Civil Debates on Christianity and Religions

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The Only Solution to Humanity's Crisis : To the United Nations

Economic and Social Council
The United Nations

Dear Mr. Alberto Padova,

Our environment and climate continue to deteriorate and neither can be solved by the Kyoto Protocol or the Paris Agreement. The only way for us to save ourselves is to completely change our traditional modes of production and life.

If we continue to follow our current production and life modes, then these eight crises will remain unresolved:
1. Overpopulation
2. Humanity's greed and lust
3. Environmental Degradation
4. Climatic Deterioration
5. Loss and waste of Resources
6. Less stable Ecological Environments
7. Refugee Problems (they will continue to increase)
8. Conflicts between Nationalities, Religions, Cultures, and Interest Groups
These problems above can only be solved by changing our traditional production and life modes. Everyone yearns for a good life, but how can it be obtained?

It will not be by preaching morality, enforcing laws and regulations, following religious precepts, redistributing money and material assistance, constant meetings and discussions of governments or even the UN, warnings and threats, or even by force. It is only by changing our production and life modes that these crises can be solved.

What kind of production and life modes should be changed?
First of all, we should break up traditional marriages and families because they are the sources of human selfishness, the birthplaces of human crises, and the headstreams of all crime and evil. They are also the curb chains which prevent us all from leading happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives, but rather make people feel anxious, miserable, and fearful.

Our mode of production should change from a pattern of possessing to one of sharing; from one of competing predatorily to one of serving each other enthusiastically.

The rest of the contents involved are too broad to discuss here, but I can offer much more information based on my experience - if the UN is interested.

How do we change nearly everyone’s traditional production and life modes?
To implement that of the New Oasis for Life as created by the Lifechanyuan.

We have been experimenting with and improving upon this mode in mainland China for nine years, and the results have been very encouraging. More than two hundred people have participated in our experiment over the past ten years and one hundred and fifty of them have resided within the New Oasis for Life for extended periods of time. The remarkable signs of this mode are that exclusive marriages and families have disappeared, supporting our elderly and rearing and educating our children have been managed well, the crime rate has dropped to zero, our members’ health has improved greatly, pollution to our local environment has dropped to near zero, and our waste of resources and carbon footprint have been reduced greatly. Our people's happiness indices have risen higher than those in any of the developed countries in the world.

There are many more advantages over the traditional production and life modes which are difficult to describe here in detail but of which we have published many written descriptions, photographic proofs, and video displays, and we want the UN to understand them in detail. We can provide a great deal of information as evidence to study and judge.

If people do not change their traditional production and life modes completely and adopt these of the New Oasis for Life as created by Lifechanyuan, then the prospect of sustained development will remain distant and uncertain.

At this juncture between our continuation as a species and our extinction, we are hopeful that the UN will send people to study and demonstrate it as soon as possible and make it a project to be put into practice as has been done by Lifechanyuan. To bring about the new models of production and life modes sooner rather than later, let people from all over the world visit, study, and experience it. In this way, humanity’s situation can change completely and our futures will be blessed and sustainable.

It is impossible to change humanity’s dangerous predicament at once and even if the brakes were applied immediately, the inertia of traditional thinking would last for decades, by which time it would be too late.

So, the best way to do this would be to build new models of production and life modes which are intuitive, that people can see and experience in person, and that can be copied and replicated everywhere. If the New Oasis for Life mode were to be repeated by millions of people, then the beautiful ideal that mankind has dreamed of for thousands of years would surely be realized.

How do we build a model of this new production and life mode?
We would establish a New Oasis for Life in mainland China, in the United States of America, or in Zimbabwe, Africa with three hundred resident members including people from various religious, cultural, national, and ethnic backgrounds under the auspices of the United Nations and implemented by Lifechanyuan.

We encourage the United Nations to persuade one or more of those three governments to agree to allow us to create a New Oasis for Life on their territory and also to allow the foreign people involved in its creation to enter and leave freely.

The place where the New Oasis for Life would be created would be chosen and financed by Lifechanyuan and purchased or leased according to existing local policies. Of course it would help if the UN could help with the funding because if they were to do so, then it would be quicker and easier to build and the new model could unfold more quickly.

It would be effortless for the UN to help us to create this model of the new production and life modes, but the benefits would be endless and would benefit many future generations, so why not put it into practice?

It is better to teach people to catch fish than to give them some fish.

If the UN turns a blind eye to my proposal and ignores it, then you will have to deal with many types of devastation everywhere for many years to come.

We look forward to positive, encouraging news from your organization.
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VI. The Future of Humanity

(Translated by Conglong)

We all look forward to an era where everyone will have a happy and worry-free life.

Let’s suppose the Greatest Creator and gods do not exist, are we able to realize this dream only by relying on the wisdom of humanity?

The answer is no. Without the guide of the Greatest Creator and the power of Gods and buddhas, human beings is not possible to realize this beautiful dream.

How many authorities will step aside for others?

How many rich men will contribute all their wealth to society?

How many poor people will work hard except having more children as long as they don’t need to worry about food?

Let’s imagine if the future of humanity is ruled by one religion, what will happen?

It would be terrible.(Please think of the reason yourself).

If the world is ruled by one secular government, what will happen?

Same, autocracy and incompetency will soak up the blood of the underprivileged.
If we keep current situation: different religions exist; countries act on their own will, everything is decided by the country itself, what will happen?

The world is going to collapse.
So, what will be the best living situation of humanity?

The core in short is : walk on the way of the Greatest Creator.

Build a “noninterference” government, promoting freedom in politics, economy,culture, thinking and spiritual pursuit.

Then, the future of humanity will be like the following:

1. All religions will gradually disappear; humans revere the same and the only Greatest Creator.

2. Wars between nations will no longer take place; no country will have a military force.

3. The leaders of each country are elected by its people; election is no longer manipulated by the minority.??Each leader serves no longer than two terms.

4. The population will no longer be increasing unlimitedly; the growthof population will be controlled.

5. Power and wealth are no longer the most important life goals of humans.

6.??People will not talk about how to fight with nature and men; the earth will become a place where all life beings coexist harmoniously.

7.??Terrorist activities are going to disappear.

8. Crimes will be decreasing year by year.

9. The care of elders and the education of the youth will become the responsibilities of the whole society, which are no longer the??private affairs individuals or families.

