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I Have an Ideal

Xue Feng

(Translated by Transn Ltd. and Edited by Kaer)

Following the footprints of immortals, sages, oracles and saints, I have crossed and trekked numerous treacherous mountains and rivers. Roaming all through the wilderness of soul, I have been spreading the message of the Greatest Creator. The wishes of god and Buddha and the expectations of oracles and saints have converged to form my ideal, which is as clear and bright as the shining sun and can be food of thought for you to meditate over.

Human beings have been trekking along a long path soaked with blood. Jesus and Sakyamuni have revealed to us that in the universe there are many higher spaces of LIFE and have earnestly and tirelessly admonished us not to go astray from the great road of LIFE. Numberless immortals, sages, oracles and saints have exerted their utmost effort for the happiness of mankind. Their souls are still shining brightly over us, warning us not to act against the law of nature and wishing us to live a happy life.However, blinded by the dense fog of “civilization”, mankind has been straying further and further away from the great road…

I want to kindle a beacon of hope to light up the endless darkness, bringing mankind a ray of hope. I want to create an oasis out of the vast and isolated desert, offering an auspicious and harmonious habitat for LIFE on earth. I want to build a land of spirit and soul out of the boundless ocean of flaunty material prosperity, leading to the land those people who yearn towards the Greatest Creator, love LIFE and nature, and possess beautiful human nature and soul and making them eternally severed from the abyss of sufferings. I will shepherd them safely to the Thousand-Year World to enjoy the wonderful time of the millennium.

The people favored by god and Buddha are still miserably shackled in spirit and soul. In this bustling world overrun with desire for material acquisition, people with a purer and better heart are more prone to spiritual and psychological tortures, and cannot afford even a moment of peace and quiet. Every place reeks of putrid smells. What meet the eyes are wickedness and evils that have gone unpunished. Man’s tremendous amount of legal articles and religious teachings are powerless to avert the depravity of morality and the prevalence of wickedness. The viciously misleading evil soul and the junk thought have taken up the throne of truth.

Despotism has not only caused the loss of personal and spiritual freedom for the governed but also has caused the governing class to be trapped in the quagmire of desperation, without any hope to obtain the true freedom of LIFE.

I want to tell people that the plight of mankind does of lie in the material aspect but in the spiritual aspect. The wasteland of spirit and soul is the real source of human suffering. Seeking the homestead for spirit and soul is an urgency for mankind. The blind pursuit of material acquisition is only analogous to quenching one’s thirst with poisoned wine or stopping water from boiling by scooping it up and pouring it back. Thus such acts will cause the ruin of not only the earth but mankind itself.

An era is a demoniac era if the dignity of a person is determined by the amount of money he has earned and the social position he has attained and if the value of man is not measured by his moral character and good deeds. A society is an evil society if it allows its subjects to become upstart through speculation and plundering instead of getting rich with honest and diligent labor. A government is a despotic and satanic government if it spares no effort to force-out new thinking, attempting to lock people in an ignorant and barbarian and savage world. A nation will be one void of wisdom and oriented toward insanity and destruction if it does not advocate dedication and love but blindly instigates its people to use violence.

Man’s worry originates partly from ignorance and partly from selfishness. Because of ignorance, we have invited demons in but shut the door against god and Buddha. Because of selfishness, we have chosen wickedness but abandoned righteousness. A lot of good ideals and kind moralities are often snuffed out in the cradle. The desolation of soul is the optimum soil to breed junk thought and religious plague.

Today people are engulfed in information. Television, networks, newspapers and magazines, books, and lectures are infusing mountains of information into us, far more than we can digest, thus causing the indigestion, malnutrition, and ill health. The pursuit of knowledge has become a morbid thirst. The more we attempt to swallow down unthinkingly, the less we understand. Various media have become the fertile soil to cultivate ignorance and manic and blind adherence.

Having no beliefs, no principles, no wisdom, and no spiritual perception, those literati have made up rancid articles under the pretense of maintaining stability, advocating reform, carrying forward culture, inheriting legacies, publicizing morality, and promoting benevolence, and under the disguise of adhering to “belief”, cultivating oneself, pursuing freedom, and fighting despotism…They have fabricated so much cultural garbage and so many spiritual drugs that it is impossible to clean them all up. The roughly manufactured scum has become our daily food for thought, which has directly distorted our values, destroyed our human environment, and polluted our pure heart.

Having no beliefs, no principles, no wisdom, and no spiritual sense, those literati hangmen worship those rancid articles as classics under the pretense of maintaining stability, advocating reform, carrying forward culture, inheriting legacies, publicizing morality,and promoting benevolence, and under the disguise of adhering to “belief”,cultivating oneself, pursuing freedom, and fighting despotism… As for those works of wisdom, which shine resplendently with thought, they look down upon them as “heresies” and wielded their cultural butcher knife toward them without hesitation…

The Chinese people, on the one hand you have been heaving sighs that China has become a land deserted by the Greatest Creator, but have you on the other hand acquired the broadness of mind to include great wisdom? Can you recognize it when great wisdom really “descends from heaven”?

I have an ideal that the Greatest Creator may enter China and the human world, that Christianity and Buddhism may regain their prevalence here, and that humanity may be restored on the beautiful land.

When conspiracy and tricks prevail over truth, justice is taunted, enthusiasm meets with contempt, reverence for the Greatest Creator is regarded as ridiculous, oppression and bully are viewed as inviolable power, the hoodwinked masses are meanwhile branded as ignorant,freedom is slandered, life is trampled, right and wrong are reversed, black and white are confused, and good and evil people mix together, then in such situations we have no choice but to search the source of LIFE. Only in this way can we pierce through the indistinct murk and see the light. Only in this way can we steady the steer in the turbid and turbulent waves and ultimately reach the ocean of LIFE.

