Sex Before Marriage is NOT a sin in the bible!!

Debating issues regarding sexuality

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Re: Sex Before Marriage is NOT a sin in the bible!!

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[Replying to post 1 by revjoel2013]

Note that the Mosaic Laws are obsolete so that modern lifestyle can be accepted given a more fair interpretation.

Maybe, therefore, even threesome is accepted as well.

However, I have the view that marriage serves both religious life very well and the children in it so perhaps we should stick with it for these 2 good reasons?

True love may last into Heaven, you know. :D
I'm cool! :) - Stronger Religion every day! Also by "mathematical Religion", the eternal forms, God closing the door on corrupt humanity, possibly!

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[font=Arial]..Hello friends.

I have noticed that the anti Polygamous majority - are unknowingly literally siding and taking up a defensive stance by only looking only into the line / seed of Cain, as they deny the basic facts about the seed of Seth.

The fact is - that there were absolutely no women available for Seth to Mary even a single wife for nearly the first 100 years of His life and Seth did not have any availability to have a wife or children until He was over 100 years old.

The defense and narrow viewpoint of blaming and pinning polygamy marriage on the side of Cain’s seed who were murderers and who slaughtered and killed other - ( is what Anti Polygamy is really all about. )

As It denies the facts on the Bible and literally defends the Anti - Polygamy faith by focusing in upon Cain and His perverted, wicked and defiled seed while refusing to see anything concerning the situation and facts concerning the line of Seth.

( If ) - - If Polygamy marriage was accepted and loved and followed by the Trinitarian Translators and the worshipers of The Trinity God ! -

The entire Trinitarian religious organization would have already created theological words and labels and names to define and label - the opponents whom opposed Polygamy marriage. - Today there would be footnotes and reference links in every Trinitarian Bible that show how that God did condone and promote polygamy.

But throughout the majority Christian world it has been the total opposite - the opponents - or those who have opposed polygamy have sought to label and defame and castigate in an evil despicable rebuking - those who prove and believe from the Bible - that polygamy is ok with God. So, today there are no labels, no code words, no characterizations and no classifications in the mainstream majority of the so-called Christian / Religious world to define the lies, error and contradiction and deceit and outright dishonesty and deception that is a part of the Anti - Polygamy faith.

So - I have a very limited choice of words to use, in defining what it is that You are doing and claiming - and what is being done, when one seeks to claim that God did not condone polygamy – to even demand that God is against polygamy marriage. What more can I say but to truthfully declare that this is untruth and an outright lie. You would never understand the explanation from Gods word because the Trinitarian Fathers ( the government church ) has already made the decision “ LAW “ for You. And have molded Your very language for You - in such a way that does not allow a realistic discussion to go very far into truth.. Your language in religious terms will not acknowledge the truth because Your spiritual fathers have already RE - created the god in another image.

But, I do not want to label or accuse anyone of lying or being deceitful.
I want to be kind and respectful and simply show and discuss the * FACTS...... I only wish to look at the facts “ ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTS “ of the Bible and see the truth, instead of relying upon the perverted and altered Trinitarian Translations. And there seems to be an overall denial of the basic Biblical facts - A consensus of denial - among many people -
to completely avoid the basic facts of the Bible.

The fact is - God had originally planned and ordained an “ INCEST “ type marriage - from the very beginning of His creation. “ INCEST “ was Gods only marriage plan - and the only option for men and women - for many generations was “ INCEST “ - In fact - “ Incest “ was practiced by Cain and Seth and all of Noah’s sons as well practiced Incest. Abraham and Saran also married in an incestual marriage. ( as Abraham and Sarah were brother and sister. ) - - And The fact is - The incestual marriage plan ordained by God. ( Full Incest ) was practiced by the servants of God – the Israelites, for about 2,500 years from the very beginning of creation - up until the Laws Of Moses, where God changed the law. Adam and Eve were an even closer form of Incest that marrying brothers and sisters. Adam and Eve were literally from the very same genetic code- closer than brothers and sisters.

But – still - God, still did not completely prohibit incestual marriage - through The Law Of Moses – but God only restricted incest, by commanding that “ NOW “ only brothers and sisters from the same father or mother, are no longer be allowed to practice incest marriage. -But God condoned and instituted - incestual marriage between second cousins. But nowhere in the Bible does God come out and state that Incest is ok.

Never, does the Bible say that God commanded anyone to practice Incest Marriage. God never said that Incest was ok - Yet anti polygamy believers pretend that this should be a deciding factor concerning their defense against Polygamy. - But the same goes for incest ( God never directly says the words - I command - Cain, Seth, Noah’s seed and Abraham and Jacob to practice incest.- or INCEST is ok with me. - - Yet we see God laying down rules and guidelines for both Incest and for Polygamy Marriage and showing how Incest and Polygamy is to be followed.

