emptiness; they are neither produced nor stopped, defiled nor immaculate, and neither deficient nor complete.

692.In emptiness, there is:

No form, feeling, perception, impulse, or consciousness

No seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, or thinking

No decaying and dying; no end of decaying and dying

No suffering, origination, stopping, or path

No attainment or nonattainment

693.Rely on the perfection of wisdom, expose your mind, and it will be entirely free from worry; thusly, you will overcome all fear and all that upsets you, and ultimately attain Nirvana.

694. Those who rely on the perfection of wisdom are fully enlightened.

695.Gone, gone,gone beyond,gone completely beyond,praise to awakening.

696.Life is a journey of LIFE in the human world, what is heard and seen during the journey is an illusion; indulging in the illusion gives an abyss of misery, while escaping from the illusion takes you to heaven.

697.Dreams are illusions, but we rarely indulge them; life is an illusion, so why do we indulge it unconsciously? When we awaken, our dreams disappear; when our life is over, the illusion of life will disappear.

698.Nature has been polluted, but who are its worst polluters? Who has polluted nature more seriously, the poor or the wealthy? Is it not those who possess the most wealth who harm nature the most? The more we take from nature, the more we go into debt; debt which must be paid off. Those who are in debt must pay their debts; nobody can transfer them or substitute for them, nor should they be allowed to.

699.Across thousands years of civilization, who have been the most unselfish people? They were Jesus Christ, Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu ,and Mother Teresa. Therefore, it is right to follow their teachings.

700. Feeling happy is the most important thing in life. First you are happy, then you are a celestial being. What can lead to happiness? Being philosophical and enlightened!

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701.To unify all thoughts and all beliefs into the Greatest Creator’s will and all religions into one uniform belief system; the whole world will be one family; a stateless world will be in great harmony.THIS is the main theme of the New Era.

702. The existences of families, states, political parties, and religions are the root causes of the following:

The pollution of the Earth’s environment

The global polarization between the rich and the poor

The irrational allocation of resources

The turmoil in the world and the crisis of humankind

The hardships of the lower-classes

The huge waste of human and material resources

703. The world should move toward unification and becoming a global community; it is best to strengthen the role and function of the United Nations continuously for it to eventually become the global government.

704. Every citizen on earth should regard themselves as citizens of the entire earth, not merely of a region or country.

705. The Earth belongs to its citizens; they have the right to migrate and move freely throughout it.

706. Heaven will become clear and bright when all is unified, the earth will become peaceful, deities will be effective, grain will be abundant; all things thrive when unified and saints’ ideas become universal when they pursue the uniform truth. The whole of mankind can have only one government, one belief, one order, and one pattern; we can only have one goal, one wish, one path to build, and one road to follow all through our lives, otherwise we will not be able to realize true clarity, peace, effectiveness, and prosperity. Excess breeds confusion and heterogeneity causes irritation; this is history. Only if “all thoughts and beliefs are unified into the Greatest Creator’s will�, and “all religions are unified into one uniform belief system�, can uniformity be realized. Only if uniformity is realized, can we enjoy harmony, peace, auspiciousness, good weather, and happy, joyful, free, and blessed lives.

707. Unmarried people should be elected as leaders in all regions. Unmarried people are more selfless and open-minded; less tied and troubled than those who are married and have families. In a word, unmarried leaders are better than married ones with familial relations and are more in line with the interests of the general public.

708. Localism and nationalism are symbols of barbarism and fatuity. No affairs on earth belong to any particular nation or local adherents. Rather, they belong to the whole of humanity. The administrations of every region should be exercised not by the people chosen from among the locals or from among a local nation but by the most outstanding talents selected from the whole of humanity. It is only if the talented are entrusted with important missions that the whole world can be united as a single family and the toiling multitudes can obtain freedom and happiness.

709. All affairs are of concern to all people. Everyone has the power endowed by their creator to condemn and intervene in the affairs of all countries, all political parties, all religions, all nationalities, and all organizations everywhere in the world.

710. The first universal core value is the belief in the Greatest Creator; the cornerstone of all universal values. Faith has nothing to do with religion.

