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PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 8:10 pm  Musing On The Mother - ACT III Reply with quote

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Manu Iti: Would you like to hear a story Callum?

Callum looks up from the plate of food he has been focusing on and squints at The Gem.

Callum: I suppose so Manu Iti. What's it about?

Callum continues devouring the stew as I answer.

Manu Iti: This is a Story about how all this came 'this' I mean, The Hologram Universes.

Callum nods as he swallows down the last of the meal and wipes his mouth.

Callum: Now that would be an interesting story Manu Iti! But is it that if you have always been here, if the actual Hologram Universes haven't?

Callum's expression is shrewd.

Manu Iti: It is complicated Callum. As I Tell The Story, it will likely become apparent to you.

Callum's expression changes to one of interest.

Callum: Alright. I will get my things together and you can tell me as I...walk.

Callum begins to search through his Knapsack finding the torch and securing the straps, closing it and swinging it over and onto his back.
The Service Bot retrieves the eating utensils and The Gem opens a facet in Her side to let it back in.
Callum points the light of his torch toward the way in which he intends travelling. A glint of something shiny reflects back to him from the darkness. He walks over it. There is a Cave Disk half exposed in one of the multiple fractures in this part of The Cave systems walls.

Callum reaches up and takes hold of the Disk between his thumb and forefinger and gently tweaks it from side to side.

Callum: I have found another Cave Disk Manu Iti. It appears to be fairly loose and should slide out easily.

Manu Iti: Nice one Callum! That will give you the next section of your map.

Callum almost decides to pull the Disk from the fracture. Remembering Manu Iti's warning about checking for traps, he stops himself.

Callum: How will I be able to check for any trap with this Disk Manu Iti? Any trap mechanism will be hidden in the wall.

Callum tip-toes and attempts to squint into the fracture, the torch-light giving him scant access to the secrets within.

Manu Iti: You need the Disk Callum. Sometimes our choice is limited to one thing only, in regard to requirement.

Callum: How about The Gem? Can the Gem scan the wall and expose traps.

The Gem flicks from white to green and back again, signifying that She can do this for Callum.

A beam of focused light emerges from The Gem and moves over the whole section of the Cave Wall. On my armrest a symbol blinks on and off, and then an image appears on the screen before me.

The image shows the scanned wall, and I can see beyond the surface fractures, an intricate set-up of an obviously mechanical apparatus - undoubtedly a trap system.
I report my finding to Callum.

Manu Iti: There appears to be a trap-mechanism Callum. If you pull the Disk from the fracture, you will set off a trap. What kind of trap that will be, I cannot say.

I press the flashing symbol and The Gem continues surveying the rest of the wall, following the obvious mechanics. The Screen shows me that there is a hidden wall in the ceiling which will be triggered and cause the section of The Cave we have come from, to be blocked off if The Disk is removed.

I report my findings to Callum.

Callum: What if I pull The Disk out until the mechanism engages, and then put it back in, to see if the disk also acts as a key.

Manu Iti: I like the way you are thinking Callum!
Remember though, The Disc might not be a key and we will be forced to continue on this path. Right now you have the choice to double back and try one of the other paths.

Callum: I know Manu Iti. However, the Message Generator has me on This Path, so I say "Let's Get On With It."

Callum pulls The Cave Disk from the fracture and there is an immediate rumble, followed by the sound of stone moving against stone, as the hidden wall begins to descend toward the floor.

When the stone reaches the halfway point, Callum replaces the Cave Disk back into the wall fracture, and the wall begins to return into the socket of its hideaway.

Callum: Well at least I know that the Cave Disk is also a Key, so if we have to, we can return this way.

Once again Callum removes the Disk from the fracture, and the Stone Wall begins to descend again.
Callum ignores that, as he focuses his attention on the symbol etched into the Disk.

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Callum slides the Cave Disk into his Tablet device and immediately another section map is revealed to him, and the inky darkness before him begins to dissipate.

Callum: Not far to the first fork. Only it is a crossroad rather than a fork.

Callum moves forward quickly. The passage zigs and zags on a downward angle for many clacks before the crossed paths are reached.
Once there he proceeds to engage with The Message Generator. This time including the word-string "Straight" along with "Left" and "Right"

The Message Generator selects "Right" then "Straight".

Callum: Okay then - off to explore some more.
So Manu Iti. You were saying about how the Hologram Universes came to be? I would like to hear more about that.

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The Gem floats along just above and behind Callum, as he continues his way along the downward path.

Manu Iti: Yes Certainly Callum.
The Hologram Universes are the product of one Entities creative mind.
They are all connected by that one common source, even that they appear otherwise to be disconnected or separate.

Callum: My understanding of the Tabular Rasa is that this is both the thing which connects all the Realms, and that which also is the cause of why the realms appear separate.

Manu Iti: Yes Callum. That is correct.
We can look at A Cave System as being similar - a mirror image of the greater process. The fractures in the rock are the paths - the different realms - and the Rock itself represents the Tabula Rasa.
Even in each realm there are these 'fractures' represented - most obviously - by high mountains or vast stretches of ocean. The pattern persists from the very first inception of The Entity who Created The Holographic Universes.

Callum: Is that to say then, from The Creators point of view, there is only One Universe?

Manu Iti: Essentially, yes. That would be The Creators view of it as a whole.
However, The Creator can and does view it also in it's fragmented state of 'many'. This is achieved through being within the Creation as uncountable points of reference through which - taking our current situation as an example... have your point of view which is uniquely different from my own, and both our points of view are common to our current shared experience and are information which The Creator accesses through the connected fractures which act as channels.
The information is gathered through the Tabular Rasa and transmitted to The Creator.

Callum: Why does The Creator create all the different Realms?

Manu Iti: In truth, this is an indirect creation process.

Callum: How so?

Manu Iti: Essentially we each are aspects of The Creators Consciousness, diversified into a myriad of points of reference which we call our 'experience'.

Callum: Why do I not know this intimately?

Manu Iti: The Tabula Rasa acts as a blank-slating mechanism.This effectively causes amnesia, so that those who are going through that particular process, are unencumbered by any knowledge of prior existence.

Callum: Why would The Creator want us to forget we are aspects of The Creator Consciousness?

Manu Iti: Most likely because those aspects are designed specifically to undergo the experience so that the data of said experience can be examined and perhaps even learned from.
The experience of never having a prior existence allows for the experience you are having, to be genuine in that, and the data of the experience cannot be fudged by any prior data of experience.

Callum: What is The Creator expecting to discover with that process?

Manu Iti: I don't know. Other than perhaps finding information it did not have access to prior to making the amnesia process viable.

Callum: So The Creator is not all knowing?

Manu Iti: It appears that is true. A Creator does not have to be all knowing. Perhaps originally The Creator was an all knowing entity, but underwent its own type of amnesia-causing simulation, which then developed into what we understand of as The Holographic Universes.

Callum: I suppose that would explain adequately why Stories of Creators all seem to have moments in the story-lines where The Creator appears not to have seen clearly the outcome of its creativity. I have to admit though that my Christian upbringing does not allow for a Creator Entity to not know everything.

Manu Iti: It is understandable in some ways. Those who connect and engage with The Creator feel that The Creator knows everything. This is because the data of all experience The Creator is receiving through being the Consciousness within the forms It creates, allows it to know intimately and extensively the finer details of the bigger picture.
From our perspective, The Creator does know everything - at least in relation to our experiences within the hologram dimensions.

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