We see Gods guidelines and rules and regulation concerning Polygamy Marriage here in - EX 21:10

EX 21:10 IF ( A SON or /MAN } take himself ANOTHER WIFE; her food, her raiment, and the duty of marriage, shall he not DIMINISH. ( of the other wife. )

And - DEU. 21:15 IF A MAN HAVE TWO WIVES,.: .. he may not give all inheritance to the son of the beloved wife and take away from the firstborn son of [THE UNFAVORED WIFE] which is indeed the firstborn.

And - Deu 17:16 ( A King ) shall not multiply horses to himself 17 Neither shall he multiply wives to himself, to cause His heart to turn away ( { From God } ) neither shall he greatly multiply to himself silver and gold.

The point of Deu 17:16 - was saying that a King was not to multiply many, many wives and horses and gold and silver - to the point that His Heart was turned and distracted away from serving God. - - The King was allowed to have more than one single horse and more than one single piece of gold and more than a single piece of silver - just as much as He was allowed to have more than a single wife. - - But the King was not to allow the horses, silver and gold and wives to distract Him to the point that causes His heart to be distracted and turned from focusing upon and following God. The verse is very clear. This is not commanding a King to not have two horses or two pieces of gold or silver - any more than two or more wives. What is the context of the verse - Why focus in on a single phraze and claim something that is not in the verse and entirety of the scriptures. ? ?

Also - Jdg 8:30 And Gideon had threescore and ten sons of his body begotten: for he had many wives. God is working through and giving victory through a man who has many wives.

Here in 1Sa Chapter 1 - The very Father of The Prophet Samuel had two wives and one of the wives was barren - Yet God is working in the polygamous marriage situation to heal the womb of the wife who was barren - to conceive a prophet of God named Samuel. - - 1Sa 1:2 .

Also here in - 1Sa 30:8 And David enquired spiritual help from The LORD and enquired help from Abiathar the priest – to help Him in recovering and getting back - two of His wives who had been captured by The Amalekites.

Why did God not inform the Priest to let David know that He was not supposed to have more than one wife. ?

And here in 2Sa 12:7 And Nathan said to David, Thou art the man. Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, I anointed thee king over Israel, and I delivered thee out of the hand of Saul; - -:8 I { God } gave myself Your { Nathan’s } master ( DAVID ) - the house, and thy { Nathan’s } master
{ DAVID } His wives into His bosom.

Here in 2Sa 12:7-8 - God is directly commanding the Prophet - Nathan to tell King David that ( HE PERSONALLY ) “ God “ had given David His plural wives and that if it had not been enough, God would have given Him more.

Even in Gen 16:9  - The angel of the LORD commanded Hagar to Return to back to Abraham and Sarah and to submit herself.

God did not have a problem with Abraham practicing polygamy - Hagar was cast out because she and Her son were anti polygamous and persecuting, torment and hateful and violent toward Sarah And Isaac.
We see that God did promote polygamy in the Old and New Testament - while the Trinitarian Translators completely pervert and change every single aspect possible concerning the subject. - I could prove that many, many verses are changed in the Old and New Testament concerning polygamy marriage.

Remember - At the beginning - The fact is - Cain was the only male alive on earth with the very early option to be married among his own sisters, as You study the Bible - the Grand Children of Cain were the only people existing and alive on the Earth - who even existed - and who were able and capable of practicing Polygamy Marriage. There were no other sons of Adam -alive “ to practice polygamy “ - and Seth had no children until He was about 100 years old years of age. And after three generation after Cain.

The line/ seed of Seth were forced and limited to finding wives of the Great Grand Daughters of the wicked, defiled, Evil and perverted murderer Cain and His future seed and Cain and His seed had already taken the wives from daughters of Adam and Eve and Cain So the opportunity to practice polygamy by the descendants of Seth was completely and totally impossible - as there not only was a separation in the generation gap but the Seed of Seth were limited to seeking the available Godly and Holy righteous women who were rejected and unwanted women from the seed of Cain. And if any of Adam and Eves daughters were unmarried - they would be very, very old and barren by the time that the three GENERATIONS OF CAIN HAD PASSED.

Most of them had to wait for several generations - for an entire generation or two - of daughters, younger nieces and nephews - { GRANDCHILDREN } to grow up and mature - and only the rejected unmarried cousins and nieces that were not taken and available - were an option for marriage.
WE know that obviously Adam and Eve did not have any other living ( SONS ) except for Cain and Seth - and obviously - Adam and Eve - they did have daughters. So the Sons of Seth were to wait for almost a hundred years before they could even find a single wife. And of all of the sons of the line of Seth down did not produce any more sons { than one single son each ) of all of them- “ ALL OF THEM “ down to Noah - and it was only Noah, who was able to produce more than one single son and probably have no more than a single wife - Noah had three sons and finding a single godly wife was only a miracle. We find also, that Cain already had three Grand Sons ( THREE GENERATIONS HAD PASSED - before Seth was even born, as the seed of CAIN had a plenty amount of born females to choose from.