10. Family life is going to dissolve; relationship of men and women is going to show diverse forms.

11. Scientists and artists will be respected by the general.

12. Manual labour is not regarded as a less decent job.

13. A common Bill of Rights will be made; journalists will have greater freedom, the force of darkness in some regions will be curbed.

14. A lazy person will be regarded as miserable and incompetent; a parasite-like lifestyle will be seen as a pity.

15. Humans will be able to make new form of Life; intelligent robots will come into being, Sahara will be returning to green again.

16. A large number of supermen will appear: they discover the secret of brain,and find the channel to communicate with the Greatest Creator, and therefore they know the secret of time and space, the cause and effect relationship of lives transiting in different time and space, the secret of thinking, the power of mind, and the road towards higher level life space.These supermen will bring the material and spiritual life of humanity to a brand new level.

17. There will not be nature disasters any more, earthquakes, floods, diseases will all vanish.

18. Earth becomes a blessed paradise, which will be serene and harmonious, prosperous and vibrant; cranes are flying in the sky. People are healthy and have a long life; everyone live in peace and enjoy their job.

In conclusion, human beings will enter an unprecedented, highly developed and civilized era, an era with happiness, abundance and freedom. Everyone will transform to a celestial at the end. We will understand all secrets by that time, each moment of our life will be extremely joyful, we will meet our family and friends who have passed away, a brilliant new life will start to unfold.

However, there is a prerequisite, which is we must walk on the way of the Greatest Creator, if we ignore it, everything will be developing in the opposite direction.

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The Eighteen Source Causes of Life's Pain

(Translated by Tongxin and Edited by Kaer)

Life should be joyful, happy, free, and blessed, but most people’s lives not only lack joy, happiness, freedom, and blessings, but also have many troubles each day and night which stimulate pain in their hearts.

We have to ask, what in hell causes the pain in life?

Let me analyze the sources of pain in life and see if they are reasonable.

1. Wrong values on value, life, LIFE, and the universe.

The values of value, life, LIFE and the universe are the GPS of life. If they are correct, the life journey will gravitate toward joy, happiness, freedom, and blessings like heaven, but once they become misdirected, life will slip toward troubles, anxieties, worries and fears like hell.

For example, “ people die for money and birds die for food” is a wrong value. If one insists on such a value, pain will fill their life.

For example, “every man should take a wife and every woman should take a husband once they reach adulthood”. If such a value directs your life, your life will doubtless be full of pain.

For example, “People just live a lifetime and then die like the light of candles going out” is a wrong perception of LIFE, since it ignores the laws of Karma (cause and effect) and of reincarnation. If one accept such values, their life will definitely be messy and as confused as flies without guidance, and they will encounter a lot of pain.

For example, “There is no Greatest Creator, no Gods or Buddhas, no Celestial beings, and no heaven and hell” is also a wrong value of the universe. Such identification does not understand that “there are mountains beyond mountains, and heavens beyond heavens” and does not understand that there are “20-parallel worlds and 36-dimensional spaces”. It limits one’s view of spirit and soul to the narrow life field of current space so they cannot see a bright and clear future, and causes much pain in life.

2. Selfishness

People who prefer to selfishly take benefits and profits only for themselves rather than serving or contributing to others and to society will definitely live painful lives.

3. Greed

“Only take one cup of water among thousands of rivers and lakes”. If one wants to possess all rivers and lakes without restraint, their life will surely be painful.

4. Laziness

Being lazy, preferring leisure over work, being opportunistic, and stealing other people’s achievements are qualities which will inevitably lead to corruption and poorness. The result of such people is having painful lives unless they can become pigs.

5. Jealousy

When seeing other people leading lives with better conditions, or living happier, freer, and more joyful lives, one immediately has jealousy and hatred in their heart, or feels uncomfortable without reason, or cannot sit or stand peacefully, or cannot help but be mean and picky, and even wants to harm those other people, this will cause limitless pain in their own life.

6. Complaints

When one has no clear identification of themsevles, cannot see clearly their own shortcomings and disadvantages, always puts the reasons of mistakes or responsibilities on others, complains a lot, including complaints to heaven, earth, society, and other people, but never finds reasons from within, such people’s lives will inevitably have pain.

7. Comparison

The consciousness of comparison is evil, once one starts to compare themselves against others, pain comes immediately.

8. Being Competitive and Aggressive

Being competitive and aggressive, always wanting to have a better life than others, always liking to show themselves off, and always wanting to be superior to others, such people will have much pain during their whole lives.

9. Arrogance

Those who are arrogant, wild and proud, unable to treat people equally while always feeling superior them, disrespectful of other people’s personalities, dignity, and freedom, always speaking in a tone of teaching and superiority, revealing contempt in their eyes, and have no basic politeness, are annoying people and they will have a lot of pain.

10. Being Dependant

Not trusting in and relying on the Greatest Creator, not trusting in and relying on oneself, putting the hope of having a happy life without the troubles of food, shelter, clothes, transportation, birth, aging, sickness, and death on someone else, always wanting to rely on and be fed by others, and placing their spiritual prop on someone else, such people will have lots of pain in life, too.

11. Infatuated and Poisoned Love

Marital love, faithful love, pledge-of-eternal love, and voluntarily suffering love are all poisonous love. Once one owns poisonous love, their life is inevitably painful.

12. Possession and Occupation

Once one owns something, they will definitely taste pain, the more one owns, the more pain will come. In order to possess something, one must spend their time, energy, and heart to own it successfully; in order to maintain all they have, they need to think thoroughly to find the solution; in order to occupy for as long a time as they can, they have to cheat, fight, intrigue against others, and even join life-and-death struggles. How can such a life not be painful?

13. Chase for Fame and Profits

Life is only one journey of LIFE in the human world. If one struggles fiercely and competes seriously in such a short time, which is like the illusion of a flower blossom, and chases for fame and profits all the time, his life will be surely full of pain.

14. Attachment

Whether it is money, rights and privileges, fame, positions, or people, as long as one attachments to things, one cannot have an independent consciousness and his own opinion, he will speak and act according to other people’s opinions or wills, and become a suffering slaver or puppet.

15. Want to Change or Control others

All life beings have their own natures, “Rivers and mountains can be changed, but it is hard to alter a person’s nature”, if one tries to change or control others by his own interests, habits, characters, and wills, tries to have others live according to his own will, it will surely bring unhappiness to both sides, and cause many pains in life.