In this unusual time of superficial prosperity, when actually crises are lurking everywhere, we are not yet in the position to sing praises of the virtue or merits. At a time when the journey is rough and treacherous, flattery and conservativeness cannot salvage us. Now it is not yet the time when “the bank of injustice” has gone bankrupt completely. Any non-action and dawdling will only speed up the approach of “doomsday”. We will only eventually lose our beautiful homestead and splendid future if we are only capable of destruction and are incapable of construction, if we don’t know how to repay other people’s favors and are only bent on vengeance, and if we only want to acquire from others and do not know how to dedicate to others.

For many centuries, man’s blind behaviors have dug out an abyss, which can engulf us at any moment and thus should be filled up. The sooner it is leveled up, the better it would be.

Reverence for the Greatest Creator and adherence to his road is our only hope, because only in front of the Greatest Creator can we have equal human dignity; because we should worship the Greatest Creator so that our mind can possess soul, our knowledge be transformed into wisdom. And only in this way can we understand the meaning of LIFE and embark on the great road of LIFE.

You may lock yourself up in the ivory tower, lose yourself in the piles of broken papers, and engross yourself in the so-called academic research, thus placing yourself outside the social issues. In so doing, you seem to have entered a serene heaven. However, can you expect any egg to remain intact if the nest is overturned? Poke your head inside a cave,leaving your hindquarter exposed and fancying that what is not seen does not exist. Can you derive from your research any great achievements that may do any good to humankind?

The unrealistic teaching or “truth”that blindly preaches pursuit of happiness of future life is absurd and wicked. A person always wearing a smile is relentless at heart; a person always with tears is cruel at heart.

Children are suffering starvation and cannot afford education; the poverty-stricken have no money to treat their diseases. However, we are manufacturing various kinds of luxury products, and building one after another lifeless skyscrapers. Isn’t this a mockery and blasphemy against LIFE?

If our neighbors have no freedom, we ourselves cannot obtain complete freedom. If our brothers are suffering starvation, we cannot swallow the dainty food in our mouths. If people in the remote areas are crying, we will not be able to enjoy quietly the comfort and luxury of big cities.

I have an ideal. I will lead those who truly yearn towards the Greatest Creator to Lifechanyuan, and transform the jarring hullabaloo into a fraternal movement, and play a convivial symphony of LIFE.

I firmly believe that mankind can certainly walk out of the dark canyon and the wasteland of spirit, and enter an unprecedentedly beautiful field. I firmly believe that soul will prevail over flesh and that people will eventually obtain the freedom of body and mind and the serenity of LIFE.

This is not a golden fantasy for the remote future. The majestic tides are surging with mighty momentum. Among their broad bosoms are contained colorful gems that can decorate man’s life and make it more noble and beautiful. When the unexpected supernatural incident comes,the mysterious power shall strike people’s heartstrings, the vast fields will take on the splendid coating, the polluted rivers will become clear and pure again, the turbid sky will be changed into expanses of colorful clouds, and the free rhythm will reverberate in each inch of the land.

Eternal virtue remains with Jesus Christ!

Supreme wisdom is ascribed to Sakyamuni!

Eternal glory belongs to the Greatest Creator!
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What is Lifechanyuan

Xue Feng

” Men of privilege without power are waste material. Men of enlightenment without influence are the poorest kind of rubbish. Men of intellectual and moral and religious culture, who are not active forces for good in society, are not worth what is a cost to produce and keep them.” – Henry Van Dyke

Lifechanyuan is a place where great souls come together to create a peaceful, beautiful, and harmonious reality for humanity and at the mean time, to make themselves qualified for accessing higher life spaces by means of self-cultivation and self-improvement.​

Lifechanyuan is the integration of Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, science and Mao Zedong thoughts which truthfully explains the origin of the universe, the mystery of LIFE, and the true meaning of life.

For thousands of years, human beings have been groping their way forward and lost themselves. They have been suffering unnecessary grief and sorrows, not knowing the secret of LIFE; Few ever ask themselves: Why should I be busy as a bee all day long? Does it have anything to do with the meaning of my life? What’s the difference between me and a rushing ant?

During the history, many have been working hard to seek the answers; sages such as Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Mohammad, Lao Tzu, from one generation after another had paid their painstaking efforts for us; Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln had worked so hard for us. All of them tried to create a peaceful world in which everyone enjoy happiness; some other great sages had endured the hardships and advised us in earnest in order to lead us into a happy homeland; but the real answer seems to be still far away from us, and we still need to go a long journey, step by step, to approach the other side of truth.

Lifechanyuan has answers and solutions for human sufferings and increasingly serious crises of the world, it also has answers for inquirying souls for questions as “Who am I, where did I come from, where am I going?” Lifechanyuan contains precious truths from the Greatest Creator of universe. It reveals how the universe comes into beings, how LIFE started, and the origin of human beings. It explains the meaning of time and space, and the purpose and meaning of LIFE. It also points out the cause of human suffering, the future of mankind, and the way how a person can get an everlasting happy life.

Lifechanyuan follows the path of the Greatest Creator, and the core values of Lifechanyuan are to revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE, and revere nature.​

Lifechanyuan is a wonderland for resonant souls; it is a big family full of harmony and happiness, and it is a land of idyllic beauty for people living Lifechanyuan values to enjoy happiness.

Lifechanyuan is not a religion, so there is no special ceremony and requirements; Lifechanyuan is not a company, so it will not involve any business activities aiming for profits; Lifechanyuan is not a political party, so it neither has a constitution nor participates in any political activities.

Lifechanyuan does not belong to any individual, country, nation, religion, political party or organization.​​

Lifechanyuan intends to set up 256 new life oases in the form of intentional communities worldwide.

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Let Lifechanyuan Be Known to the World

Xue Feng

Lifechanyuan ascends on the historical stage of the 21st century with its brand-new concept, it exceeds narrow concepts of political parties, religion, nation, country, and uncovers a new chapter of the development of humankind with new vision, and it will usher human beings to a brand new era -the Lifechanyuan Era.