All of the women that Adam and Eve produced – were shifted and taken over by the seed of Cain and His sons. AND had become old and barren - Because Seth was not born until after ( THREE GENERATIONS OF CAIN ) had passed.

So the evil and defiled,perverted wicked Sons of The line of Cain who did not call upon the name of The Lord and who did not serve God - were producing and multiplying their sons and daughters and held the claim to the marriage of the daughters of Adam and Eve and also MARRIAGE CLAIM to their own YOUNGER nieces - as they matured in passing time - of possibly - UP TO HUNDRED YEAR GAP TO BE MARRIED TO THE SEED OF CAIN. Why would the seed of Cain be handing their Grand Daughters over to the seed of Seth - who were much, much older than the daughters. THERE WAS A WHOLE GENERATIONAL GAP CREATED BY - CAIN MURDERING HIS BROTHER -


However, The Sons of Seth did serve God and did call on the name of the Lord in contrast to the seed of Cain who were resistant and opposing to the Seed of Seth. The idea and opportunity for The Seed Of Seth to marry multiple daughters in polygamy - born from the Seed of Cain would be next to impossible and limited with Seth and His Grandsons serving God. As they were living with hundreds years of a generational gap and had no available mature, fertile women to marry and have sons with.

The Daughters of Adam and Eve would have been near death, barren and nearly a thousand years old by the time Seth was born. All seed available were the seed of Cain - with a generation gap and an anti God seed that it was impossible or restricted to acquire more than a single faithful, Godly wife to practice godly Biblical polygamy. The single wives that Seth found and His Grandsons found were a miracle that they even found a single, in - defiled Godly clean and WILLING wife – willing to serve God. Cain’s seed were very wicked – and the seed of Seth were not multiplying and were just barely preserved and barely survived from each generation to the next - down to Noah - as God destroyed the mainline root of the seed of Cain in the flood.

There were no other sons of Adam and Eve alive at the time when polygamy was mentioned - how is this proof or vindicating anything. Seth had not even been born yet.


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Additional Facts do cause some corrections.

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I love additional forgotten Facts that cause some minor corrections to occur. I found an adjustment to clarify the scriptures by looking closer upon the word of God.

The most important thing that I realize when looking at the Original Manuscripts - was that it is very Obvious that Adam And Eve did have daughters.

And the fact of the matter is very obvious and would have to be the case - that Adam had indeed in fact scripturally - and righty tried to marriy at least a handful of His Grand Daughters in His earlier years from marriages that were not recorded –. - Probably due to the fact that the younger Grand Daughters - women He had married had in fact simply up and left Him - abandoned the marriage covenant and moved on to other Younger males when they became of age.

These are very, very important things that I left out - in my previous post and I know that You are all very, very knowledgeable and informed. And this is very, very important I am very sorry for leaving out this important fact - I simply forgot.

The generation gap that existed between Adam’s daughters and Seth’s Grand Sons was much bigger / larger / wider in age gap - years than I had previously detailed and it was from both ends of the male and female sexes...
I should have looked at my detailed notes instead of posting mostly from memory. I noticed when I went back and looked at my notes that it was also the MALE SEED of Seth that were also additionally much, much older in age as well – compared to the Daughters that Adam had much later on in His life.

Adam again tried to marry even more of His Grand Daughters later in life as Gen 5:4 clearly tells us. ( whenever - He was 800 years old. ( obviously this polygamy plan did not work for Him, as the Grand Daughters did not honor the marriage covenant and therefore they and their children are not named or listed ) - which was always the case with Adam and the future oncoming descending - sons of Seth were - to be generationally born.
As these future additional daughters of Adam mentioned here in Gen 5:4 - were not born until after - 800 Years after Seth had been born.
A huge detail that I did not entail and most of You probably already noticed these facts. - But - Because - Adam was only 130 years old when Seth was born, the Manuscripts explain that the generational gap with Seth - was that - all of the Grandsons of Seth would have very limited choice of women to marry because any additional DAUGHTERS of ADAM to marry - simply did not exist yet, as Seth’s following Grandsons in the lineage would have to wait for 800 years after the birth of Seth to even see any additional daughters whatsoever to be again - even born from Adam – because Adam did not produce any additional daughters until 800 Years after Seth had been born.

