The measles outbreak

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The measles outbreak

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Post by Diagoras »

Link to recent updates in the Pacific: ... -countries

I’ve seen reports of some Samoan families taking their children out of (publicly funded) hospital and paying ‘alternative healers’ to treat those affected by measles with ‘special water’ and prayer - with predictable results.

Very sad to see the tragic consequences of people losing young family members to disease solely due to their decision to rely on faith rather than science.

Thankfully, the vast majority of parents are doing the right thing and queuing up to get their children vaccinated - but it’s been too late for a number of them.

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Re: The measles outbreak

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Post by 2Dbunk »

[Replying to post 1 by Diagoras]

One would have hoped that faith healing was on its way out in the early twentieth century, but that didn't happen. It may never happen with the fringes of 'pop culture' so prevalent. Never mind re-inventing the wheel, It seems that each generation must try all the alternative stuff.

I don't know why we teach history in school -- too many take it upon themselves to interpret the charlatan, quack or shaman of 'new' better ways to destroy rather than
improve themselves.
What good is truth if its value is not more than unproven, handed-down faith?

One believes things because one is conditioned to believe them. -Aldous Huxley

Fear within the Religious will always be with them ... as long as they are fearful of death.

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