16. Depart from the Way of Nature

Departing from the original intention of the Greatest Creator, suppressing one’s nature and love, and trying to resist nature to attain supernatural power, trying to attain special abilities, and living life without following the way of nature is just like hurling eggs against stones, such life will definitely be painful.

17. Violating Laws and Disciplines

Countries can disappear, but government can not. In order to maintain the efficient and harmonious operation of society, governments must require their citizens to obey conventions; that is the constitution, laws, rules, and disciplines. If people do not obey the conventions, but often violate laws and disciplines, and even commit crimes, it will surely cause painful lives.

18. The Consciousnesses of Marriage, Family, Nation, Political parties, Religions, and Organizations

Once people have the above consciousnesses, once they enter into the programs of marriage, family, nation, political parties, religions, and organizations, their lives will definitely suffer.

June 30, 2010

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The Standards of Good (Kind) People and Bad (Evil) People

(Translated by Tongxin and Edited by Kaer)

The Standards of Good (Kind) People:

· All those who bring joy, happiness, freedom, and blessings to others are good (kind) people.

· All those who lead others to the way of the Greatest Creator are good (kind) people.

· All those who help others to get through difficulties are good (kind) people.

· All those who promote others into good and harmonious relationships are good (kind) people.

· All those who love and cherish nature and LIFE are good (kind) people.

· All those who promote human beings toward the directions of peace, union, and prosperity are good (kind) people.

· All those who can live independently but do not bring troubles or pain to others are good (kind) people.

· All those who lead others to a wonderful future are good (kind) people.

The Standards of Bad (Evil) People:

· All those who bring to others, troubles, pain, fear, and anxieties are bad (evil) people.

· All those who lead others to the way of the devil are bad (evil) people.

· All those who lead others into difficulties are bad (evil) people.

· All those who destroy nature and hurt life beings are bad (evil) people.

· All those who block others’ good futures are bad (evil) people.

· All those who impose their own wills upon others are bad (evil) people.

· All those who make and spread rumors are bad (evil) people.

· All those who urge others to enter into marriage, traditional families, or any organizations are bad (evil) people.

March 17, 2011

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Check if You are Following the Road of Devils


Have you ever experienced afflictions, vexation, anxiety, sadness, and fear? Have you been cheated, bullied, blackmailed, oppressed and humiliated by others? Have you felt frustrated and desperate at life and LIFE? Do you know why all this should happen? Let me tell you, all this is the work of the devil’s programme, all this happens because many people are walking on the road of devils.

The programme of the devil tempts people with money, wealth, fame, position, power, beautiful women, and ease and comfort to enter marriage and family, nation and state, political party and religion, businesses, cultivation groups, and various organizations. As a result, these people are kept busy rushing about for all these matters. They would rack their brains and take great risks to achieve these purposes. For these purposes they would shout their support, cause harm to others, and do damage to other life forms and the nature. People are walking on the road of devils when they struggle for the their own interest, for their family’s interest, for their nation’s interest, for their country’s interest, for their political party’s interest, for their religion’s interest, for their company’s interest, and for their organization’s interest, and when they each try to cheat the other by sheer cunning and falsehood and grab at each other’s throat.

Why should things fare like this? Why does not the Greatest Creator stop us?

The principle goes like this: unity of opposites is a law of the universe—superior and inferior, up and down, bright and dark, leader and the masses, hell and heaven, higher order of LIFE and lower order of LIFE, man and ghost, man and other animals and plants, carnivores and herbivores. Otherwise, LIFE cannot go on, and the great drama of the universe cannot be staged. It is just like the case of a man for whom eating and drinking form opposites with defecations. The opposites can be united and complement each other. In addition, there is a principle of the universe, namely the sum of positive energy and negative energy is zero. Therefore, everything must be symmetrical, and there must be balance between yin and yang, and loss and gain. What one gets in and what one pays out should be orderly, and the power of angel should hold the power of devil in check.

To be more specific, in order to survive, man should have animals and plants to provide for his existence. The LIFE at the lower order must serve the LIFE at higher order. Then who will be the man, and who will be the animals and plants? Some people will go to heaven, but who will go to hell to maintain a balance? There are leaders, but there must also be the masses.

Thus, the devil’s programme is necessary. Without it, the universe will lose its balance. The survival of LIFE cannot be guaranteed, and the whole universe will be listless and pale.

Actually, the devil Satan is a deity, an arch angel, and chief angel, who is toiling to maintain the zero sum of positive energy and negative energy. Burdened with notoriety and bad name, he is serving the LIFE of the whole universe. He must deliver many LIFE forms to the lower order of LIFE and lead many LIFE forms to hell.

Thus, when a person is walking on the road of devil, he is making his way to the lower order of LIFE and the hell. The devil will not show any appreciation for this but will say instead, “what an ignorant fool you are!”

Now let’s see whether you have taken the road of the devil. If you have one of the following eighteen items, then be careful, you are walking on the road of the devil.

1, You are in marriage and family, rushing about for your own family.

2, You are striving and struggling for your own country, nation, religion, political party, organization, or group.

3, You are concentrating yourself on making money and worrying and rushing about to amass your wealth.

4, You are racking your brain and sparing no effort to win a good fame or secure a high position for yourself.

5, You are stealing, contending, or robbing, mugging, or killing, pilfering, cheating, corrupting, bribing, or accepting bribes, or requiting kindness with enmity.

6, You are doing something in the secret, which you are afraid of being discovered.

7, You are bullying, oppressing, blackmailing, exploiting, maltreating, humiliating, or trampling on others.

8, You break your word and do not keep your promise, always trying to find an excuse or reason to exculpate yourself from your fault or crime.

9, You are eating things you are not supposed to eat, using things you have no right to use, and doing things you are not entitled to do.

10, You are affronting or desecrating the Greatest Creator, or affronting or desecrating God and Buddha, or affronting or desecrating sages and saints, or affronting or desecrating ancestors, or affronting or desecrating president of the country, or affronting or desecrating your own parents, or affronting or desecrating others.

11, You are threatening, abducting, or controlling others and restricting their freedom in the name of love or other excuses.

12, You are propagating and publicizing incorrect outlooks on life, value, LIFE, and the world.

13, You are inciting or abetting others to plot a rebellion.

14, You are spreading gossips and rumors to ruin the close and harmonious relations between others.

