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How can someone have a misconception about Mary.

When she is mentioned doing around 9 acts or things in the bible.

1. Receiving the Angels WORD and commandment TO GET MARRIED to JOSEPH......

and Then and There She heard she is pregnant and goes on to have the CHILD Jesus...

Luk 1:47 And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior.

2. Running to Egypt TO FLEE from ROME ./ Herod To hide her Child as Rome murdered all the 1 st Born... of Israel

3. Going to Jerusalem for PURIFICATION and sacrifice.... for her cleansing ceremony.

4. Looking for Jesus, for 3 days, Finding Him in the Temple...

5. At a wedding, Wanting more wine for the wedding Mary asked for WINE...

6. Coming from home with her family / To VISIT Jesus WITH HER SONS and DAUGHTERS as Jesus is preaching To his disciples

{ Jesus Says That He does no t CONSIDER MARY his mother, Saying WHO ? - WHY is this My MOTHER .... - Look He says pointing to his disciples HERE IS my mother and BROTHERS and sisters ...... NOT reality God has no mother....

7. At his death FOR a moment BEFORE JESUS died He said concerning John *( Mary's real Natural Son ) - WOMAN, look at your Son..

Mary's son, took MARY - HIs mother away, in private / ALONE.

The Greek word is a word meaning SEPERATE, ALONE private.....

8. Bringing Spices and looking after her sons DEAD BODY.

9. At the day of Pentecost Receiving the Baptism Of the HOLY spirit......


WHAT do u have to correct, or add.. to MARYS role in Gods word ?

There is no other Mary Mother Of Jesus - in the Bible.

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