Congregating religion and science, Lifechanyuan expounds comprehensively the emergence of the universe and the Greatest Creator, the origin of life and human beings, the mystery of time and space, the value of life, the meaning and purpose of life, the crisis facing by humankind, the future of humankind, the origin and function of the moon, especially the meaning of life, the levels of life, and the connotation and extension of Tao.

Lifechanyuan inherits and upholds the thinking and wisdom of Jesus Christ, Buddha, previous saints, prophet, and sages; it congregates the spiritual sense developing, self improving and self refining, preserving health, conducting oneself, sublimating spirituality, and the information of the new era. It sublimates the consciousness of humankind to a level that has never been perceived, and lays the foundation of thinking for humankind to entering into the Lifechanyuan Era in 2013.

The theoretical bases of Lifechanyuan are "Abnormal Thinking", "The Greatest Creator", "Time and Space of the Universe", "Revelation", "Truth of Life", "Humans", "Human Life", "Self-Refinery", "Self-Improvement", "Life", "Nourishing Of Life", "Wisdom", "Buddhahood", "Cultivation of Immortal", "Preaching", "Antimaterial World", "XueFeng Corpus", articles of masters of both home and abroad from ancient times to modern times, and inspirations and recognitions of Chanyuan Celestials in Lifechanyuan.

36-dimentional space, eight modes of thinking, and 80 new concepts, ect., put forward by Lifechanyuan are epoch-making wisdom, and will play an incredible role in changing completely the thinking mode of humankind and turning them into the members of new humankind.

Lifechanyuan advocates reverence to the Greatest Creator, life, nature, God, and Buddha, respecting parents, and taking the way of the Greatest Creator. These are the core conditions of building the harmonious mechanism of humankind and gods, humankind and nature, humankind and other life, people and people, and are the necessary and sufficient conditions of humankind entering into the new era.

Lifechanyuan implements the strategy of all religions returning to the origin, and completely eradicates conflicts and unharmonious factors of humankind due to the differences in ideology of religion, political party, nation, country, etc. It will usher humankind into a peaceful era--the Lifechanyuan Era.

The marks of Lifechanyuan Era are: religion, political party, country dying out; war, disease, hunger, crime disappearing, family tie disintegrating; spirit and soul enjoyment replacing material enjoyment; natural disaster relieving; humankind being led by saints and managed by sages; no one pockets anything found on the road, doors unnecessarily to be shut in the evening for no thieves drop in; everything thriving, harmonious and quiet; persons of virtue won't be abandoned away from government, honesty prevails throughout the world.

Lifechanyuan Era will last for one thousand years; people can live up to 500 years old, and the ideal paradise craved by humankind will be built.

Lifechanyuan will not only let people enjoy the happiness of this life, but also instruct people to prolong life to the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world, and the Elysium world through the refining of thinking.

Since Lifechanyuan put forward regulating the life of universe of 2013, prophecies of Mayan, Martian, astrology, Tibetan monks successively became known to the world. The irrelevant information foretells large scale disaster might take place on earth in 2009, and thorough change might happen to earth in 2013. The information inosculates with new era information, words of Jesus Christ and Sakyamuni, Nostradamus - Prophecy and Prediction Tui bei tu, 24 Volumes on Military Strategy etc. So, it's an important period of life and death.

Saving thousands and hundreds of lives is an emergency. People with telegnosis and people who want to enter into the Lifechanyuan Era should give up personal interests, and devote their precious time to promote the magnificent career of Lifechanyuan. They not only have to spend all their time to improve and refine, but also need to help others to get to know Lifechanyuan, to do good deeds, to sublimate their consciousness and qualities. Hesitation and waiting in vain only result in time wasting, and it will turn into a shame of their lives.

Any good deed will work and will be embedded into their structures of life. Even if it is not for others, and to ourselves, we hope people who read this article will promote and construct Lifechanyuan, do your best to reprint articles of Lifechanyuan on other websites. Your efforts will not be in vain, the Greatest Creator's Tao will reward you.

Punishment might not be immediate but sure, fluke mind is the anesthesia and deception of oneself, doing good deeds is the only way out.

Let Lifechanyuan be known to the world!

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Festivals of Lifechanyuan

Xue Feng

First, we don't oppose people to celebrate festivals they love, that are their freedom and choice.

Festival has eight implications: congratulation and celebration, reunion, praying for good fortune, gratitude, offering sacrifice and holding memorial ceremony, praising, purifying and gathering people's hearts and keeping going.

Festival has eight major forms: natural festival, religious festival, state festival, political party's festival, cultural festival, group festival, custom festival and special festival.

Lifechanyuan reveres to the Greatest Creator, life and nature, and follows the way of the Greatest Creator; so Lifechanyuan does not celebrate the following festivals.

1 Religious festival

Such as Christmas Day, Easter Day, Phi Ta Khon Festival (Buddha's Birth Day), The Ghost Festival, Ramadan, Corban Festival, festival of pure man of Taoism.

2 Festivals of a country or state

Such as National Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Union Day, Revolutionary Festival.

3 Political party's festival

Such as Party Founding Day, Army Day.

4 Festivals of a certain person

Such as Commemoration Day, Birthday.

5 Festivals praising of some people or possessing petty bourgeois sentiment

Such as Nurses' Day, Women's day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, April Fools' Day, Youth Day, Teacher's Day, Children's Day, Journalist's Day.

6 Farfetched festivals

Such as International Anti-Illiteracy Day, World Tourism Day, International Music Day, World College Festival, Fire Control Awareness Day, International Football Day, Tree-Planting Day.

7 Regional festivals

Such as Fashion Day, the Torch Festival, Planting Day, Peony Festival, Festival of "Offering a Sacrifice to Dragon", Log Drum Festival, Snow Festival, Festival of Enjoying Peach blossom Day.