711. On the first day of 2018, mankind entered the New Era, namely, the Lifechanyuan Era. The symbol of this is that we have prepared a huge theoretical system for mankind to enter the New Era; we have resolved everything in practice. At the same time, the international family has come into being on a legal level. In addition, the number of single people who are unwilling to marry has increased worldwide, the divorce rate has risen dramatically, and travel visas between countries are becoming more and more convenient. All these are significant indicators that the world has entered the New Era.

712. Objective things will not be transformed by man's free will; mountains cannot stop Spring from coming. When the earth is frozen, everything looks solid and strong, but when the spring wind blows, snow and ice melt and all the grasses become lively. Families, states, political parties, and religions seem very strong, but will inevitably collapse when the flavor of the New Era comes. Nothing is indestructible.

713. New Era people will not be managed by laws or be ruled by people, but will rather be ruled in compliance with Tao, the core of which is taking the way of the Greatest Creator. The core of the Greatest Creator’s way is the way of nature, and the core of nature’s way is the harmonious coexistence between people with people, people with society, and people with nature.

714. The way for people to get along with each other is to make each other happy, joyful, free, and blessed.

715. The way for people to get along with society is “the talented will be put to good use, and the whole world will be one family� and “no one will pocket anything found on the ground, and doors are not bolted at night�; share bliss while shoulder misfortune together and coordinate globally to share resources.

716. The way for people to get along with nature is to keep the mountains green, the water clean, the sky blue, the mountains and rivers beautiful, the soil rich, the fish and shrimp abundant, and to protect wild animals from harm, poultry and livestock from abuse, with singing birds and fragrant flowers everywhere, and always favorable weather.

717. In the New Era, the funeral and interment system of Lifechanyuan is implemented: the body is cremated and the ashes are scattered across rivers, lakes, seas, green mountains, and fields, which dispenses with the building of tombs, the keeping of ashes, the establishment of memorials, and all marks and traces.

718. In the New Era, no one celebrates birthdays, but only natural festivals such as Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Water-splashing Festival; no celebrations or festivals related to gods, Buddhas, fairies, people, states, political parties, religions, or the military, including Christmas Day, Buddha's Birthday, and so on.

719. In the New Era, people no longer exchange gifts or hold celebrations for relocation, promotions, birthdays, or other affairs for which gifts have traditionally been exchanged.

720. In the New Era, churches, Buddhist temples, mosques, and Taoist temples, are no longer built.

721. In the New Era, the interests of all humankind are above those of the local and of the individual. Personal and local interests should be subjected to the interests of all humankind.

722. Let the talented bring their genius into full play and make the best use of everything; let everyone work and have shelter.

723. Sages manage affairs without action and preach doctrine without words.

724. Exalt not the wise so that people shall not scheme and contend.

725. Prize not rare objects so that people shall not steal.

726. Shut out of site things of desire so that people's hearts shall not be disturbed.

727. Banish wisdom, discard knowledge; banish humanity, discard justice; banish cunning, discard utility.

728. Tao’s principles operate naturally. Renounce all ethical sermons.

729. Accomplish but claim no credit.

730. Sages love:

l In their dwellings, they love the earth

l In their hearts, they love the profound

l In their relations with others, they love kindness

l In their words, they love sincerity

l In government, they love peace

l In business affairs, they love ability

l In their actions, they love choosing the right time

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731. When gold and jade fill your hall, you will be unable to protect them;

To be proud with wealth and honor is to sow the seeds of your own downfall.

Retire when your work is done; such is the way of Tao.

732. By the existence of things, we profit; by the non-existence of things, we are served.

733. Those who value the world as themselves may then be entrusted with the government of the world; those who love the world as themselves may then be entrusted to care for the world.

734. Those who identify will be welcomed gladly:

Those who identify with Tao will be welcomed gladly by Tao

Those who identify with virtue will be welcomed gladly by Virtue

Those who identify with abandonment will be welcomed gladly by Abandonment

Those who identify with Satan will be welcomed gladly by Satan

735. Good ones need nothing:

l Good runners leave no tracks

l Good speeches leave no flaws for attack

l Good reckoners make use of no counter

l Well-shut doors make use of no bolts yet cannot be opened

l Well-tied knots make use of no rope yet cannot be untied

l Sages are good at helping people; therefore no one is rejected. They are good at saving things; therefore no thing is rejected.