15, You are jealous of other’s joy and happiness, and you feel resentment at other’s freedom and blessing.

16, You are always envying, or complaining, or reprimanding, or hating, or detesting, or attacking, or hurting others.

17, You are always making comparison with others, or prompting others to make comparisons.

18, You are polluting the rivers, the land and the air with chemical materials, waste water, and waste gases, or polluting others’ spirit and soul with negative, passive and pessimistic mood.

If you have any one of the above eighteen items, then you are walking on the road of devil. You should wake up and realize your mistakes and rein in at the brink of precipice, before it is too late to repent.

Where should I go after turning back from the cliff?

Answer: walk on the road to heaven and follow the way of the Greatest Creator!


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The Ways which Meet Life's Needs

(Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer)

The American psychologist Abraham Maslow believed that human has six major needs: physiological, safety, love and belonging, self-esteem, self-actualization, and self-transcendence. To be specific, life needs food, water, air, sex, sleep, safety, resources, health, medical care, assurance of having a job, family affection, friendship, love, self-esteem, social status, confidence, a sense of achievement, morality, skills, creativity, and so on.

Meanwhile, Maslow also argued that human needs are hierarchical and that they will be fulfilled at each level, from bottom up. That is to say, fulfilling the physiological needs comes first, then the safety needs, and so on, and the self-transcendence efforts can only be made after self-actualization.

For me, Xuefeng, my life needs are as follows: a room with a bed, a desk, and a chair, three suits of clothes and two pairs of shoes, two meals with plain tea and simple food each day, being surrounded by like-minded people who share the same resonance of consciousness, being busy every day, having a clean, orderly, and beautiful environment, sharing everything with everyone, doing everything willingly but nothing compulsorily, peace, harmony, warmth, health; realizing my dreams and ideals, understanding LIFE and time and space, and knowing the destination ahead and the realm that LIFE can reach.

How does one realize this ideal of needs? Maslow listed them from the bottom up but I do from the top down. I have found that in Tao, virtue, benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, credibility, achievements, sorcery, and magical art,

only when there is Tao, everything else can be met.

If we start from the bottom level and first pursue magical art, then one can never reach the realm of Tao because life is too short and when we have fulfilled all our needs at the lower levels, we would have neither the time nor the energy to pursue Tao. Thus, we have to first clarify life’s road ahead and the realm to which LIFE wants to take us. Once this key issue is resolved, the others will readily be.

I used to be obsessed with making money. I built my own company, and at one time I had four stores, a nightclub, a bar, a fast-food restaurant, and also leased a dancing hall, a restaurant, and a barber shop. My annual net income reached hundreds of thousands ¥RMB. Later, I miraculously survived a car accident and began to understand things differently. I found that people had unexpected good or bad fortune and that LIFE is vulnerable. If you do not first understand life’s value, purpose, and meaning, and the principles and mysteries of LIFE, then no matter how you live, your life will be blind and you can never fulfill your life’s needs. I then gave up my businesses and immersed myself into studying the meanings of Life and LIFE, and from there, I developed the theories of first fulfilling the top level needs and to gradually fulfil the needs of the lower levels in a natural order.

Today, I have fulfilled all the levels and have achieved my life’s needs, though this would be extremely difficult for even a president or a billionaire to do. Now, what else do I need? I only need one thing – to have fun. I do whatever is fun. The desire to enjoy the finest food, clothing, accommodation and travel, birth, senility, illness and death, fame and wealth, and leaving a lasting reputation are out of my mentality.

Everyone who has communicated with me has benefited from me, so I think that becoming a guide to Life and LIFE is not only appropriate, but is also assumed.

October 23rd 2014

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Three Magic Weapons for A Carefree Life


(Translated by Xidai and Edited by Kaer)

When we are born on earth, it is inevitable that we will develop many worries. Some of these worries will be for food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, illness, and death, the worry about how to make our lives run smoothly and have wonderful futures, the worry about how to keep relatives and friends successful and safe, and the worry about how to fully enjoy love and sexual intimacy. Because of these worries, some of us will begin to walk on the way of the Greatest Creator in Lifechanyuan, although many of us might have little confidence in their futures and endure fear in their hearts.

Therefore, I will show you three magic weapons to help you achieve a carefree life. These weapons will strengthen your faith and overcome your difficulties, “help you cross your mountains and swamps”, in order to arrive successfully in Heaven. The first magic weapon is having firm faith in the Greatest Creator.

“For since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.” ~ Romans 1: 20

We are created by the Greatest Creator, but how do we know this? I will present you with three examples: Every woman has breasts, but they do not provide milk until she gives birth. What does this example show? It shows that the Greatest Creator has designed this program and He is looking after the new-born babies. Look at the hairs of our eyebrows, eyelashes, and armpits. Most of our hair can grow to unlimited lengths, but not those of our eyebrows, eyelashes, and armpits. Why? Why are our eyebrows arched and the eyelashes grown on the upper and lower edges of the eyelids? Why are the armpit hairs very soft? When figuring these questions out, we will know that the Greatest Creator has taken good care of us. Upon reaching the age of puberty, we will develop special feelings of attachment with members of the opposite sex, and when kissing and fondling, women’s vaginas will become moist and prepare for love-making. If their vaginas remained dry, they would not be able to enjoy the pleasure of sexual love. This program is very complex, so what can we learn from it? We shall learn that sexual love is a precious gift bestowed by the Greatest Creator to human beings and it fills our lives with infinite fascination and beauty.

It is only when we become good at reading and understanding the book without words of nature that we will learn how well the Greatest Creator has taken care of human beings in every way and form, so we will know that we have been created by the Greatest Creator and that the Greatest Creator is surely looking after us. It is only by living in accordance with what the Greatest Creator has designed for us that we will have no worries about our futures and definitely have a carefree life.

The second magic weapon is believing in Karma.

“Reap what you have sown”, “Those who do good are rewarded and those who do wrong are punished. Good and evil will have their karmic retribution when their time comes. And when the time arrives, one will get all the rewards they deserve”, “Disasters and blessings have no entry gates of their own; they are summoned by people. The effects of good and evil are like shadows following their forms.” “Therefore, a joyous man speaks what is good, thinks what is good, and does what is good; each day he does these three things, and in three years, heaven will bequeath to him good fortune, but an unlucky man is he who speaks what is evil, thinks what is evil, and does what is evil; each day he does these three things, and in three years, heaven will strike him with misfortune.” “The cause and effect are perfectly matching. The mill of the Greatest Creator grinds slow but sure.” “If you want to know your past, look into your present conditions. If you want to know your future, look into your present actions.”