8 Festivals related to ghost and gods

Such as Ghost Festival, God Festival, Masquerade Day.

Lifechanyuan's festivals must be joyous, natural, comfortable, happy, grateful, optimistic, warm and beneficial.

Such as New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Festival of Lanterns, Tomb-sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival, The Double Ninth Festival, the Water-Sprinkling Festival.

Notes: the information above is confined to Lifechanyuan, which doesn't limit the world out of Lifechanyuan.

April 4th, 2007

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No church or temple in Lifechanyuan

Xue Feng

Heaven and earth are the church or temple of Lifechanyuan; everything in nature is the reincarnation and Dharmakaya of the Greatest Creator; so Lifechanyuan do not arrange church or temple, nor sculpture any forms of worshiping images. Certainly, we will not kowtow or worship the different images sculptured by people.

Lifechanyuan only arranges the scripture hall or the learning hall, which looks like the classroom in universities. The halls are not arranged for something like ceremony, but for discussing the scripture and government policy, exchanging opinions and experience to gain wisdom.

Our reverence and worship to the Greatest Creator are not represented in the form or on the mouth, but come from the inside.

Loving life, nature, self and others is equal to love the Greatest Creator.

The Greatest Creator is free from eating, so we do not sacrifice any food to the Greatest Creator.

April 22, 2007

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LIFE is One Kind of Nonmaterial Structure Having Spirituality

----View of LIFE in LIFEchanyuan

Xue Feng

The connotation and denotation of LIFE is the core problem of the sustainable development of human kind. It is impossible for us to determine whether the value of humanity nowadays is right or wrong without figuring out this problem.

1. A difficult journey

I am an ordinary man. Each time I got hit by life, I would ask myself this question: What's the reason for these? What should I live for? What is the meaning of my life? An obscure living all days is no better than to die.

However, the statement that there is heaven and hell makes one feel a little bit stupid to die like this. Maybe it is more appropriate to make the meaning of LIFE clear before making decision for how to die.

But how can I figure out the nature of LIFE? Where could I find out the meaning of LIFE?

I started looking for the source of LIFE and LIFE's destination. I read several Buddhist scriptures first, then The Bible, The Qur'an, and Tao Te Ching, and skim through Seth's discussion about LIFE. But the reading only makes me remain confused.

It seems that I had to look for scientific books. So I made some exploration on Newtonian mechanics, Einstein's special and general relativity theory, Quantum Mechanics, Superstring Theory, Cosmic Holygraphy, Unified Field Theory, and Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time. But I was still in a confusion state.

What left for me then was nothing but to make exploration lonely.

What occurred in my mind first were these questions: Why is the human body so symmetrical? What is the force creating this symmetry? The reason must lies in the original structure of LIFE factors. Then what kind of structure is the LIFE factor?

Matter is composed of molecules and molecules are composed of atoms. Atoms in turn, are composed of protons, neutrons and the extra nuclear electrons, and the next after which are the elementary particles and the space of sub- particles, and one of the later was named by Murray Gell-Mann of California Institute of Technology as quarks (also called straton by some Chinese physicist).

But what kind of structure is quark? According to professor Tsung-Dao Lee's saying, who won the Nobel Prize, even the existence of quarks was still a riddle to be solved.

However, although I'm not sure that if it is possible for the microscopic matter being infinitely divisible, I do believe the existence of quarks, since the structure of nuclei and extra nuclear electrons isn't that kind of symmetrical structure which will lead to the appearance of LIFE.

Let's make an assumption that quarks do exist, is it the LIFE factor? What are the elementary particles composing quarks again?

It is likely that it is impossible to make infinite division on particles, because neither a particle accelerator, synchrotron radiation appliance nor the neutron source can make it possible for us to "see" a very microscopic material world. So, we had to take elementary particles as the object for our study.

From the Wave-Particle Duality, we have known that each particle spins; quantum mechanics tells us that it seems that particles do not spin around the axis, because some of the particles are the same when observing from each direction, some are not the same until they turn a full circle, some are the same after half a circle, and sill some particles need two full circles before being obvious the same in our observation. Thus, the particles fall into two groups according to their spin: one is 1 / 2 and the other is 0, 1 and 2. According to Pauli Exclusion Principle and Uncertainty Principle, it is impossible for two similar particles to have the same position and velocity simultaneously. Dirac-Theory indicates that each electron must have its partner: antielectron, or positron, which means that each particle parallelizes with an antiparticle with which the particle annihilate itself quickly. On the bases of this, Stephen Hawking believed that it may also exist anti-world and anti-human consists of antiparticles. It seems that the particle annihilation theory comes close to the boundary of the symmetrical structure of LIFE, but it is not the true sense of "real human".

The super-string theory is established for the purpose of combining quantum gravity field theory and general relativity together. Superstring theory suggests that elementary particles are not point particles, but a dimensional string; different particles in nature are different vibrational modes of one-dimensional strings. In this way, the micro structure of matter become a super-string, rather than in the form of particles, and it is just like the melody from a heptachlor.

But there is still a problem here: the M Theory which unify the five superstring theories and eleven-dimensional supergravity, as well as the Matrix theory, can not solve the problem of the unifications of the four interactions (gravitation, electromagnetism, weak nuclear force and strong )

Some people tried to explain this with the cosmic holography theory. The three holographic states are: physical state, motion state and thinking state. It means that in addition to mass and energy, there is a cosmic phenomenon- thinking, also known asenergy of thinking. In this way, the shackle of just concentrating on matter is broken because consciousness and thinking are also included. Hence, human knowledge made a big step in this aspect.

On the base of holography, scientists came to establish the Unified Field Theory.

During the 1920s, Einstein had proposed Unified Field Theory, hoping to unify the gravitational field and electromagnetic field together, but he failed in spite of spending all the rest of his later LIFE in this work.

