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PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 8:10 pm  Musing On The Mother - ACT III Reply with quote

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As I am studying the Generated Message, I hear Callum's voice issuing from The Gem...telling me he is ready.

Manu Iti: Okay! I have been waiting for this moment!

I turn to Master ColdFire.

Manu Iti: Hang around Master ColdFire. It will take some time for Callum to navigate The Cave to The Portal of The Realm of The Cats. I will let you know closer to the end of that Journey, when you can proceed into The Tabula Rasa and go meet us at the other side of The Realm of Cats Portal.

Master ColdFire signals he is okay with that and I move toward The Gem, which has already lowered Itself sufficient for me to board Her.

No sooner have I sat down in The Armchair, than I am transported instantly to where Callum and Ruthie are, outside the caves entrance.

The Gem remains in Invisible Mode.

Manu Iti: Excellent Callum! I have some encouraging news. Ngaru Whaea has informed me that She is going to allow Ruthie to accompany you
- at least some of the way.

I then get down to business.

Manu Iti: Inside your Knapsack you will find a small wand-like instrument with a button on one end of it.

You will have noticed that the gateway entrance to The Cave is blocked by an electric field. You need to take the instrument and make sure the dial is set to a Blue color. A small marker will show you what position to turn the blue facet of the dial to.

Manu Iti: If you look closely at the gate over the cave entrance you will see a small round hole. Place the other end of the wand into that hole and press the purple-ish button in the middle of the opposite end.

This will disengage the Electric Energy Field and give you and Ruthie the opportunity to step through and into the cave proper.

Do this with haste, as you will only have a brief time in which to do so before the EEF reboots and you don't want to be in the way when that happens.

I am glad that the Cave journey is finally under way, and that Ruthie has been allowed to accompany Callum...

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Just within the main entrance...

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Once more I focus on finishing The DP introduction and its fascinating insight into the nature of story-telling.

Manu Iti:
    William Sullivan wrote, "You first feel a myth and you understand it later" .If you are trying to analyze what you read to turn it into immediate comprehension, you can look at the imprint part of the story, the part where you become everything in the story. This is the state of intuition, I would ask you to read and listen because, because of this state, you will reap the greatest good.

It is easy to miss things as the story progresses and we loss concentration and allow ourselves to go off on a tangent...I shuffle the Main List again...For some reason I think I shall also randomly select a page and then select each word-string as it presents itself on said deciding this, I copy the whole list and paste it 10 times into a new temporary document, for this purpose...shuffling it each time...I check the temporary list for duplicates - and yes - there are 10 of each word-string line...I then randomly select one page...I have selected page 421 of 479 pages...

Generated Message: Manifest Destiny
Outposts Of Form Small Penumbraa God Ideas Not a Problem!
Unfolding Nicely The Tanagers Message To Wiremu Creatio Ex Deo The Father
Keep an Eye On All The Theories Regarding ‘The Gods’ Commitment
Go For It! The Life Essence Smile The Plateau of The Same Page Rejuvenate
Eisegeting ...and the way forward, eyes wide open Chamber Of Self Lift
Dualic Energies Weak We Are Us Phenomenon Idea Treasure To Find Seduce
The Significance Aye...A name I call myself. Smile You Are Nobodies Victim – Ever.
Preparation Truth Seekers Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful.
Making it up as you go along Intelligence with Wisdom The Void Coherence
Around The Next Corner Synchronicity and the Holographic Universe
Musing On The Mother Act II Anger Spring Asking Politely Shuussssh
The Human Brain Have One For Me Interactive Universal Balance and Harmony

I am impressed with what is revealed there...a conformation of things already having happened and a hint of things to come...I carry on with the DP Intro...

Manu Iti:
    Every character in the story is a part of each of us. As you go deeper into your reading path, you will discover aspects of yourself that are obvious and others that are hidden or dumb. There may be some characters that you would prefer to reject, but I encourage you to invite each one of them into your heart and listen to each one carefully.

Again I randomly select a page from the temporary 352

Generated Message: Lots More Seductive Light The Human Being
Course Callum's Seventh Point The Nature of Role-Play Within Story-Lines
Augment Reform/Refine Move On There Are Myriad Stories Happening Within The Main Story Encouraging Indication With The Assistance Of That Deep One
The Underlying Mechanics Life Principles of Sovereign Integral Help Each Other
Wide Ah - The Mechanics Humans are programmed to become integrated with technology Natural Rulers Working With What Is Available Accept We Exist Infinitely
In The Flow Necessity is The Mother of Invention Fly Common Ground Intention Reason Tricky Solving Mathematical Problems Subatomic Particles All The Same
Tracks in the Snow Important The Trap of Assumption Together The Face of God
What Shall We Call It? Unicus Expression Of The Human Being Keep An Eye Out for Your Neighbours Test The Waters Universal Belief System Anything Wish Conspiracy Emotions. The Sensation of God’s Presence Inside Us Especially

Manu Iti: You can't make this stuff up!

