Rational and civil debate between members of all religions and world views

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 3:02 pm  Deism vs. Atheism. Which is more likely true? Reply with quote

Assuming for argument sake that it is possible for the universe to exist without intelligent design...

In what way is atheism still a better position to assume? In what way is atheism more likely to be truer than Deism?

One of the most popular arguments I ever come across for atheism over any type of theism usually goes along the lines of "if I were god, I would want to interact with my creation rather than stay absent like the Deistic god, and since there is no evidence of GOD existing through interaction, atheism is still the preferred position to have, because the deist GOD is absent anyway, so might as well not exist."

So, in what way is atheism more likely truer than Deism?

Or, are the two positions so similar that they are not even in conflict with each other and may as well be the same thing?

After all, a deist idea of GOD in relation to this universe, might as well not exist. Which is precisely the atheist position on the subject of GOD.

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[Replying to post 10 by paarsurrey1]

Divine Insight wrote:

paarsurrey1 wrote:

Everybody who believes in the Truthful Religion, please.

DI writes:

Everyone who believes in a religion believes that their religion is the "Truthful" religion.

So apparently all religious folk are exactly alike.

parrsurrey answers:

Just like the Buddhism and Confucianism people, they are our brothers in humanity. Right, please?

No, they are your brothers in religion. Non-theists are not included in your mix although we are part of humanity as well.

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There is a huge misnomer about Deism which must be cleared up. While some Deists believe that God started the universe and then detatched from it, this belief is by no means universal among Deists. There is a considerable amount of speculation and debate among Deists about the degree to which God is involved with the universe.

As I said in another thread, adopting Carl Sagan's definition of the cosmos as "all that is or ever was or ever will be" establishes everything we know of----all things, forces and principles-----as part of the cosmos itself. In attempting to account for the existence of the cosmos, therefore, we can't invoke anything we know of without resorting to an explanation which is part of what we're trying to explain. So the cosmos not being self-explanatory suggests something existing beyond it as the source of its existence, and that puts us into the realm of a deistic "prime mover".

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