Where did the First Cause come from then? Newton had said that it came from God since the law of universal gravitation can not solve the problem.

It is believed that the Unified Field Theory provide a solution to the First Cause and the spin of celestial bodies. Namely, the role of one component of uniform gravitational field which is at the tangential direction makes the celestial body curve spatially together with another component of the same uniform gravitational field on the one hand; and on the other hand, this tangential force leads to a rotating torque which will make the body spin around its axis at the same time.

The resent Unified Field Theory realized that, in addition to mass and energy, energy of thinking ( energy generated from thinking) is a kind of existence of super time and space, which is capable of connecting the outside world; the Unified Field Theory also states that the amount of space, time and psychology can be interchangeable one and another; the composition of the black hole is neither mass nor energy but a huge sense of body; the center of the particle is core of energy of thinking (consciousness and thought) and the universe as a whole is a holographic continuum.

This is a very great wisdom indeed.

But, We are still at a loss about how LIFE first came into being, what LIFE originate from, and why have moral good and evil in human beings. These problems are unable to have a satisfactory solution by Unified Field Theory.

After exploring G?del's Incompleteness Theorem, Stephen, Hawking recognized it is impossible for the final realization of Unified Field Theory, because according to G?del's Incompleteness Theorem, within any system, there is a pair of improvable contradictory propositions which consist of a true proposition, and which in turn is improvable either. Simply speaking, there is no shield which is capable of blocking everything, and there is no sphere which is capable of pricking through everything. Doesn't it belong to paradox if there is a pair of invincible sphere and shield at the same time?

Hawking believed that it is also applicable in physics for G?del's Incompleteness Theorem, and he gave up the Unified Field Theory in the end.

And by now, the development of physics was in a dilemma.

2.Suddenly enlightened

I was unwilling to give up the exploration after so much study.

French scientists Laplace imagined: "We may regard the present state of the universe as the effect of its past and the cause of its future. An intellect which at a certain moment would know all forces that set nature in motion, and all positions of all items of which nature is composed, if this intellect were also vast enough to submit these data to analysis, it would embrace in a single formula the movements of the greatest bodies of the universe and those of the tiniest atom; for such an intellect nothing would be uncertain and the future just like the past would be present before its eyes. (-Laplace, Pierre Simon, A Philosophical Essay on Probabilities, translated from the 6th French edition by Frederick Wilson Truscott and Frederick Lincoln Emory, Dover Publications (New York, 1951) pp.4)

Is it possible for me to be such an intellect?

Religious classics can not answer my question; all the scientific results can not answer my question either. Where should I find the answer then?

Since the Unified Field Theory states that the universe is a holographic continuum, and energy of thinking is a kind of super space-time which is capable of connecting the outside world why don't I practice it for a prove?.

So I began self-refinement. I gathered all the energy of my thinking and sent it to the universe to see if there is any effect.

That night, when I finished my self-refinement and lied down on the bed for meditation and gnosis, it occurred to me several sentences of Jesus the Christ, Lao Tze and Buddha Sakyamuni. Jesus the Christ said that it is possible to plant a tree into the sea if owning the pure faith; Lao Tze said: "Infinity is the intangible potential of all things; intangible yet manifesting all images, intangible yet manifesting all substance. Within the Infinite void resides the infinite potential of all things. All tangible things are a manifestation of the infinite essence. From the present, forever into the past, forever into the future, infinity is the homogenous essence. The potential of all things forever manifest." The last was Buddha Sakyamuni's words: "Everything with form is unreal。"

Aha, here is the secret! I laughed, rolling over in the bed; till I covered myself in the quilt, I was still laughing.

Can you figure out what I found in the end?

I found out Holographic order. All secrets lie in Holographic order (not Chaos).

Let's take a look at the mortal world again: it is so obvious for the secret of religion and human ignorance; it is so simple for what scientists have pursued all the time, and their work is almost the same as the kids are playing with mud.

You cursed the other guy yesterday, and a birdie is crapping on your head today, what lies behind this? You will not know until you get into the Holographic order.

3. LIFE is one kind of nonmaterial structure having spirituality.

How to describe LIFE accurately? I had read about Dr Christopher Langton's description on LIFE, who comes from Los Chris Almos National Laboratory of the U.S. "LIFE made by Man rather by Nature.". Inspired by his words, I got the following findings:

LIFE is one kind of nonmaterial structure having spirituality.

LIFE is 1 +1 = 1.

The Greatest Creator does not dominate our lives.

The occurrence of transmigration is instantaneous, without intermediate procedures.

The view on Doomsday in various religions is wrong.

There is no doomsday for LIFE.

Death is not LIFE's destination

The process of LIFE is the process of writing a fax,

LIFE can be "faxed".

The nature of transmigration of LIFE is "What goes around comes around". As a man sow, so he shall ripe.

For more information, please turn to the part of Chinese Soul: LIFE of Lifechanyuan.

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The Funeral Fystem of Lifechanyuan

Xue Feng

Methods adopted by humankind to dispose corpses mainly are inhumation, cremation, water burial, celestial burial, cliff burial, tower burial, burial of an ass, cave burial, antiseptic burial, etc.. Among the dozens of ways, no matter what it is specifically, there are two ways in essence: one is preserving corpses; the other is to discard them. The purpose of preserving corpses is to keep the soul having a home to revive, while disposing corpses is to set the soul free to become human again or to go to heaven.

The major way adopted by modern society to dispose corpses is burning, and consign the ash in funeral parlor or cemetery, or bury it in cemetery and set a monument for people to pay respect. I have pondered on the corpse disposal issue when Chanyuan Celestials have long gone. From any perspective, the best way of corpse disposal in history is burning, and spread the ash in the mountain or river. No corpse, grave or trace will be left behind.

Not long ago, I had been to a cemetery of Jiuquan, Jiayuguan. The cemetery is like a garden, and the price for the cheapest one is 12,000.00 RMB, while the most expensive one is 30,000.00 RMB. I felt rather sad. Living is already difficult, and dying too will leave misery and trouble to those who are alive.

