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Callum tells me he is simply listening.

Manu Iti. Certainly Callum! If I think there is anything immediately specific to your position, I will inform you. Otherwise, you can access The Story-Line in Act III to keep up to date with proceedings.

Let me know when you are at - or nearing The Cave entrance. There are a few things which have to be done before you can enter.

Anything else you think I might be able to help you with, do not hesitate to ask me Friend - I am but a moment away.


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Ngaru Whaea moves so quickly and purposefully toward my direction, that I am momentarily startled and The Gem responds to that by ejecting me from the Armchair and out into Ngaru Whaea's Chamber...as I hit the floor, I lose balance and end up face first before her feet.

Hands on hips, head slowly moving from side to side, The Queen of The Cats observes me as I rise, sheepishly grinning. She clicks Her tongue 5 times and then speaks.

Ngaru Whaea: Mani Iti. You are spying on me.

I quickly regain my composure

Manu Iti: We are all Observed By Many as you full well know Ngaru Whaea.

My ruse does not work...

Ngaru Whaea: You were spying on me Manu Iti. The question is 'why?'.
Your name has come up recently in relation to my missing Wampus Cat and Kitten. Tell me what you know about these events.

Manu Iti: Very well.

I explain as succinctly as possible the story as The Queen listens intently. After finishing, She invites me to be seated, pointing to a chair beside a desk, while She reclines on Her sofa.
Having sat down, I start to continue but She holds a finger up and signals me to hold that thought.

She then closes her eyes and in moments begins telling me that She sees through the eyes of the one called "Ruthie" and tells me what She is observing.

Ngaru Whaea: The one called Callum is The Human Male - I sensed his Christianity and ordered him gone. He appears to be meandering - in no particular hurry to be departing. He should already be within The Cave and making his way to The Portal of My Realm.

I am delighted to see that I am not the only one who thinks that Callum is moving far slower than he needs to...

Manu Iti: I think he might be a little hesitant, and he might not like the idea of leaving Ruthie behind.

The Queen ponders on this and then say's.

Ngaru Whaea: I feel Ruthies fondness for this Human. I might permit her to accompany the one called Callum, for some of his journey...to have eyes on that...

I think I see the irony.

Manu Iti: You want to spy on Callum?

The Queen opens her eyes to look at me.

Ngaru Whaea: This is my Realm. In what way would I be spying?

Manu Iti: Fair enough...but I am granted access to all the Realms, so how is that spying?

Ngaru Whaea ponders on this and then suddenly stands.

Ngaru Whaea: Can you take me to The Mystic Forest? To where The Mother Cat and Kitten are.

I grin cheekily.

Manu Iti: You mean - to where Tawa Mapahu is?

The Queen blushes - or at least I tell myself She is blushing...

Ngaru Whaea: I have spoken with Tawa Mapahu on several occasions now. He is interesting and I would like to meet him. Can you take me there, was what I asked you.

As I wonder on how to reply, The Gem suddenly becomes visible, and one section of its present geometrical shape opens up, as it did for me when in The First Hut.

The Queen raises her eyebrows...I smile...

Manu Iti: Apparently I can take you there, yes.

Still looking at The Gem, Ngaru Whaea say's something under Her breath and then looks at me.

After many moments of this, The Queen then turns from me and reclines once more on Her sofa.

Ngaru Whaea: I think for the present Manu Iti, I shall remain here and think about things a little more. Can you come if I call you?

Manu Iti: Of course Dear Queen Of The Cats. You just call out my name and you know wherever I am...

I smile lavishly...

Ngaru Whaea: Alright then - be gone with you Manu Iti.

Manu Iti: With that, another opening appears in The Gem, and I quickly move into it, and see the outline of a comfortable friend...ah - The Armchair! I head immediately to it and sit.
As I do, I hear Ngaru Whaea's voice and the screen shows a closeup of Her face....

Ngaru Whaea: Oh - and by the way Manu. Do not feel anymore that you need to spy on me.

I remain silent and zoom out a bit in order to see Her whole form reclining before me.