I chuckle like a child bursting with a secret hard to share...not because it is a secret which should be hidden, but because it is something hidden perhaps through willful those who would rather not know. I find it difficult to comprehend why anyone would want to hide from this knowledge.

Manu Iti:
    Dohrman's Prophecy is very different from WingMakers Materials, but what they have in common is the intention to call the 21st century hierophantic information and share it with as many people as possible. My hope is that this story becomes a path for your individual spiritual nature, and that it helps you to contemplate the intimate and profound qualities within you. The story, with your help, will continue to grow. Its value will evolve. I hope you enjoy her and listen to her composite voice, remembering that it's really yours. From my heart to yours,

I wonder who 'James' is and if he is referring to The Mother when he wrote "her"...I intuit that he is...that The Story, in its makeup and in its completeness IS The Mother...


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Manu Iti tells me that Ruthie will be allowed to accompany me some of the way. I smile within. I've already sensed that Ruthie had desired to go no further. I wonder the wisdom in that, as Ngaru Whaea seemed a bit controlling in nature and wants to spy on me through Ruthie, but that is Ruthie's choice. I then follow the instructions Manu Iti gave me to get past the metric field. I make sure the dial is set to a Blue color. I then place one end of the wand into the hole above the cave entrance and press the purplish button. I walk through the field, saying good-bye to Ruthie, who turns and darts away.

[Link to notes concerning Ruthie and issue of who created her character.]

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As Callum enters the Cave, he say's goodbye to Ruthie, thinking that he sees Her turn and dart away. He has forgotten that he cannot control the actions of another Creators Character and Ngaru Whaea allows him his illusion, and once his back is turned, Ruthie darts through the entrance just before the EEF engages again and seals that way as an exit from the Cave.

The floor of the entrance is quite littered with the rubble of loose rocks and Ruthie - Queen Ngaru Whaea 'eyes' for now - takes advantage of Callums having to take care walking on the rubble, by concealing Herself in the Shadows, unnoticed.

Three or four clacks into the cave entrance are items of interest [Note] . Hopefully Callum will not miss them.

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As I walk through the beginning of the cave, I notice a few crystals of varying colors and a loose envelope lying nearby.

Callum: Manu Iti, what do you make of these crystals and envelope?

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As I continue to examine the DP Introduction, I am interrupted by, and puzzled with Callum asking me what I make of the crystals and envelope left near the caves entrance.

I click the link I had made and read out the content.

Manu Iti:
    Items Of Interest

    IOI's are specific to situations where the Characters in The Story-Line have access to things which appear to them.

    In this example, not far into the caves entrance, there are two IOI's which the character can interact with, pick up, use immediately or carry with him, to perhaps find use for at a future event in The Story Timeline.

    A Character is not obligated to interact with any IOI's although it is highly advised that they do.

    In relation to envelopes and messages, If a Character does interact with such, they can only go so far as to open it and read it. They cannot make up what the contents of the message might be...and must wait for that to be revealed.

I close the link.

Manu Iti: Would you like to interact with these IOI's Callum?

I then wonder if Callum is asking for advice...

Manu Iti: If you want my advice on interacting with these items Callum, what I can say is that messages contained in envelopes more often than not, will be integral to you navigating through the cave system. As to the crystals, I would at least examine these and probably place them in my knapsack, as they appear to be quite unique and likely will have some use, further on into the adventure.

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While I await Callum's reply, I decide to tell him about the latest Generated Message to do with The Dohrman Prophecy book.

Manu Iti: So then Callum. I Generated a Message recently which made mention of an introduction of an old book which I believe I may have read a long time ago.

In searching for and finding the introduction, I have The Distinct Impression [_/] that last time I read it, I completely missed the idea that the main Character - a Human by the name of "Cadriel" - who comes from an Ancient Tribe which practiced inner visualization in order to interact with said visualization in a real way.

My impression is that when I first read that introduction, I completely missed seeing that point...the the story was about him experiencing a story as real, in his mind.

I chuckle at the irony of that - and continue...

Manu Iti: I suppose the point of me sharing that with you is to focus attention back to our discussion of using the String-List and Generating Messages...

Do you remember where we were at in that conversation?