I had ridden across two cemeteries, one is in Harare, and the other is in Lanzhou. They occupy large area of farmland, thousands of tomb stones seem like that there are thousands of souls want to say something to those who are alive, but what are they talking about?

It's no doubt that the offspring create a beautiful and comfortable place for souls of their ancestors. Every soul is worth of respect, and deserves to be arranged to a decent place to comfort both the dead and the living, and to acquire mental peace. This is reasonable. Yet, when we arrange something for the dead, we should also take the living and the offspring into consideration. Thus, what's the most proper way of holding funerals?

The most problematic hidden trouble of water burial and celestial burial is if the corpses may have disease, it would affect animals like fish, birds, etc. Animals would affect humankind likewise. So, we don't encourage water burial and celestial burial.

The disadvantage of inhumation is it takes up land, which means souls and the living compete for life space. In the case of cremation, no matter the ash be consigned into funeral parlor or buried into cemetery. It is much the same as inhumation, since it still brings trouble to people. So, the best way is burning and spreading the ash in mountains or rivers.

Funeral system is the reflection of culture. The formation of culture is based on the recognition of nature, human society and life of people. When we see from the viewpoint of life to judge death, we will find out that souls go to four places after death:

1、Going to upperworld;

2、Going to Lowerworld;

3、Going back to earth space;

4、Staying between Yin and Yang Space temporarily.

So, to the 95 percent souls, graves, including tomb stones mean nothing to them, they only function as spiritual soothing effect.

As the spirit guide of Lifechanyuan, I don't interfere with people of earth space treating souls of their relatives and friends. People do whatever they assume is appropriate. But, to Chanyuan Celestials of Lifechanyuan, my suggestions are: Once Chanyuan Celestials have long gone, most of them go to heaven's the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world and the Celestial Islands Continent of Elysium world. They would not go to lowerworld like animal world, plant world or hell world, etc., and would never go through the Transmigration to get back to earth space, let alone hover between heaven and hell. So, they don't have to leave any trace in earth space. Once traces have been left, there would be worry and would leave hidden trouble for future life in heaven. Thus, the funeral system of Chanyuan Celestials is: never let the living to make extravagant waste or cry, never let them build graves or tomb stones, never let them make cascades. Burning and spreading the ash in mountains and rivers.

Those are suggestions for Chanyuan Celestials outside of the Home without Marriage and Family. Taking it or not, it's up to you. However, to Chanyuan Celestials living in Lifechanyuan, they are not suggestions but a system, no matter you take it or not, Home would arrange this for you.

If any Chanyuan Celestial doesn't want to accept it, you may choose to live outside the Home without Marriage and Family instead of living inside.

In brief, the funeral system of Lifechanyuan is good for the life future of Chanyuan Celestials; it maximally eases the burden of relatives and friends, and would not bring trouble to the living due to space occupation. This is the symbol of civilization and the mark of cultural sublimation.

July 15, 2009

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Lifechanyuan’s Standpoint on Homosexuality

Deiform Celestial

Homosexuality is not something new and has been there since ancient times. Different people have different attitudes toward it. However, it is generally repulsive whether from religious doctrines or the common moral judgments.

Lifechanyuan’s attitudes toward homosexuality are non-excluding, non-discrimination, non-encouragement and non-support.

Religionist, socialist, psychologist, psychiatrist and sexologist all participate in the discussion about homosexuality phenomenon. However, they seldom provide a proper solution. I will start by asking the question: how does homosexuality occur?

The major cause of homosexuality is society. At early youth of adolescent development, everybody wishes to explore the mystery of sex. However the society detests the intimate sex relationships between teenagers of different sex, so they tend to draw closer to the same sex which is acceptable by both the society and parents. So homosexuality tendency easily occurs in early youth. In this sense, everybody is homosexual. But as they grow up, most people fall in love and get along with opposite sex, get married and live a normal life. Due to the restriction of kinds of objective factors, a small group of people have not found the channels to release their love and sex to opposite sex timely, so they finally move towards homosexuality.

Homosexual is not an evil, but a kind of confusion to love and sex. It is an abnormal life style.

Lifechanyuan reveres to life; so we love homosexual same as we love all other people, animals and plants. We do not discriminate homosexual, regarding them as ugly or shame, surely neither nobler than others.

Generally speaking, no matter they are of same sex and opposite sex, as long as they love each other and bring no harm to society, they are free. Homosexuals are entitled to live the life style they like and should not be blamed or punished. As long as they live a joyful and happy life, we have no authority to condemn and embarrass them.

However, from the perspective of self-improvement and self-refinement and the desire of being a celestial, homosexual is a wrong tendency. “Both Yin and Yang construct Tao; short of one of them is a disease”. Yin and Yang exist harmoniously that is Tao; homosexual is against the principle of Tao, also against the original intention of the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator create male and female, keep the proportion in scope of 51%and49%; and the Greatest Creator made people live a life of heterosexual rather than homosexual.

Homosexual, adultery, prostitution, incest and having sex intercourse with animals are improper phenomena; and the appearance of these phenomena is resulted from society and incorrect concept of love and sex. Love and sex are precious gifts that the Greatest Creator bestows to human being; to enjoy love and sex is a God-given right for human beings. But human beings set up a lot of difficulties to have love and sex. Especially the marriage life, it restrains love and sex into a limited domain, waste lots of love and sex resources, make many people can’t meet their love and sex requirement, enforce people into homosexual, prostitution, adultery, and even having sex with animal.

“Three Realms rely on heart, myriad principles rely on consciousness”. All words and deeds are controlled by consciousness. Homosexual is a long-time psychological habit. As long as we deepen understanding and shape our thinking, a homosexual will turn into heterosexual. Of course, it needs the cooperation of the whole society to provide a relax environment for love and sex.