Ngaru Whaea: I know you are still here Manu Iti!

With that, I think of Master ColdFire, and am immediately taken to Hub Mound
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Generated Message: The Evolution of Morals - Interactions - Appealing, Informative, Honest - Endemic - Each - Preternatural - In The Night Sky - The Spirit of The Earth - Dohrman Prophecy Book Introduction:

I search for this and read out what is revealed.

Manu Iti:
  • The anthropologist, Francis Harwood, asked an elder about the myths and inclination of his Sioux tribe to tell stories, and asked him why his people tell stories from generation to generation.

    The elder answered, "in order to become human beings".

    So Harwood asked, "But we are not already human beings? The old man smiles in a controlled way, "Everyone does not become one".

    Becoming a human being is not as simple or automatic as most people believe. Of course, our bodies are human, but we can live in the vacuum of one who is indoctrinated to give his attention.

    Our attention is like an impulsive wind, scattered and uncertain of what to present, what to believe, what to express. Our true humanity remains in the chrysalis of a protected state, waiting to pierce the thin walls that contain it. What are these walls? Why do they exist? How can we come out of the chrysalis and spread our wings to explore the subtle dimensions beyond our human senses, and in doing so, become more human? These are the questions that are explored in Dohrman's Prophecy.
I find this most enlightening, not the least because one of my beliefs is that I am living a Story that Wiremu is Creating, and in that - if Wiremu actually exists, then this is a product of him 'becoming human' in context with what The Sioux Elder [_/] speaks to.
I pull up The List and shuffle it and then randomly select word-strings off of it.

Generated Message: Provenance - Eighty Six Billion Neurons - The Lord - Keep an Eye On - Enough To Make Me Wonder - Panpsychist

I continue to read the Book Introduction...

Manu Iti:
  • Like a young child, you can look at an apple tree, see the apples hanging from a branch and believe that they have grown from the branch. Later, you realize that the branch is only a part of the tree, the tree is only a part of the Earth and the Earth is only part of the cosmos. In this chain of interconnections, you can almost understand how the apple grows from the universe. So she is with each of us. Regardless of which branch (culture or ethnicity) we come from, we are developing from the universe as a whole and, in response, the universe is developing from our collective essence.

This gives me the idea that perhaps I am an aspect of a mirror effect which The Universe creates through Wiremu's creativity...an intriguing way in which to think about things...this also supports the suspicion I have recently built up...that perhaps we are creating each other - simultaneously...

Generated Message: The Mother - The Evolution of Morals - Perception - Hold/Have - Use Heart When Doing The Science - Pineal Gland - The Twelve Judges Mountain Range - Knowledge Required to Resolve Uncertainty - Making Things Easier.

I am getting that. I read on;

Manu Iti:
    The Apocrypha of John, a text from the Nag Hammadi, says, "We work closely with the goddess Earth so that our higher wisdom can correct what it lacks through the expression of light we hold and share. "

    Gnostics believed in a superior relationship between Earth and humanity. They understood that the realignment of life on Earth with our cosmic center was the spiral of coevolution that made us truly human because we were able to perceive the Earth as a part of us. I realize that people are prone to communicate with the heavens when they think about their spirituality, but sometimes what we look for in branches can only be found in the roots. The Earth plays a central role in the story of Dohrman's Prophecy, expressed through his characters who are stone, trees, animals and other elements.

    The Earth is the founding force in this story, and it is precisely because its presence is so strong, that the subtle energies of the higher dimensions can be used as the counterpoint in a musical composition. Although this story is based on a mythological place and time, what is important to know is that history takes you away from your self-talk so you can act as a holistic reader or listener, fully integrating the story and its archetypes without comparing your time and place to that of the characters in the story.

    Christianity moved away from that and think of such things as 'Pagan' and therefore cast a shadow over it, and think of it as 'evil'. It has for many Christians, become 'The Devil'.

    Generated Message: All Choice is An Act of Judgment -

    If not all, then certainly (and obviously) judgement-based choices.