736. The world is God's own Vessel

It cannot be used or held

Those who use it spoil it

Those who hold it lose it

737. The Sage eschews excess, eschews extravagance, eschews pride.

738. Those of superior virtue are not conscious of their virtue; hence, they attain it.

Those of inferior virtue are intent on not losing their virtue; hence, they are devoid of it.

739. Do not discuss in a higher presence:

l In the presence of Tao, do not discuss virtue

l In the presence of virtue, do not discuss benevolence

l In the presence of benevolence, do not discuss righteousness

l In the presence of righteousness, do not discuss courtesy

l Courtesy mainly refers to rules, laws, and regulations.

740. There is no greater curse than the lack of contentment and no greater sin than the desire for possession.

741. When governments are lazy and dull, their people are unspoiled;

when governments are efficient and smart, their people are discontented.

Good fortune lies within Bad, Bad fortune lurks within good.

742. The Tao of heaven blesses but does not harm; the Way of the Sage accomplishes but does not contend.

743. In the New Era, everyone needs health-cultivation to be free from disease. Health-cultivation needs the cultivation of essence, qi, spirit, and body. Before health cultivation, we need mind cultivation; before mind cultivation, we need virtue cultivation; before virtue cultivation, we need to enter Tao. Those who are good at health-cultivation can offer preventative treatments for diseases:

l Less speech nourishes the internal qi

l Forgetting anxiety and stress nourishes the spirit qi

l Mild taste nourishes the blood qi

l Avoiding anger nourishes the lung qi

l Eating sparingly nourishes the stomach qi

l Less thought nourishes the liver qi

l Less desire nourishes the heart qi

l Less lust nourishes the essence qi

Before you can cultivate your body, you first must calm your mind and be free from worry, persistence, delusion, lust, greed, and indulgence. Settle your inner spirit down while keeping your desire out.

744. What affects us?

l Fasting will cause you to lose weight

l Freedom from lust will clear your spirit

l Freedom from anxiety and stress will put your heart at peace

l A peaceful heart will lead to spiritual perception and to achieve Tao

l A troubled heart will leave you exhausted

l Excessive physical exertion will leave you timid

l Being too spiritual will make you weak

l Expending too much qi will finish you

l Being free from anxiety and stress will give you good spirit

l Speak less, and your qi will be good

l Be free from lust, and your essence will be sufficient

l Meat-eaters have thick auras, plant-eaters have clean auras, grain-eaters are wise, and qi-eaters are invigorated.

745. How do things affect qi?

l Anger drives qi up

l Joy smoothens qi

l Sadness eliminates qi

l Fear lowers qi

l Coldness restrains qi

l Heat allows qi to escape

l Shock scatters qi

l Overexertion expends qi

l Thinking blocks qi

l Silence generates qi

l Watching for too long hurts the blood

l Lying in bed for too long hurts qi

l Sitting for too long hurts the flesh

l Standing for too long hurts bones

l Walking for too long hurts muscles

746. Eat sparingly, sleep regularly, do not overwork or overuse your mind or body. Those who fear and think will harm their spirits, but those who are happy and joyous will not preserve theirs; those who are sorrowful will block their flow of qi; Those who are angry will be confused but will not be cured; those who are scared will not restrain and quiet their spirits.

747. Keeping calm and indifferent to fame and gain will prevent misery from approaching and evil from invading, strengthening your bones and muscles will keep your body healthy, reducing your cravings will preserve your spiritual health, and talking less will maintain your blessings sufficiently. Guard your eyes from improper sights, your ears from improper words, your nose from foul odors, your mouth from strong flavors and poison, and your mind from considering deceptive actions.

748. When you love someone, do not love them too much; when you hate someone, do not hate them too much. Keep fewer thoughts in your mind, fewer words in your mouth, less food in your stomach, and get less sleep at night. Excessive sleep makes your spirit dizzy, frequent drunkenness makes your qi scatter, excessive sweating hurts the blood, and exhaustion of strength damages the body. Moving continuously without resting disturbs your qi and frightens your spirit. Ascending to extreme heights causes serious shocks.

