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Plagues of Egypt

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According to Moses there are 10 plagues of Egypt.
The last is the most important for many reasons including it forced Pharaoh's hand to finally let them go.
It has been celebrated since the time of Moses until today, by every single prophet of the bible including Jesus.
It is NOT found in the Koran...there are only 9 plagues.
WHY didn't Mohammed know about it???
Or did he hide it??
Or did Jibril hide it.
Or is it that the god of Islam isn't YHVH??

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Re: Plagues of Egypt

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That's interesting. I hadn't noticed that.

From a source perspective, the Qur'an seems to know a number of Christian traditions that differ from the New Testament as well as spotty knowledge of the Old Testament. That leads to weird things like Jesus being Moses' nephew (the Qur'an conflates Mary, Jesus' mother with Miriam, Moses and Aaron's sister).

If we look at this another way, though, this could be seen as confirmation that the Qur'an retains a genuine tradition that was corrupted in the transmission of the Bible. Surah 27 ("The Ants"), verse 12 says that the nine "signs" included the non-plague sign from Exodus 4:6. The plagues in the Bible actually come from two different sources (the "E" source and the "P" source of the Documentary Hypothesis). The "E" source only contains eight plagues (blood, frogs, flies, livestock, hail, locusts, darkness, the Passover) and the "P" source contains four (blood, frogs, lice, boils). There are two overlaps, making ten unique plagues total. Since "P" is usually considered to be exilic or post-exilic, one could argue that the eight listed by "E" are the actual, historical plagues and adding "P" corrupted the text. Combine eight plagues (which aren't enumerated in the verse) with the white hand parlor trick from 4:6 and you get nine signs.

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