    Generated Message: Green Light - Loved - Propel - Now Here - New Project - The Played Piece.

    I wonder what other words come under that number and do some calculations; There are quite a few items on that list; I read these out...

    Manu Iti:
    The Human Brain
    The Game of Chess
    The Tree of Life
    Arms Crossed
    The Digital Angel
    To Accomplish
    Do a Word Search
    Homo Sapiens
    The Played Piece

    Generated Message: The Vessel of Argument Sinks - Eternal Passion! - Everything is an expression of GOD - Now Here - Another - Further - In The Team of the Collective - Are - Creation of a New Universe - Thinking Allowed - Metanoia - The Twelve Judges Mountain Range - Solar System - Without Comparison - To Accomplish - Longing - The Human Interface - You Know or You Don't know - The Neutral Zone - AQAL - The Data of Experience - Crafted - It Seemed Like a Good Idea at The Time - A Pragmatic Realization Precipitated In My Mind - The Need Determines the Value - You Are Watched Over Perpetually.

    There is much to ponder upon. I decide that I would like to sit by The Campfire and enjoy my thoughts while eating stew and scones...and maybe afterwards, having a pipe.
    The Gem immediately responds to my thought and takes me to Hub Mound. I see Master ColdFire is kicking back relaxing in the Campfire, as it gives of beautiful blue flames...I disembark and join him, happy to be back.


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    Suddenly I get an Idea. Maybe it is the effect of The 'Erb but "whatever", I inwardly shrug.

    Looking up at The Gem, suspended a clacks distance above us, I ask Her a question...

    Manu Iti: Gem. Is it possible for Ngaru Whaea to have a Gem of Her own? That way She does not have to depend on Us to take Her places She needs to be...

    The Gem Responds by changing from the White-Light She normally is, To a Green Light.

    I intuit that as being a "yes" -

    Manu Iti: Can We do this now?

    Immediately The Gem descends until She is just hovering a fract above the grassy nub. A panel opens and - getting up, I proceed towards it.

    Manu Iti: We will be right back, Master ColdFire!

    Faster than light, we are back in Ngaru Whaea's pallor, and I see She is still reclined on Her sofa. She looks up from what She was doing and speaks.

    Ngaru Whaea: What is it now Manu Iti? And is there not a bell you can ring before you come barging in?

    I chuckle.

    Manu Iti: Sorry milady. Won't happen again!
    We have come with news, so I though I would catch you while the iron was still hot.

    Ngare Whaea simply waits for Manu Iti to continue. After slightly too much pause, Manu Iti realizes The Queen is waiting...

    Manu Iti: Gem?

    Gem responds by opening a portal and allowing a Seed-Gem to float from within and out into The Cat Queens Chamber.
    The Seed-Gem moves over to The Queen as She sits up on her sofa, a delighted look on Her face.

    In a flash I find myself back over The CampFire, as The Gem gently descends to let me get back to what I had been doing.

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    As I sit by the Campfire thinking on recent events, I find myself smiling at the way things work out.
    Regardless of circumstance, one is always in a story, and There Are Myriad Stories Happening Within The Main Story. I add that phrase to the main Word-String List.

    That is what the Dohrman Prophecy Book Introduction is speaking to, and I see why it was selected as part of the generated message - in order to convey this understanding to me.

    It is intriguing.

    Sometimes - and even often - we can easily miss aspects of our own story-line and this then allows for the possibility of going off on an otherwise unnecessary tangent.

    One example of this that I recently found, was when reviewing Act III I am speaking with Callum and I ask him if he has any memories prior to coming to Hub Mound...referring to Hub Mound as "This Place".

    Callum replied that he had no prior memory and simply 'woke up' but I see now he misunderstood my question as me asking him about him finding himself in The Realm of The Cats...it shows me the necessity to make sure one is on the same page. I make a note to myself to correct the misunderstand when I next see Callum.

    I decide to continue with my examination of the Dohrman Prophecy Book Introduction,

    Manu Iti:
    • Hierophany is a Greek term used to describe the manifestation of the sacred. Hierophanies are advances of divine energies in the material world. They are like portals between dimensions.