I leave it at that, as I feel that Callum is contemplating the cluster of crystals, and don't want to distract him any further than I already have...

Manu Iti: I understand you are busy deciding what to do with these IOI's, but if you would like to talk more on the Generated Messages, just let me know, for I am keen to continue our discussion on the Science of the Process...

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While Callum is deciding what to do with the IOI, I occupy myself with continuing where I left off with the The DP introduction.

I am up to the Prologue part of the DP appears to be about a Human Being called Cadriel, who is walking in an ancient forest in the predawn darkness - it is a forest he has created in his mind, and he explores its mystery to find what might be hidden behind the mystery. He is looking for something real...

This was a practice of certain members of his Tribe. Sometimes he complained to The GrandMother about his lack of results and she would always answer , "When your intention and your heart walk on the same path, you will be able to see what is real about the shadow", so he would always keep trying...even though he was not sure exactly why he was trying to do it...

This time though, things were different. And it came, not with a shadow, but with a strange, pulsating glow of light filling the western end of the normally dark forest.

Cadriel was naturally curious because this was something new, but just as quickly his curiosity turned to fear, as a low growl, felt more with his body than heard with his ears, spilled onto the forest floor.
The woods he was in, exploded instantly with restless birds, crickets, frogs and squirrels echoing their cries of panic. A wild and contagious terror spread throughout the forest like an electric shock reaching all the inhabitants regardless of their size. All the creatures in the forest were welded together as one organism, observing and feeling with their trembling senses.

I see right there, is where Cadriel became aware of the reality he was looking for and at the same time, he completely forgets that he is in a story in his mind. I suppose that is the whole point of experiencing something as being real.

He was no longer in his comfortable dwelling with his Wise old GrandMother so close to him that he could reach out and touch her, but he was now absorbed completely by the very thing he was attempting to do. So absorbed and now so frightened, that he appears to have forgotten his prior reality altogether. So captivated by his experience in his mind being made real for him to interact with.

Still using the 10x Word-String List comprising of 479 pages, I randomly select a page and from that, Generate a Message...the page number selected is 60.

Generated Message: The Lord Nuclear We Can Do Magic! Warm Presence Welcome The Dolphins And Whales Shallow The Ruru An Opportunity To Commune Sangreal Mind/Thought Space Written In The Clouds
The Right Tool For The Job Inspection OWOBIK Love Takes One For The Team Child
Extreme Attention to Detail Spring Loaded Paradise Entityism Hyper-normalisation
QueenBee Form Builders Significance The Idea of Worship - What Does It Mean How
Prevailing Influence Healing The Beast What Are Your Thoughts Music Stay The Course
Earth Mother Wow! Contumacious Play Chess Apocalypse The External Voice The Main Points on the Agenda YHWH God/Source/Home I Think I Could Still Love Even In Total Darkness Astral Explorer Hide and Seek Out of Proportion Dualism Separates Because Oneness Remains Hidden From Its Selves Unknown Symbol Source Intelligence and Lyricus facilitate the process throughout the Grand Universe Productive Rationality Anti Theism

I ponder on the Message and am aware of my thoughts and how they are shaped by the conjunction with my external reality. I then continue to read from the Prologue part of the DP story... Cadriels shock is only causing momentary amnesia, and he is soon remembering his GrandMother and Tribe again, whilst still experiencing the light and sound and smell and feel of the forest in his mind, as real.

Effectively he is in two worlds at the same time, but his dominant reality is now the forest setting. He is confused by the merging of realities and worries that he should run and warn his Tribe of the possible danger within the forest...

But there is a part of him he becomes aware of - and refers to in the feminine. She seems more controlled and purposeful and at ease and he feels his feet move toward the light and sound, rather than fleeing from them, as he would be doing - instinctively - of it were only up to him...

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Manu Iti gives me some advice on the IOI's. I put the crystals and envelope into my bag. I then continue walking. Manu Iti then draws our attention back to the generated messages.

Callum: As far as I can recall and see, you were responding to what you thought was my argument that a message is scientifically invalid if it can be interpreted differently. That was not my claim. I was basically saying two things. One, that the generated messages were not good, scientific evidence for their being an intelligence outside of ourselves (although I do think there is an intelligence outside of ourselves).

And, two, that this generated-message method of communication would be a very poor choice by said intelligence, if it wanted to get a specific meaning to us. If it controls us to get the message it wants, then the method is a useless charade. If we are free beings in some sense, then there is so much that could get in the way of its intended message. Our choice of words and phrases to use, for instance. Or our own reading into the generated message's gaps.

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