749. Remain undisturbed whether granted favour or subjected to humiliation, and your liver will be peaceful; Keep deferential and grateful whether in stillness or motion, and your heart will be calm; eat sparingly, and your spleen will not leak; practice pranayama and less speech, and your lungs will be sound; stay indifferent and do not crave, and your kidneys will be sufficient. Eat before you are hungry, but stop before you are full. Overeating hurts the spleen and stomach, and excessive thirst hurts the blood and the qi. Eat not to dullness in hunger and drink not to elevation in thirst to avoid food expansion and hurting your heart and lungs. Prevent the wind from blowing against your back, for no one enjoys longevity when the back of their head is constantly blown upon.

750. Anger weakens your qi, and illnesses will invade when your qi is weak; thoughts damage your spirit, and your heart is prone to uneasiness when your spirit is tied. Avoid extremes of joy and sorrow, eat a balanced diet, do not get drunk at night, and most importantly, never get upset in the morning. Do not see, hear, speak, or think about evil or improperness. Purify your heart and restrict your desire, stay indifferent to fame and gain, empty your brain, and then attain quietness in motion. Let your heart be at ease and your kidneys at rest, and lead a restful life.

751. Consolidate and you will be better:

(1) Consolidate your liver’s essence or your eyes will be dizzy and lack lustre

(2) Consolidate your lungs’ essence or your muscles will atrophy and be weak

(3) Consolidate your kidneys’ essence or your spirit and qi will be weak

(4) Consolidate your spleen’s essence or your hair will fall and your teeth will decay

(5) Do not overwork when moving, for that will damage your qi

(6) Do not remain immobile, for that will coagulate your blood and block your qi

(7) Enjoy a long life by not overworking your body or draining your essence

(8) Look without seeing, and your mind will remain innocent; then your spirit will guard your body and give you longevity.

752. There are eight unlivable places:

(1) Where there are dirt and mess

(2) Where there is noise

(3) Where there is negativity

(4) Where there is trouble

(5) Where there is hostility

(6) Where there are gloom and dampness

(7) Where there is no fresh air to breathe

(8) Where graves and temples are near

753. Those who revere and respect LIFE do not harm their bodies by over-supporting themselves with wealth and rank, do not exhaust their bodies to rise above poverty and low status, can shake off their desires, and can feel calm, purify their minds, and clean their spirits. Foresight, retentive memories, worry, sorrow, sadness, fear, anger, puzzlement, anxiety over what has been wished, and disharmony between Yin and Yang all hurt people.

754. You flow from your essence

l Water has its source, so it surely flows far

l Trees have their roots, so they surely are leafy

l Houses have their bases, so their pillars surely are straight

l People have their essence, so they surely live long lives

755. Your pillow must be neither too high nor too low; too high causes the liver to shrink, but too low causes the lungs to shrink.

l Tears from the eyes cause the liver to leak

l Mucous from the nose causes the lungs to leak

l Saliva from mouth causes the kidneys to leak

l Sweating while awake causes the heart to leak

l Sweating while asleep causes the small intestines to leak

l Drooling while asleep causes the brain to leak

l Dreaming of intimacy with ghosts causes the spirit to leak

l Lustful people cause their own bodies to leak.

One with full spirit does not want sleep; one with full qi does not want food; one with full essence does not want lust.

756. The taboo of a day is stuffing oneself; the taboo of a month is getting drunk; the taboo of a year is excessive work and rage; the the taboos of a lifetime are being bullied in the early morning, observing only your faith, keeping peace, not being thoughtful, and scheming. Sadness causes streams of tears, bitterness causes the nose to run, anger generates goitre, rage causes deep-rooted ulcers, your heart desires what your qi reaches, and you can generate everything. Great people restrain their grief and bitterness and refrain from anger.

757. Lack of physical bonding between sexual partners, Yin and Yang, causes diseases to form due to blood stasis and qi stagnation. Therefore, those who remain celibate and abstinent are prone to be sickly and short-lived, while excessive indulgence in lust will damage their lives. Rich food smooths the intestines but also causes phlegm; breakfasts should be simple and early, lunches should be rich and full, and dinners should be small. Following these rules, one can have a long and healthy life.