    I check out the numerical value of that word and view the list;

    Manu Iti:
    No Barriers
    Write a Book
    Know This
    Graphic Changes
    Quiet Time

    Very interesting! I turn on some soothing recorded nature sounds with relaxing music...

    Generated Message: The Respect You Give and Receive - Unless of course, you think otherwise -

    It is always about how the individual thinks...

    Generated Message: Be Aware - What Do You Like About It - Sharing Data - Message Generator System of Random Selection of Word-Strings -

    I am aware that I enjoy the synchronicity of it as well as finding ways in which to convey the reality of it to others who might also appreciate it for what it is.

    Generated Message: Through The Unconscious Mind - Yes…I Hear You - Wampus Cat

    I sit back and think about that. This is how Ngaru Whaea was able to understand the feelings Ruthie has for Callum. This is what The Generated Message is speaking about. It is not just random selection and accident. There is a Mind behind the process - a merging of minds as it were....

    Generated Message: Explain - Couple - Preparation - Escape - Acknowledge The Agreeable -

    This is about how to retrieve The Mother Wampus Cat and Kitten as Ngaru Whaea and I had recently spoken about...

    Generated Message: Evidence We Actively Collect

    Manu Iti: Indeed we do!

    Generated Message: According - Making it up as you go along - I'm okay with that - That Is Sad But Don’t Let It Distract You -

    I wonder what is sad about it...and what exactly 'It' is referring to...

    Generated Message: Perpetually - Is It True Is It Kind Is It Useful - A Maze Game -

    Manu Iti: Oh - do you mean the upcoming Cave adventure?

    Generated Message: Sagacious - Hearing And Listening -

    Manu Iti: I think it would be a great learning experience for both Callum and myself to go through such a process. The only sadness I recall is Callum saying how he would feel about having to part with Ruthie, but he also said in the same breath that he was excited about going into the Cave system...

    Generated Message: The Father - It’s both a break-in and a break-out -

    Manu Iti: True that!

    Generated Message: A Beautiful Song...

    I listen to the music playing and have to agree...

    Generated Message: Green Chemistry - Try - Sweet - The Christchurch EQ - The United Nations - Further - In Training For…- Get The Truth - Teach - The Twelve Disciples - Habit - Make - Astral - Following Your Intuition - Aligning - Help - Thanks For The Heads Up -

    I continue reading out the DP Intro...

    Manu Iti:
    • Myths do not translate a simple or determined thought. They are light providers to all who approach them with their growing sense of unity. They make sense to me, to you and to everyone, but that meaning can be very different for each of us, so it's important to value the diversity of interpretation or, at least, to allow differences to interact and to form new perspectives.

    Generated Message: Dance - Cymatics - Vibration - Reason - Appealing, Informative, Honest - Rest When Weary - Deconstruct The Message - Forum - Crazy Diamonds - Behind The Veil - Creating Gateways Into Other Dimensions - Measurements - Evaluate

    Manu Iti: Harmony is an essential aspect of a Hierophant.

      I search the word 'Hierophant'...

      Manu Iti: A person, especially a priest, who interprets sacred mysteries or esoteric principles.

      I see there is also reference to The Tarot...I take a closer look...

      Manu Iti: Depiction: The Hierophant is seen seated on a throne between two pillars symbolizing law and liberty or obedience and disobedience. He wears a triple crown, and the keys to Heaven are at his feet.
      Meaning: Hierophant stands for tradition and convention. It can represent marriage in an arranged setup. It can also mean a teacher or counsellor who will help in learning / education of the querent.

      I continue reading through the Intro...

      Manu Iti:
      • People who live in close contact with their environment do not seek to control it, but rather to understand it, to establish a form of harmony with it. ... Each person has a rich and complex internal structure that responds to information, especially hierophantic information that fuses Earth's archetypes and higher dimensional energies. It is this internal structure that guides them as the sonar guides a ship.

