Putting Our Heads Together Guidelines

To solve world problems

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Putting Our Heads Together Guidelines

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The purpose of this subforum is try to find a solution (or several solutions) to problems that affect society. In a sense, it is opposite to debating since we are trying to find commonality, rather than pointing out differences.

It is important that everyone acknowledge each other's beliefs and sensitivities when we are trying to find a common solution. The ideal solution would be able to satisfy all participants, but more likely, it might be incompatible with another's belief system. But, as long as we respect differences of belief, hopefully we can reach some common ground on possible solutions.

Anyone can start a topic. But please use a descriptive title so that everyone can understand what the thread is about by the title. Also, do not have a lengthy opening post, but simply present a brief description of the problem. Posts after the opening post can be of any length.

When a new issue is posed, let's start by brainstorming ideas on how to solve that issue. We'll consider the pros and cons of the proposed solutions and refine them. Then, we'll try to reach some consensus on a solution(s) to the problem.

Please refrain from debating in this subforum. If you do need to debate about sometime, start another thread in a debating subforum and link to that thread.

This exercise is highly experimental. So, the process will be refined as we try this out.

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