We need to believe in karma. When we believe in karma, we will no longer complain to heaven, earth, individuals, or society, and accept all the twists and turns in our lives quietly and peacefully. What is more is that when we understand the law of causality, we will have no worries that we will surely have beautiful pictures of life in the future as we pursue sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty. We will have no worries that everything will treat us nicely when we treat them nicely and do no harm to nature, any living beings, any person, or to society.

The third magic weapon is putting our best into everything that we do.

“Submit to the will of Heaven, do what one can”, just put out our best efforts into whatever we do on each day, treat relatives, friends, society, and nature with love from our hearts, and do our best in daily life. By doing so, we will have no regrets in our lives. As to whether our dreams come true or not, do not feel attached to the results but let the Greatest Creator arrange all. “Using a saw pulled by a rope, in time, any block of wood, no matter how thick, can be sawed through, just as drops of water will wear away a stone. In the same way, those who cultivate Tao must constantly exert themselves in their explorations. Water flows naturally into channels, and the gourd, when it ripens, sheds its stalk naturally. Thus, the person who wishes to master Tao has only to persevere in self-cultivation, and they will eventually become accomplished.” We will have no worries only if we do our best in everything.

Having firm faith in the Greatest Creator, believing in karma, and giving our best in all that we do are three magic weapons to bring you a carefree life. If you have the three magic weapons, your life will be like, “let the wind blow and the waves beat, better far than idly strolling in the courtyard.” You will no longer have worries about food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, illness, or death. You will have a very bright future and a carefree life. If you can keep this state in your lifetime, you will arrive in Heaven when leaving the earth.

February 18, 2013

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Collecting New Era Life Values from Global Citizens

(Translated by Tongxin, Conglong and Edited by Kaer)

In order to inherit the wisdom of the past saints and sages comprehensively and to absorb the precious thoughts of today’s saints and sages, and to realize the dreams of “the talented will be put to good use, and the whole world will be one family”, “no one would pocket anything found on the ground, and doors are not bolted at night”, and “everyone is joyful, happy, free, and blessed; human beings can develop sustainably”, the 800 Values For New Era Human Beings will begin its third revision.

Every citizen on earth can take part in this activity regardless of which religion, political party, country, nation, or ethnic background he or she belongs. Anyone interested please selflessly devote your wisdom to the betterment of the entire human race, because as long as your thoughts are beneficial to the interests of all humanity, we will accept and compile them into the third version of the 800 Values For New Era Human Beings.

Please note that we are calling for values, not views or beliefs. We are calling for Life Values, not market values, country values, religious values, values for political parties, etc.

Values are the crystallization of wisdom and thoughts, but thoughts and wisdom are not values. The values we need are life principles to follow. Therefore, please condense your wisdom and thoughts into values which can be expressed concisely and succinctly, but with rich content, and use one sentence instead of two sentences if it is already clear enough. Please do not explain your values or present your reasoning with long texts.

Please contribute your wisdom and values regarding these eight aspects:

· How to achieve a harmonious coexistence among people, society, and nature.

· How to let everyone on earth have dignified, joyful, happy, free, and blessed lives.

· What values, modes, and phenomena in people's lives are ignorant and backward, and with what new ones should they be replaced?

· What kind of lives should we lead in order to resonate with the laws of nature and of human nature?

· What kind of belief system, moral system, and value system should we build?

· What is the meaning of civilization and what kind of civilized principles and etiquette should we follow?

· The universe is infinite and creation is limitless, so toward what direction should we walk and what kind of life level or condition should we pursue?

· What right values should human beings follow in all aspects of the fields of their production and lives.

We will bring people into the highly civilized Lifechanyuan era, and this will be a common objective for all human beings. We hope everyone on earth will participate in it actively, and we look forward to the contributions of foresight and understanding, and incisive values by the sages of this time.

What we need is positive, optimistic, and very creative energy. Therefore, we will turn a deaf ear to all that is negative and pessimistic. For those values which are directive or educative, or sound like advice or guidance, unless you have done it yourself and have reached that standard, please do not bother us because we have no time to listen to moralizing.

But if your values are correct, we will follow them immediately. The Second Home of Lifechanyuan is a big international family, and this family leads a life completely according to the 800 Values For New Era Human Beings. As the life and production modes in the Second Home become more and more perfect, it will achieve a lever at which it will be able to change the fate of humans and will lead the world into a higher, more civilized level.

Please be aware that many groups of people in the world are totally selfless and have dedicated their lives to the happiness of all people. These are the pioneers who are moving forward and are striving for the best.

Please spread this article as widely as you can!

May 20, 2014

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Eight Truths by which to Lead a Life


(Edited by Kaer)

Living in this world, we need to understand why we do and how we should, or we will live an unclear and muddled life. For every road on the trip ahead, there must be a destination and different ways of living will ultimately afford us different views and lead us to different destinations.

As a messenger of the Greatest Creator, the incarnation of Gods, Buddha, Celestial beings, Saints, and the guide for human spirits and souls, I propose the following eight truths by which to live.Please examine and consider them, and choose whether they make sense and whether they can benefit you.

1. Rivers have sources and trees have roots, people have parents and Celestial Beings have ancestors. Everything has its origin and all effects have their causes. Rivers will run dry without sources, trees will wither without roots, people will scatter without parents, and Celestial Beings will fall without ancestors. Therefore, in living a life, we have to connect our souls to their source to be clear and to gain eternity. The source of everything is the Greatest Creator, and we, our lives within our LIFE, should always keep the Greatest Creator in mind and live in accordance with the will of the Greatest Creator. In this way, our life can reach a wonderful destination in the end.

2. Life is a short journey of LIFE in the mortal world which begins when we are born and ends when we die. You were there before you were born and will still be there after you die. Birth and death are only LIFE phenomena, and not the beginning and end of LIFE, so it is very important to learn from where you came and to where you are going.