Lifechanyuan’s attitudes toward love and sex and its analysis of the era of Lifechuanyuan are to create a harmonious, comfortable and free environment for humankinds. Only when we get into the Lifechanyuan era, the phenomena of homosexual, adultery, prostitution, incest and having sex with animal can disappear forever; people can enjoy normal love and sex life sufficiently.

We must realize homosexual is abnormal both physical and mental; it violates the character of Tao and the will of the Greatest Creator. Only when we realize it is an illness, we can find the proper way to cure it.

I wish all homosexuals get into Lifechanyuan. In Lifechanyuan, we love you and treat you equally without any discrimination; we work together to adjust our thinking and values in a silently and unconsciously manner. We make our speeches and actions fit the Greatest Creator’s Tao unconsciously to achieve celestial quality. We will enjoy life in Heaven, thousand-year world, ten-thousand-year world, Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent after we leave the man’s world.

Extend our sympathy and best wishes to all homosexuals.

Dec 13th, 2006.

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Lifechanyuan's Attitudes Toward the Bourgeoisie

Xue Feng

Without the bourgeoisie, there would not be progress and development of mankind; without the bourgeoisie, there would not be abundant commodity and lifestyle; so the bourgeoisie should be respected and protected.

The private property should not be violated and deprived at someone's option, and private house should not be intruded and disturbed at random.

The bourgeoisie is a stratum of hardworking, more diligent and more creative than the proletariat. They contributed much more to society than the proletariat.

The process of creating and accumulating wealth is very hard; and one needs to work from dawn to night, to exert all his strengths and wisdoms, to take risks and to work hard.

The hopes for the bourgeoisie are: don't oppress and exploit the employees working for you; pay salary on time according to the legal limit of government; ensure their basic living safeguard , cultivation, and further study, as well as their rights and interests of participating social activities; do not make a fortune through polluting and destroying nature; do not excessively lift up your horn and make widely known; do not be over extravagant to arouse others' envy and resentment. You can fully enjoy the material life but do not waste and squander; you also need to give hopes and means of subsistence to the proletarian when you are better-off; one-tenth of your incomes should be taken out to reward the society.

In this way, the bourgeoisie can exist for a long time and enjoy the everlasting prosperity; otherwise, it will strengthen the turbulence of the society.

Nov 7th, 2007

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New Year's Thinking Proposed by Lifechanyuan

Xue Feng

Firstly, sincerely grieve over those more than ten million creatures that died in the earthquakes and tsunami in India Ocean, and wish their soul get into the family of Heaven. Wish their living relatives and friends cast off the sadness as soon as possible and rebuild their home in tears.

We have got a taste of the power of the tsunami in India Ocean; in facing of the anger of the nature, human beings are tiny and helpless. We should understand that everything is in order and has procedure in nature (including the whole universe); no matter what information we input to the nature, we will get corresponding feedback from nature. There isn't occasional phenomenon in the universe; there must be relevant factors that play a part in the phenomenon. There aren't unprovoked natural phenomena; inevitable factors must lead to inevitable results, which is a procedure and an objective law that can't be transferred by people's will.

To the earthquake which resulted in tsunami, we announced it in advance a few months ago. We put quotation marks on "earthquake" in case of leading panic and misunderstanding in case of being regarded as deliberately casting a mist and making a mass. Now, the problem is that, if we continue to persist our old ways, maybe we will encounter one or two more tremendous disasters.

So, we must wake up to the danger at last moment, and couldn't over the critical point.

Humankind is the creature of the Greatest Creator's consciousness; the existence of the humankind has close relationship with the lives in universe and interacts as cause and effect. Once the existence of the humankind breaks the harmony, order and symmetry of the nature, humankind will confront with great calamity.

Humankind has no way but one, that is to revere to the Greatest Creator, life and nature. If humankind ignores the Greatest Creator, ignores the life and the nature, there will not be a good prospect for humankind.

In order to mend the fold after the sheep have been stolen, bring the dying back to life, take a turn to be out of danger and be glorious and bright, Lifechanyuan proposes some suggestions for humankind to think in a new year.

1. Stop studying and developing biological gene; stop cloning any kind of lives.

2. Stop launching artificial satellites to outer space.

3. Stop all nuclear tests; and constantly cut down military spending.

4. Reduce religious activities throughout the world; draw close to Lifechanyuan gradually.

5. Political parties and organizations in the world must give up their standpoints and viewpoints and transfer to Lifechanyuan step by step.

6. American withdraws troops from Iraq as early as possible; al-Qaeda ceases its oppositional activity.

7. The Middle East country should be reconciliated through multi-channel and stop internal strife.

8. Strengthen and expand UN's functions to coordinate global affair; bring global affair into the overall arrangement of UN; wish UN will take reverence to the Greatest Creator, life and nature as its mission.

9. All countries should learn from China to perform birth control policy.

10. North Korean and South Korean should realize unification as early as possible, and stop meaningless fighting.

11. Taiwan should return to mainland as early as possible; its own wishful thinking will result in the disappearance of the island.

12. Scientists with keen telegnosis should break through the constraints of the material thinking, focus their energy to explore nonmaterial and negative universe, make clear the true meaning of time and space, and support scientific knowledge to guide human beings' thinking and action.

13. Scientists of life should concentrate their energy to explore the mystery of life, especially to solve the essence of the soul and to provide human beings real knowledge about life.

14. Set up courses on Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed and LaoTzu in middle school and university in the world.

15. All kinds of media in the world should report and publicize more about the truth the goodness and the beauty, report and publicize less about the false, the evil and the ugly phenomena, strive to lead people into active thinking and to eliminate passive thinking.

16. Stop catching and killing wild animals that including fishes in river and sea; stop cutting down forest; close up factories and mines that pollute the air, river and soil severely; don't break ground and build in a year; keep moderate increase of the economy; don't develop in hurry.