        Our "sonar" is what we use to direct our life, and you can think of it as the intuitive faculty. That's what I advise you to listen to as you read. There is a mutual interdependence between all participants on this reading path, and therefore the formation of a community - a true community that is benevolent and encouraging - seems a wise and important part of this project. You can read this web book and see only words and images, but if you feel the thread, it will lead you to a hidden order; subtle, implicit, patiently waiting to be unveiled as part of this project by someone like you

      Generated Message: Who/What/When/Where/Why/How - Nature of The Holographic Universes - Quite - Point of Contact - God Ideas - Hearing And Listening - Theory - Is It True Is It Kind Is It Useful - Making it up as you go along ...

      I know there is substance to this wisdom...importantly if one is forced to figure things out from scratch, one is wise to look for truth in any given situation which assists the individual in navigating...

      Generated Message: According - Acknowledge The Agreeable - Word2Number Calculator - Do You Remember - Proven

      Manu Iti: Yes - Such data is unable to be easily and truthfully discarded as irrelevant.

      Generated Message: Automated Machine Learning - Those who need to complain - "What Is Our Purpose?" - The Number One Nine Two - Spiritual Preparedness...

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      I see what looks like a cave ahead of me. It seems to be the entrance that Manu Iti has spoken of. Eventually I make it there.

      Callum: Ready when you are, Manu Iti.

      I turn to my feline companion. She nuzzles against my hand and then my side.

      Callum: And I think this means a soon good-bye to you, Ruthie.

      She purrs back, licks my arm, and then lays down beside me. I knew she would stay with me until the end.

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      As I am studying the Generated Message, I hear Callum's voice issuing from The Gem...telling me he is ready.

      Manu Iti: Okay! I have been waiting for this moment!

      I turn to Master ColdFire.

      Manu Iti: Hang around Master ColdFire. It will take some time for Callum to navigate The Cave to The Portal of The Realm of The Cats. I will let you know closer to the end of that Journey, when you can proceed into The Tabula Rasa and go meet us at the other side of The Realm of Cats Portal.

      Master ColdFire signals he is okay with that and I move toward The Gem, which has already lowered Itself sufficient for me to board Her.

      No sooner have I sat down in The Armchair, than I am transported instantly to where Callum and Ruthie are, outside the caves entrance.

      The Gem remains in Invisible Mode.

      Manu Iti: Excellent Callum! I have some encouraging news. Ngaru Whaea has informed me that She is going to allow Ruthie to accompany you
      - at least some of the way.

      I then get down to business.

      Manu Iti: Inside your Knapsack you will find a small wand-like instrument with a button on one end of it.

      You will have noticed that the gateway entrance to The Cave is blocked by an electric field. You need to take the instrument and make sure the dial is set to a Blue color. A small marker will show you what position to turn the blue facet of the dial to.


      Manu Iti: If you look closely at the gate over the cave entrance you will see a small round hole. Place the other end of the wand into that hole and press the purple-ish button in the middle of the opposite end.

      This will disengage the Electric Energy Field and give you and Ruthie the opportunity to step through and into the cave proper.

      Do this with haste, as you will only have a brief time in which to do so before the EEF reboots and you don't want to be in the way when that happens.

      I am glad that the Cave journey is finally under way, and that Ruthie has been allowed to accompany Callum...

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      Just within the main entrance...

      Post by William »


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      Once more I focus on finishing The DP introduction and its fascinating insight into the nature of story-telling.

      Manu Iti:
      • William Sullivan wrote, "You first feel a myth and you understand it later" .If you are trying to analyze what you read to turn it into immediate comprehension, you can look at the imprint part of the story, the part where you become everything in the story. This is the state of intuition, I would ask you to read and listen because, because of this state, you will reap the greatest good.

      It is easy to miss things as the story progresses and we loss concentration and allow ourselves to go off on a tangent...I shuffle the Main List again...For some reason I think I shall also randomly select a page and then select each word-string as it presents itself on said page...in deciding this, I copy the whole list and paste it 10 times into a new temporary document, for this purpose...shuffling it each time...I check the temporary list for duplicates - and yes - there are 10 of each word-string line...I then randomly select one page...I have selected page 421 of 479 pages...