3. The mortal world is a transition between different levels and different types of LIVE. Passengers traveling in all directions will transit through this mortal world and stay for periods of time whether they will ultimately ascend or descend. Therefore, the mortal world is populated with all levels and all types of LIFE. Gods, Buddha, Celestial Beings, Saints, goblins, devils, ghosts, monsters, and demons all exist in the mortal world, and as such, anyone’s life trip can be misdirected by only slight miscalculations. We must therefore sharpen our eyes and be weary of the negative influences in life.

4. Everything in this world exists within the unity of opposites and the result of it is always neutral. That is, the amount of positive and negative energy in the universe is always equal. What you have paid and what you have gained are always equal. This means that what one gets and what they give within a lifetime are equal. If you gain more, you must pay more. And if you pay more, you will gain more. If someone pays a lot in their life stage but gains little, then their extra payout will await them in the bank of heaven: Tao, but if one gains more than they pay in this life stage, then they will owe a debt which must be and can be paid off in many different ways, such as becoming a cow or a horse in the next life, or becoming a chicken or pig and being slaughtered and eaten, or working for others or even falling into the lowest space of LIFE and having to withstand great stress, pain, and hardship. Therefore, we should try our best to pay more and gain less in this stage of life because no one can enjoy more than enough blessing and they must know when to stop.

5. We can become enlightened from nature. That is, each LIFE needs to live to its fullest and live itself out. Only thusly, can this world be colorful and wondrous. Therefore, everyone has to live out their own innate nature by living for their own well-being first. It is only when people live well that they can be beneficial to their loved ones and others. If they do not live for their own well-being, then they will bring endless pain and trouble to everyone and become burdens and loads. For instance, some parents live bitter lives and often cannot meet their basic life necessities such as birth, illness, retirement, and death, so they can never bring blessings to their children. We often hear parents say, “My child! I have suffered through a bitter life all for my child!”. This attitude is an excuse for their bad life because they want to transfer their pain to their children and make those children suffer guilty consciences for their parent’s deprivation. Consequently, not only does the parent deprive themselves, but then they guilt-trip their child. This kind of outlook on life is incisively manifested by married couples when the husband and wife each believe that they have sacrificed for the other and that the other owes them. As a result, both suffer and neither lives out their Tathagata nature. In short, one has to live for their own sake and their own well-being because anyone who lives for others will not only spoil their own life, but will also inflict heavy psychological burdens and spiritual bondage upon others.

6. What is there for people to live for? It is to live for their innate natures, for their gifted natures, to live happy, joyful, free, and blessed lives, and to leave no regrets, remorse, resentment, or sorry at the end. To do this, one cannot live for power, wealth, fame, beauty, vanity, religion, political party, state, nationality, family, or others. They must not try to possess or control anything or anyone, but must accept them as they are and associate with others by following predestined relationships, to act in accordance with their natures, and to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. They must deliver their lives into the hands of the Greatest Creator through the arrangements of Tao. Everything physical is a game, but only the soul is true and worthy. Do not be too serious or persistent on anything. Go for it if it pleases and uplifts, but forget it if it hurts or degrades. People will die and fields will become lakes and that which we are so serious and persistent about or which troubles us now will eventually vanish from our consciousnesses. Why bother?

7.Everything in life runs in Tao. Everything is karma. “The Lord is everywhere”, “You reap what you sow”, “Divine punishments, though slow, are always true with big meshes, letting nothing slip through”. Therefore, we must lead honorable and upright lives which are centered on sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty. No one should be stealthy or talk about spirits, deities, fortunes, or disasters. “A good conscience knows no fear”. Whatever one thinks, speaks, and does should be faithful to the earth, the sky, others, and society, and to their own consciences. In this way, their life journey will become smoother and more comfortable as time goes on. Their LIFE’s future will also be smoother and more beautiful.

8.Just do ordinary, simple things within the capacity of your lifetime. Be content to be ordinary and do not pursue the extraordinary. Settle on doing more small things and avoid attempting big things. Learn how to enjoy the unknowingly quiet life and avoid being the target of the known and the noisy. “A thousand miles can be covered by constant small steps, and rivers and seas are filled where small streams gather”. We should always direct our efforts toward laying this kind of foundation. In this way, with persistence over time, the most ideal life will appear, and the most beautiful dreams will come true.

These eight life truths are only my perceptions and are only fit for a small minority. Accordingly, the majority of people are unable to accept them. If you think they make sense, then use them as references. If you think they do not make sense, then find your own ways. We do not discuss, debate, or argue.

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Life Guide with Philosophical Dialectics

(Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer)

Philosophy is the abstract theory about the nature of the universe and its developmental law as well as the relationship between thinking and being. Dialectics is the theory of the unity of opposites, the contradictory movements of things, and the universal connections and characteristics of them. In terms of properties, dialectics is part of and resides within the category of philosophy. It is like consciousness and thinking. Thinking is part of and resides within the category of consciousness. Speaking metaphorically, philosophy is the human body and dialectics are its eyes. Philosophy deals with the broad sense while dialectics deals with the narrow sense. Philosophy is general while dialectics is specific.

It is my opinion that philosophy is science and should be understood and reasoned with real evidence, without which it would not be logical, and that would in turn lead to wrong conclusions. For instance, both the absolute idealism and absolute materialism sever the unity between the two sides of the contradiction. Such as, religion, which emphasises more about the idealism and ignores the value and meaning of real existence.and pragmatism which stresses more about existence itself, but less about its causes.

The theory system of Lifechanyuan is mainly based on real evidence, although I have previously expounded more about the teachings and instructions of Gods, Buddha, Celestial Beings, and Saints in human history as the core, which is somewhat empty for the faithless, and not only lack operability, but also lack the cognition of the scientific nature of the spatial-temporal universe, Life, and LIFE. It is like Lao Tzu’s descriptions of Tao: “An image of what existed before God”, “The Tao that can be discussed is not Absolute Tao”, “Evasive, elusive, yet latent within it, are forms. Dark and dim, yet latent within it is the life-force”, too specious to be understood by anyone who is not extremely wise.

How do we guide our Lives with philosophical dialectics?

“Buddha has no settled rules. Buddha’s rules always vary according to the situation”, “Keep the main and change the others according to the situation”, “To be selfless is to achieve self”, “To be free from ego is to achieve ego”, “To own nothing is to own everything”, and so on which I summed up conforms to dialectics in the philosophical sense and can guide Life. Now we will talk in detail about how to understand the world and how to guide our Lives with philosophical dialectics.