17. Set the year of 2005 as "the year of eliminating hatred". In order to offer a beautiful future to humankind, every person, organization, nation and country must eliminate the hatred and abandon revenge temporarily, no matter how profound their hatred is.

18. Invite America, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries to fund Lifechanyuan; make Chanyuan-celestials transform Gobi and desert in the universe into an oasis, expand human being's living space. Lifechanyuan has special project and method to remold the Gobi and the desert.

"You reap what you sow"; (Gold) the Greatest Creator helps those who help themselves.

To live or to die is in a thought; "the sea of bitterness has no bounds, repent and the shore is at hand".

Think deeply, there is a way out; wake up to and avoid danger at the last moment and bring the dying to life.

Do as you wishes, the relationship between cause and effect is as shadow always following body.


January 1st; 2005

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The Opening Remarks of Lifechanyuan

April 8, 2004

Deiform Buddha

(Words for the Sages and Celestials)Welcome to get into Lifechanyuan.

Congratulations for your new course of life.

What I must declare here is that, I'm Xue Feng, an ordinary and imperfect sage with flesh and blood out of Lifechanyuan; but in Lifechanyuan, I'm Deiform Buddha, and what I'm talking about here is the Tao of the universe and life.

The first condition for getting into Lifechanyuan is to have a quiet heart, mind and soul. You are not able to reach the accomplishment unless being calm. Butterfly flock around when flowers are blossoming. Good wishes and wisdom bubbles when your heart is peace being. No disease bothers you when your heart and body are clean. Celestial will you be when you only think of immortal thing. It is only in serene circumstance may it be possible for penetrating the phenomena of things and studying their essence rather than being confused by the physical appearance, may it be possible for the universal stream of consciousness flowing into your own consciousness, may it be possible for the mutual perception between you and nature, may it be possible for entering into the thinking of the Greatest Creator, Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed and LaoTzu, and may it be possible for you to acquire some knowledge on the secret of the universe and life as well as the questions about whom you are, where you are from and where you will go.

There are a lot of books predicting the mankind in the future, such as, the Bible, the Buddhist Scriptures, Tao Te Ching, The Qur'an, A voice from the past, Raymund Hermes,Tui Bei tu, Pancake song, Geog-am You-Rog, Maya Myth. These books are about revelation on humankind from the life of high spaces. The recent prediction of the Martians almost has no difference with that of the Lifechanyuan; it is only that they are not from Mars but from different space and time. The real record on human history and future is still kept under the Pyramid and on the moon. Of course, you'd better not pay too much attention to this, and do not believe in those intentional explanation or inferences about this.

You should not attach to your previous knowledge acquired by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching; instead, you should learn to communicate with the universe by spiritual nature. You should learn to give up yourself and melt into the universe. In this way, you will see clearly the nature of Christianity, Buddhism, and other religions and you will have some understanding about the cause of the calamities and great events all over the world.

Let's make an example for Falun Gong, what's the reason for its appearance in China and being suppressed? Who is Li Hongzhi? Who is Jiang Zemin? The Chinese government announced that Falun Gong was heresy, and Falun Gong said that Jiang is an evil, who is the real evil anyway? We cannot understand this phenomenon unless we use our spiritual nature.

The real wisdom in human knowledge is only 1% and the rest 99% are just a pile of junk; this number is in accord with the ratio between the total amount of gemstones, gold and precious metal and the weight of the earth. Therefore, we should not waste our time in absorbing the knowledge of human society or feel pleased with ourselves for picking up a pile of junk. What we should do is to develop our brain because the amount of the "gems" stored in our brain is much more than the total amount of gemstones on earth.

Lifechanyuan says that the total energy of the universe is zero. Stephen William Hawking, the great physics master, also had the same understanding in his book A Brief History of Time, which proves that the scientists are very close to the Greatest Creator, but they can only approach truth rather than have a real grasp of truth. Einstein had tried to establish the Unified Field Theory and some of the scientists who are at the peak of science are actively exploring for the establishment of Unified Field Theory now, but they are too far from approaching it, and the reason for their failing is that they only prove the existence of four basic interactions in nature and be blind to the other four interactions in the universe at the same time; the reason for their limitation is lacking of depth in the knowledge of negative universe.

It is only those who in Lifechanyuan could have grasp of truth in future. People are easy to be misled by phenomenon, which may consume people in energy, intelligence and time. So, people in Lifechanyuan must learn to be indifferent and turn a blind eye or ear to the things around in order to avoid being misled by phenomenon and public opinions, which may make us lose our direction. We focus on the phenomenon sometimes just for exploring the reason of their appearance or the meaning behind the phenomenon.

For Karma and transmigration, their existence do not change with your belief or unbelief, or you see it or do not see it. It is the principle and order of life. Nobody is able to understand the real reason behind each phenomenon until this principle and order is grasped. "Justice has long arms". Unbridled manners in former life which had not incurred punishment then will be returned by miserable circumstances in this life. You get into lifechanyuan in pursuit of another lifetime, so you must never repeat your previous path of life otherwise you will get into transmigration in mortal world again; instead, you must develop towards the high-level space of life, towards the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand year world and the Elysium would. You should know the mental power and learn how to use them in your thinking for getting into the high- level life space ahead of the coming of calamity. Lifechanyuan is a holy place and it is the home of our spiritual nature. I hope all of you will enjoy the real happiness to be a human being and develop yourselves freely here.

The following is to the sages and celestials getting into Lifechanyuan. All of you are from high-level life space and you have been equipped with great awakening wisdom; you are here in the mortal world with the mission of saving human beings. I wish you would not fail to accomplish your mission, give relief and help to all mortal beings out of the abyss of misery and reaching the Other Side by using your spiritual nature and wisdom.

May the Greatest Creator be with us! May God and Buddha be with us! May all of you getting into the high-level life space!

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