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PostPosted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 3:07 pm  What makes you Jewish? Reply with quote

Can you be Jewish because both of your parents are Jewish? How about if one of them is Jewish? How about if a grandparent is Jewish?

Can you be Jewish because you believe in their religion? What about if you don't, but you still celebrate the holidays and culture?

Can you be/become Jewish if you're not from the bloodline, or is some form of bloodline required?

Can you be an atheist and still be Jewish? Can you ascribe to any other religious views outside of Judaism and still be Jewish? Is Jesus off limits?

You can see what I'm getting at. Is there a commonly accepted set of rules for determining if you can "officially" (if that even exists) be Jewish or not?

I'm of full Jewish decent genetically speaking and I just joined the Jewish usergroup because of that. I lack belief in the Jewish religion though. I'm willing to leave the user group if it's meant for those who are Jewish by religiou belief. In it's description it literally just says "Jewish" lol, so I don't know.
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Re: Who is Jewish?

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I guess this is a continuation: If being Jewish is as you declare, "52 pick-up," then is how is it different from being nothing at all? Or, perhaps I mean arbitrary?

Very confusing topic, this.

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