      Generated Message: Manifest Destiny
      Outposts Of Form Small Penumbraa God Ideas Not a Problem!
      Unfolding Nicely The Tanagers Message To Wiremu Creatio Ex Deo The Father
      Keep an Eye On All The Theories Regarding ‘The Gods’ Commitment
      Go For It! The Life Essence :) The Plateau of The Same Page Rejuvenate
      Eisegeting ...and the way forward, eyes wide open Chamber Of Self Lift
      Dualic Energies Weak We Are Us Phenomenon Idea Treasure To Find Seduce
      The Significance Aye...A name I call myself. :) You Are Nobodies Victim – Ever.
      Preparation Truth Seekers Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful.
      Making it up as you go along Intelligence with Wisdom The Void Coherence
      Around The Next Corner Synchronicity and the Holographic Universe
      Musing On The Mother Act II Anger Spring Asking Politely Shuussssh
      The Human Brain Have One For Me Interactive Universal Balance and Harmony

      I am impressed with what is revealed there...a conformation of things already having happened and a hint of things to come...I carry on with the DP Intro...

      Manu Iti:
      • Every character in the story is a part of each of us. As you go deeper into your reading path, you will discover aspects of yourself that are obvious and others that are hidden or dumb. There may be some characters that you would prefer to reject, but I encourage you to invite each one of them into your heart and listen to each one carefully.

      Again I randomly select a page from the temporary list...page 352

      Generated Message: Lots More Seductive Light The Human Being
      Course Callum's Seventh Point The Nature of Role-Play Within Story-Lines
      Augment Reform/Refine Move On There Are Myriad Stories Happening Within The Main Story Encouraging Indication With The Assistance Of That Deep One
      The Underlying Mechanics Life Principles of Sovereign Integral Help Each Other
      Wide Ah - The Mechanics Humans are programmed to become integrated with technology Natural Rulers Working With What Is Available Accept We Exist Infinitely
      In The Flow Necessity is The Mother of Invention Fly Common Ground Intention Reason Tricky Solving Mathematical Problems Subatomic Particles All The Same
      Tracks in the Snow Important The Trap of Assumption Together The Face of God
      What Shall We Call It? Unicus Expression Of The Human Being Keep An Eye Out for Your Neighbours Test The Waters Universal Belief System Anything Wish Conspiracy Emotions. The Sensation of God’s Presence Inside Us Especially

      Manu Iti: You can't make this stuff up!

      I chuckle like a child bursting with a secret hard to share...not because it is a secret which should be hidden, but because it is something hidden perhaps through willful ignorance...by those who would rather not know. I find it difficult to comprehend why anyone would want to hide from this knowledge.

      Manu Iti:
      • Dohrman's Prophecy is very different from WingMakers Materials, but what they have in common is the intention to call the 21st century hierophantic information and share it with as many people as possible. My hope is that this story becomes a path for your individual spiritual nature, and that it helps you to contemplate the intimate and profound qualities within you. The story, with your help, will continue to grow. Its value will evolve. I hope you enjoy her and listen to her composite voice, remembering that it's really yours. From my heart to yours,

      I wonder who 'James' is and if he is referring to The Mother when he wrote "her"...I intuit that he is...that The Story, in its makeup and in its completeness IS The Mother...


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      Manu Iti tells me that Ruthie will be allowed to accompany me some of the way. I smile within. I've already sensed that Ruthie had desired to go no further. I wonder the wisdom in that, as Ngaru Whaea seemed a bit controlling in nature and wants to spy on me through Ruthie, but that is Ruthie's choice. I then follow the instructions Manu Iti gave me to get past the metric field. I make sure the dial is set to a Blue color. I then place one end of the wand into the hole above the cave entrance and press the purplish button. I walk through the field, saying good-bye to Ruthie, who turns and darts away.

      [Link to notes concerning Ruthie and issue of who created her character.]