758. Lead a leisurely and unrestrained life without cravings or painstaking effort. Enjoy life no matter where you are or what you are doing:

l When your kidneys are immobile, your essence is preserved

l When your body is immobile, your qi is preserve

l When your heart is immobile, your spirit is preserved

When your essence, your qi, and your spirit are perfectly preserved, you will become naturally immortal

759. It is no disgrace to be poor and lowly, but it is to flatter and beg others; it is no honor to gain wealth and rank, but it is to benefit the world with wealth and rank.

760. Gaining fame and wealth that should not be gained invites fortune to become misfortune, but enduring hardships and poverty that are the hardest to bear invites bitterness to become sweetness.

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761. Misfortune comes very easily from wealth and rank; we need to stay sincere, honest, and humble to avoid great trouble; fortunes and blessings are originally destined; we must remain thrifty and simple in order to extend their time with us.

762.We are born with consciences and would be no higher that the birds and beasts without them; saints and sages teach people the correct way, but people always go through thistles and thorns when deviating from it.

763. There are no fools in the world; how can one deceive others in vain hope? Suffering is everywhere; how can one enjoy leisure alone?

764. Material wealth causes wise people to lose their ambition, but foolish people to sin more. In either case, accumulating material wealth and then leaving it to one’s children does irreparable harm.

765. People might not encounter difficulty, but they should not forget about it; flukes happen, but people should not keep them on their minds.

766. It is sinful to bang the drum to guide people the wrong way.

767. People need to be earnest and down to earth in order to perform deeds of merit and to set up businesses because remaining even slightly lustful for fame will misdirect them toward achieving the wrong goals. Self-cultivation should be based on the idea of a void; if one cares more for success, then they will descend into the level of the vulgar world.

768. With a constantly clear head, one can avoid heavenly punishments; with a spotlessly clean conscience, one can untie the divine mesh.

769.A merciful attitude is the root that sprouts to make all living beings survive and grow, and the moral courage to refrain from doing wrong can be a tower of strength for the world. Therefore, one of noble character neither bears to harm an insect nor embezzle a single penny to set the core values of humanity and establish the meanings of life and LIFE for all living beings.

770. To find the truth when fame and fortune disappear, you may reduce your craving; to find the cause of your suffering from adversity, you may stop complaining.

771. Heaven gives you a small piece of luck to embolden you before giving you a serious disaster; do not be too happy when luck comes, the important thing is how you enjoy it.

Heaven gives you a small disaster to admonish you before giving you great luck; do not be sad when disaster comes, the important thing is how you remedy it.

772. How long is life? Life is as short as the spark from stones knocking into iron; how big can it be in such a vast universe? The world where people compete with each other is as tiny as a snail’s antenna.

773. Knowing that there are both successes and failures in life, it is unnecessary to persist too much for success; knowing that life and death are the roots of each other, it is unnecessary to struggle too much for a nourishing life.

774. Leading an easy and wealthy life, one should learn the pain of the poor; being young and strong, one should understand the bitterness of the old.

775. Do not reproach others for small faults; do not reveal their private matters; do not bear grudges against them. Refraining from doing those three things helps to cultivate one’s moral character and to avoid disaster.

776. Those who give happiness have rich souls, those who give joy have rich spirits, and those who give blessings have material wealth.

777. The pursuit of life leads to endless troubles, but the pursuit of death leads to endless benefits.

778. Those who oppress the poor insult their maker, but those who are kind to them honor theirs.

Laying good foundations in advance is better than setting tents and building houses hastily on sandy beaches; improving the soil first is better than sowing seeds in barren fields.

780. Do NOT:

l Do not damage the whole for the sake of a small reward

l Do not favor yourself by pretending to cater to publicity

l Do not contrast others' shortcoming to your advantages

l Do not envy others' advantages over your shortcomings

l Do not use power and authority to bully the weak and lonely

l Do not willfully kill beasts and birds for your mouth and belly

l Do not abandon your own opinion because of group doubts

l Do not reject others’ advice because of your own stubbornness

l Do not heed only one side in case you are deceived by the wicked

l Do not be wayward and driven by anger

781. Good fortunes cannot be seized by scheming; maintaining a happy mood is the right way to invite them. Disasters cannot be shunned by flukes; discarding hatred and grudges from one’s mind is how to avoid them.

