Receiving religious literature while at work - responses?

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Receiving religious literature while at work - responses?

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Post by rikuoamero »

A couple weeks ago, while on the register at work, a customer left me a Christian pamphlet after her transaction. During the transaction, we had made only the bare minimum polite talk (Hello, How are you, do you have any vouchers/loyalty card, etc). In my surprise, I turned the pamphlet down and said "Sorry, I'm an atheist". I was surprised because in my thirteen years of working, this was the first and only time it's happened to me, or to anyone else I know.
Now, after the fact, I wish I could have invited her to a chat, to pick her brain. I'd love to understand her thought process. We're an ostensibly non-denominational store, albeit one with a small Christian chapel out back for Christian customers who feel the what was going through her head handing me, a perfect stranger, her pamphlet? According to her, what would the odds have been that I'm not a Christian (I don't discuss religion or politics at work, ever)? What if I had said I was? What if I was not a True Christian (of the wrong denomination)?
I'm asking mainly because I'd heard about this sort of thing happening a lot in the US, and thought it never happened here. Well, I was wrong. Has it happened to anyone else? Did you talk it over with the Christian?

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Re: Receiving religious literature while at work - responses?

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Post by Purple Knight »

It happened to me also a few years ago. A customer asked if I had found Jesus. I was as polite as possible and said no, I'm an atheist.

I would rather get punished for an honest answer to an honest question than sidestep, doubletalk, or lie.

Now, I had devoted a lot of time and energy to solving this person's problem and they weren't angry but they did seem surprised. I think I did the right thing.

It gives them skewed data if they go about asking this and the only definitive answer they get is yes. They rightly conclude then that atheists are liars or at least shifty and ashamed to be atheists.

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