First, let us see the universal law of the unity of opposites in a philosophical sense. This law is to say that all things in the universe consist of pro and con factors which are opposite, incompatible, and contradictory as fire and water. But paradoxically, it is precisely this organic unity of contradictions that makes the world complex and colourful. Specifically, positive balances negative, light balances dark, true balances false, good balances evil, yin balances yang, male balances female, up balances down, the rise balances the fall, death balances life, the tangible balances the intangible, and so on. How can this analysis be significant to guide our Lives?

The law of the unity of opposites tells us that there is the physical world but also the spiritual, heaven but also hell, material structure but also the non-material, and the tangible human but also the intangible God. As such, our consciousness and thinking are not limited to our mortal Lives and will not be limited to the material world that we see. Our field of knowledge can expand to unlimited space and time, to the afterlife, to the nonmaterial world which we can neither see nor hear from our current place. What a remarkable leap of faith this is! Thus, as human beings, we should not only value the present, but also consider the future, not only pay attention to reality, but also consider nothingness, not only cherish life, but also pay attention to the afterlife.

Let us now look at the law of mutual change of quality and quantity in a dialectic sense. This law says that any change of quality must be based on an accumulation of quantity. When the accumulation of a quantity becomes saturated and passes a critical point, its quality or qualities will change. This law has immeasurable value and significance in guiding our Lives. From the law of the unity of opposites, we understand that while there are humans, there must be Gods. Since there are Gods, the existence of Celestial Beings and Buddha become reasonable. Humans, Gods, Buddha, and Celestial Beings are LIFE of different natures. People have human nature, Gods have divine nature, Celestial Beings have theirs, and Buddha has Buddhist nature. If human nature is to be sublimed to divine nature, there must be an accumulation of quantity and the accumulation must develop towards the divine nature. “A thousand miles can not be covered without an accumulation of steps and there will be no rivers or seas without the integration of small streams.” If one gradually accumulates a divine nature, then in accordance with the law of mutual change of quality and quantity, they will eventually become Godlike.

Based on the dialectic law of the negation of negation, we can conclude that, “New things must conquer old things”. “‘New things’ refers to those which are in line with objective law and posses strong vitality and broad developmental prospects. Old things are those that run counter to objective law and will die out”.

To determine whether a thing is new or old is to look at its nature, not its form or appearance.

For example, many new religions have sprung up like mushrooms with new forms and manifestations, but their natures are variations fermented in old nests, and they are not new at all.

Now let us look at the new methods, new measures, and new channels, with the aim of earning money across the globe, such as the transformation from traditional manufacturing industries to service and info-tek industries which appear new when seen from their form and appearance, but are still, essentially ways to make money. Thus, they are not new because the nature of their profit motive has remained the same.

“As in the Yangtze River, the waves behind ride on the ones before, new generations excel the old.” This is a reflection and portrayal of the law of the negation of negation. From the phenomenon of the global rise of the divorce rate and the growing number of singles, we can surmise a law such that the family as a traditional production and life mode will be gradually replaced with a new form of production and life mode. This is an objective law which will not change by people’s subjective wills and will not stop advancing just because people resent it or rebel against it. This new mode is replacing the traditional production and life mode, is a new thing, and no force can prevent its development and growth once it happens. However, the growth and development of new things is bound to suffer and will have to overcome arduous and tortuous processes. When you invest yourself into the development of new things, you must be psychologically and spiritually prepared to suffer difficult times or the new things will eliminate you. The prospects of old things are dark but the prospects of new things are bright, so the farther you walk on the way of old things, the narrower it becomes, but the farther you walk on the way of new things, the wider it becomes.

It rises here but sets there. It increases here but decreases there. “Two extremes are connected but will go in different directions when pushed too far.” “The rise is sudden but so is the fall.” “Ill gain brings ill fate.” “Karma is the shadow following a body.” Extreme joy begets sorrow, out of the extreme misfortune comes fortune. All these conform to dialectics, so we have to remain alert and have confidence all the while. After we understand the universal law that positive and negative energies always balance out, we can deal with Life affairs skilfully and easily. We know that when we constantly give and contribute rather than take and consume, we will accumulate many treasures, but where? They are reserved in the afterlife or the nonmaterial world. Who will enjoy these treasures? No one can, other than the one who has accumulated them. Otherwise, the universal law that positive and negative energy always balance out would be violated. As it is a universal law, it is a necessary procedure. When you pay, you must receive. When you receive, you must pay. If you have given but have not received in the mortal world, then you will undoubtedly receive in your next life or in heaven. Otherwise, the universe would be unfair and untrue.

Everything has its destiny. The total energy in the universe is constant. This is consistent with the law of the conservation of energy (and of matter). In terms of philosophy, yin cannot exist without yang and yang cannot grow without yin. “Yin and yang are the law and order of the changes of all things”–Huangdi Neijing. As we know from the water on the earth,regardless of the surging rivers brought on by rainstorms or the increase of snow cover on mountaintop, its total volume remains constant. It is destiny. This is to say that the quantity of LIFE in the universe is constant. It increases here but decreases there. It rises here but falls there. Well then, where does the increase in human population come from? Are new Lives born out of thin air? People who have explored and studied anything about reincarnation know that human reincarnation happens several days before birth. Therefore, an embryo or fetus does not contain LIFE. It can only be called LIFE when a reincarnated soul enters into it. Thus, we know that a new LIFE will only be born when an old one passes on. There is no LIFE without death and no death without LIFE. That is it! In this case, we know that the increased LIFE on the earth must have come from somewhere. If a new LIFE is born, then an old one must have ended. If we analyse carefully, we may wonder about the many animals on the earth that have died. Where have they gone? Have they become human? Where will their LIVES go if the earth has a mass extinction in the future? Please refer to 36-Dimensional Space for the answers.

Philosophical dialectics can guide our Lives. We have just discussed how to guide our Lives by philosophy from the perspective of philosophy. This enlightenment is only the tip of the iceberg. You may draw general conclusions about other cases from specific ones. I hope that each one of you will lead a smart life and that you will have wonderful LIFE prospects.

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Life Is but An Illusion

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

Illusions are phenomena that appear in dreams, fantasies, and phantasms. With further inferences,all phenomena that arise quickly, remain briefly, and then disappear equally quickly can also be thought of as illusions.