AND - Seth Himself, - He - did not produce any mentioned daughters who became permanent real wives in marriage to His sons - until 807 years after His own first son Enos was born. - However, because of the generational age gap difference, each and every single son - of the line of Seth would have to - and did wait - for an available wife to mature Some are unmentioned daughters of Cain whose mothers probably ran off to join the seed of Cain and Cain’s society - which is why they are never mentioned and they probably took their daughters with them. Which explains the 500 to 800 years of generational gaps between children being produced from the seed of Seth. The waiting time - seemed to decrease and then increase { Fluctuate / shift } back and forth a bit in the number of years as the years went on – just for the first wife that each progressing son marries, As Seth himself being much younger than Cain - did not have a son until a woman was available from Cain’s Grand Daughters or a younger Grand Daughter of Adam - at maturity - until He was 105 years old.

As - Seth then also literally waited again for another 807 more years after Enos was born - He probably took in a handful of younger unwanted women and lived full life as a Godly man with a few wives - to produce Himself more additional - un – named sons and daughters and they obviously ran off after some time. There were still no existing additional daughters of Adam available whatsoever born until 800 years after His very birth.

His son Enos – waited for 90 years before having a son named Cainan. - Cainan waited for 70 years to have a son named Mahalaleel. - Mahalaleel Waited 65 years to have Jared . - Mahalaleel literally again waited again for another 830 more years to have more un – named sons and daughters. - And Jared Waited 162 years to have Enoch. - Jared literally waited again for another 800 more years to have more un – named sons and daughters. - Enoch waited 65 years to have a son named Methuselah. And Enoch waited again for 300 years to have more un – named sons and daughters.

And Methuselah waited 187 years to have a son named Lamech. - And Methuselah waited again for 782 more years to have more un – named sons and daughters. - And Lamech waited for 182 years to have a son named Noah. - And Lamech waited for 592 more years to have un – named sons and daughters. - And Noah was 500 years old when He had Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

This is the picture we see showing a major generational gap and 500 to 800 of years of waiting periods between the Seed of Seth and other women in producing more children. It seems that they are marrying older Godly women from Adam and Seth’s countless and unmentioned attempts to establish a marriage covenant with different women - But they only produce a single son in their youth by marrying a much older women and then they try to marry again when a woman or group of women reach maturity and are unwanted or undesirable by the Younger males from the seed of Cain. And Seth’s seed is trying to make wives out of women who simply are not willing or able to make a permanent family line within Seth's family tree and it is never recorded either because they do not continue in the service of the Lords will and stay strictly in future of the Seth seed - line This is very common and happened often with the servants of God. - We see that something is going on.

The Sons of Seth’s line that are recorded by name were actually waiting through 500 to 800 years of generational gaps that combined with waiting for the women who were willing to marry them and accept that they served the Lord. And waiting for the right Godly wife or wives.. Obviously it was not an easy task. The seed of Cain simply were wicked and their lifestyle was very attractive to even many of the seed of Seth.

Only the sons born who were marrying and taking daughters of the seed of Adam and Seth combined - seemed to carry the line of Gods record and mentioning in His word as they called on the name of the Lord and walked with God and sought to please the Lord in their daily lives. The children and wives from the seed of Cain are never a part of Gods plan as being mentioned and associated with Cain. - Although if The first few Grand Sons of Seth called the Sons of God - in fact, crossed over to marrying into The Seed Of Cain they were always facing problems with a major generational gap and had to wait for hundreds of years to seek a wife or wives that they believed would be pleasing to God. - The other sons later born after the 500 to 800 year gaps are not mentioned by name and their seeds did not carry on the seed of Seth to steer clear and keep their own children and seed away and out of the society and from wandering off and mixing with the evil wicked seed and society of Cain.

As only one single / sole son was born to each individual son of Seth that had come along - that carried the seed of Adam and Seth’s true line and seed.

So, if the Sons of The line of Seth - The Sons OF God are having only Sons as the Bible shows with a wife at around the age of 60 to 100 years old and they have to also wait for another 500 to 800 more years thereafter to have more sons and daughters – they are probably waiting to add available wives and their first wives are barren.

It is very obvious that the Seed of Seth was heavily into practicing Biblical Godly Polygamy Marriage, themselves, but they would have to wait for 500 - 800 more years to find more younger adult wives to marry and they later in life end up having many daughters - after 500 - 800 years of waiting for the right women to come along - but there is a very, very un - even age gap between them as they first enter into the youth of their life - and the available wives / women are not producing any additional sons and daughters but one single son. - So the Son of Seth would had to have wait for 912 years to pass just to see a single daughter be born from the seed of Seth. Seth’s seed only had an available current, immediate and present – the first choice was by choosing from the line of Cain in marriage or waiting for hundreds of years for ( a ) someone to mature and accept them in their aging life.

Of course, there were many men and women who never married and many who served God by never getting married – but this was the common situation concerning the average Son for the descendants of Seth.

Cain and His seed had cheated both Able and Seth by Cain murdering Able – and the sons of Cain rapidly took the daughters of Adam and Eve at the start whereas the Seed of Seth was much younger and much, much older than all of The daughters that Adam always had produced.

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