782. Too much enjoyment brews disaster; abnormal acts forebode misfortune.

783. The faithful do not pray for happiness, but heaven helps them to fulfill their wishes without their awareness. Vicious people are most concerned with avoiding calamities, but as they move to do so, Heaven deprives them of their senses and leaves them defenceless against them.

784. If you have done nothing to trouble your conscience, then you should not fear a late-night knock on your door. Nothing can be concealed, for gods are watching just above your head.

785. Those who do not want their faults to manifest themselves in the open should first ensure that nothing is amiss in their darkest closets. Live in silt, but remain unstained; know about schemes, but do not be lured.

786. The beauty of all things is the masterwork of the Greatest Creator, whose love can be felt upon all of us.

787. Merits and mistakes do not offset each other; undoubtedly, the guilty and wrong have to be punished regardless of their other great merits.

788. Upbringing, self-cultivation, and self-restraint are compulsory courses throughout life.

789. Cosmic geometry tells us that the world we live in is not Euclidean. That is, the circles of Euclidean geometry are not really circles and parallel lines eventually intersect, diverge, or both. The sums of the three inner angles of triangles are not 180º. Therefore, no one should negate ideology which you take as unnatural or unreasonable based on your personal experience. Different realms lead to different understandings.

790. The wave-particle duality tells us that the nature of things or the way that they move depend on the observer’s consciousness and that different consciousnesses create different realities. It can be concluded that heaven and hell exist just as the rich and poor exist, from which we know that these 800 Values for New Era Human Being will bring peace and happiness to everyone.

791. Superstring theory bridges the incompatibility between general relativity and quantum theory, which argues that strings do not move in normal three-dimensional space, but in high-dimensional space which we cannot comprehend. Our past conception about space was wrong; space is not limited to three dimensions, but could have as many as ten, or even twenty-six. Paradoxes and contradictions are always eventually reconciled. We can never reconcile them unless we increase our understanding and cling to theories of "absolute truth".

792. Cosmic holography shows that people are a part of nature. The vibration of a butterfly’s wings in Alaska can eventually lead to a storm in the Cape of Good Hope, so no one should ignore their own little efforts; someone's small cough will also cause heaven to vibrate.

793. Why are scientists unable to find a Unified Field Theory? Because scientists only recognize the first four forces: the weak force, the strong force, gravity, and magnetism, but not the second four forces: the tectonic force, the repulsive force, the conscious force, and the spiritual force. This shows that there are blind spots in both science and religion. The only way to solve these blind spots is with holographic theory.

794. When you step onto a thorn, your brain should sense it instantly. If it does not, that is not because there is no thorn, but because your brain is either too slow or dull or is malfunctioning. The world is about to change greatly; sensitive brains must have sensed this. If yours has not, then you must reconsider your thinking and reposition your outlook on life, your sense of values, your worldview, and your understanding and awareness of LIFE!

795. When you think you are right, you are probably wrong.

796. There are eight Ways in the mortal world:

The Way of the Greatest Creator

The Way of Gods

The Way of Buddha

The Way of Celestial beings

The Way of Humans

The Way of Animals and Plants

The Way of Ghosts

The Way of Devils

797. Without ending your worldly ties, you will transmigrate; without paying off your debts, you will return.

798. If you are confused and unable to find answers from humanity’s historical experiences and accumulated knowledge, then try to read the book without words.

799. It is said that “The core of truth is in one sentence, while falseness is spread over millions of books�. Actually, one sentence is too long, the core of truth is only one word: NATURE.

800. These 800 Values for New Era Human Beings are an open system. Time and space change ceaselessly, new thoughts, new ideas, and new methods emerge endlessly, and these 800 Values are subject to constant updating and perfection. This is the third revision; with the developments of the era, that which should be added will be added, and that which should be deleted will be deleted. We shall never follow the beaten track and the old routine or stick to obsolete ideas stubbornly, and we shall never impose limitations. While Deiform Buddha is in the human world, he will take charge to add and delete; when Deiform Buddha passes on, saints and sages will take charge and continue to do so. No one else may add to it or delete from it because that could compromise its holographic order.

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