Mirages are illusions, as are dreams, soap bubble patterns, and even thoughts at the end of the day or when we are bored will form them. It can be inferred that flashes in pans are illusions, a large number of cells, microbes, and fungi are illusions, many photos online are illusions, computer games are illusions, and movies and TV shows are illusions, too.

Dreams are illusions because the dream world lasts for a short time. If one dreams for a hundred years continuously, would that be an illusion or reality? Of course it would still be a dream because the moment that the person wakes up, the dream would disappear, so how could the dream not be an illusion? It can be concluded that no matter how long a phenomenon exists, as long as it disappears completely at some point, it too must be an illusion. Thus, it is possible to conclude that life is an illusion because even someone who lives for a hundred years will eventually disappear altogether, so why would that be different?

Having dreamed throughout the night, we wake up in the morning, and no matter how much we twisted and turned during our dreams, we no longer care about anything that happened in them because after all, they were fantasies, dreams, and illusions. A dream will not affect our mood or state of mind too much. Here is the question: since we have deduced that life is an illusion, is it necessary to be sad for our twists and turns in life? Is it necessary to be anxious about things in our life; is it necessary to struggle hard for things and hunger to reach goals; is it necessary to make others behave according to our own wills? When the illusion of life disappears, will it not float away as a dream ?When the earth we live on disappears completely in the infinite universe and all of humanity disappears as an illusion? What about a single person?

To analyse and judge this question, I want to wake you from your dream to let you not be a human being, but rather a Celestial being. When you wake up, will you still go into your dream to be nostalgic for something or to fight for someone in your dreams? Of course not, because it was an illusion; a fantasy. Well, life is also an illusion and a fantasy, so shall we be racked by people and things in this illusion? Of course not!

Who remembers their grandparents’ grandparents? Not to mention the fact that the memories of our grandparents’ grandparents are already blurred even in the incomplete memories of our grandparents. Who will remember us a hundred years after we die? We take for granted that we have importance in the present, but that is a complete illusion. Many great historical figures have died. They thought that they were important back then, but what about now? The earth goes on turning and humans go on reproducing. The footsteps of civilization never stop marching forward, so it is unnecessary to be too sad when people around us die because death is a normal phenomenon and everyone will die, including ourselves, so never be overly anxious, fearful, or sorry because it is all an illusion.

Nobody can control your dream, who can even control their own life?

It is delusional to think that if you do something, you will get something. That is impossible! You cannot secure yourself against all risks and dangers. How can people control your life? You cannot wear shoes when you are supposed to be barefoot and you cannot stay on the mountain when you are supposed to leave. Cold shoulders cannot be expected when you are thriving and on the way up. That every cloud has its silver lining may be forgotten in despair and adversity. Therefore, never force yourself to learn, suppress yourself to work, or force yourself to do what you dislike and which is against your own better judgement. No matter how successful you are, outstanding or a billionaire, or how glorious your family reputation has been flowing down through many generations, when you wake up, all will have been a dream.

Affection and love tactics are the most difficult traps for people to escape; they are the most terrible traps in life. “Ask the mortal world what love is? It drives one mad to death.” Now think about it, life is but an illusion. After waking up, everything will be nothing, so is it necessary to be bogged down on affection and love? It might actually be better to live as a beau; a dandy!

What people fear most is losing what they own and are most attached to: their property, their power and status, their reputation, and of course their most beloved lover, however they are not at all necessary. What really belongs to you and cannot escape is yours, but if it is not yours, you can not keep it. Anyway one looks at life, it is still an illusion which can be shattered and vanish in a moment, so why make yourself suffer for it? Why not enjoy a natural and unrestrained dream?

Has anyone in history been so intelligent and so powerful that they could control everything? Not one! Everyone is acting in a play; they are playing roles; following scripts. If anyone could control all things with their wisdom and power, their fortunes would be as boundless as the East China Sea and they would live a very happy, healthy, and eternal life – forever. Have there been any? Not one! This proves that man is only a grain of sand in a sandstorm, a drop of water in the sea, and that nothing can really be controlled by anyone. So why not just follow predestined relationships and take things as they come? Life will be easier and more natural.

People expend a lot of time and effort on their health and appearance, yet regardless of their daily exercise and nutritious eating habits, the sick are still sick and the short-lived still come to untimely ends. No matter how much paint and powder one applies to their face or how much plastic surgery they undergo, wrinkles still creep onto the forehead and cheeks as time passes, and signs of ageing become more and more visible everyday. These changes cannot be resisted, so why try to fight them when you know that you cannot? Life is too short! Fiddle with this today, fiddle with that tomorrow, and remain confused. You will still get old, fade away, and die. It is a bad deal to live in fantasies but an even worse one is to indulge them.

Do you worry? What do you worry about? You were worried when you were dreaming. What about when you woke up? My point is that there is no need to worry about anything because ALL of life is ultimately only a dream. There are no real scenarios because life will end. Will all the worry not be gone with the wind? Enjoy the present, do not worry about tomorrow or the next day. Everyone’s life has been predetermined by their destiny – their script. Worry is useless, so why persist with this fantasy, waste your recreation time, and ruin your relaxed mood.

Your state of mind is different when you are asleep than when you are awake. Sleeping people lead befuddled lives in their dream worlds of obsession, worry, anxiety, sorrow, and fear, however fully awake people know that all is but an illusion, so they have neither strong bliss nor intense grief, but are just pleasant, relaxed, and calm. Who are these people? Celestial beings, of course!

Within the universe, everything is an illusion except for the Greatest Creator. People live in illusions because all LIVES are illusions. In this sense, illusions are reality; illusions are stages of LIFE. People live one dream after another and live a large number of dreams throughout their lives because lives consists of dreams. Although people live in illusions today, this is really the entirety of human life. Never expect to lead a real life without it being an illusion. Even the Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, and the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium world are all illusions. The differences are that those illusions are more beautiful and splendid and go on much longer.

It is very clear that everything is an illusion, but most people are too stubborn, obstinate, and perverse to see them as such and are convinced that they are living in reality. When one awakens from their dreams, their soap bubbles will burst and they will say goodbye to their dream, but they will do it unwillingly and with disappointment and frustration. Knowing that life is an illusion, how does one lead a wonderful life?

Whatever it is that makes you happy, joyful, free, and blessed; just do it!Follow your best judgement – have fun, then play!

If something bothers you but you need to do it, make a perfunctory effort.

No fun: see you later! Better yet: never see you again!

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