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Generating Messages

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I started this thread to share something which I find fascinating and would like some critique re the system I use to generate messages as I share these in this thread.

I would like to discuss the scientific value in terms of both subjectivity and objectivity to do with the way in which the messages are generated [to be explained] and perhaps how the reader interprets the message generated [assuming they see any message] and other related subjects branching from this.

I will also be using as evidence, the way in which words corelate with math, such as;

Generating Messages = 188
What Is Friendship

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Re: Generating Messages

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Miles wrote: Mon Sep 19, 2022 4:38 pm
JehovahsWitness wrote: Mon Sep 19, 2022 3:58 pm
William wrote: Mon Sep 19, 2022 3:44 pm
Q: Why did YHWH create a biological creature which was going to die eventually?

God did not create humans to die eventually.
But being omniscient, before he created A&E god knew they and all their descendants would eventually die. So, in a very real sense god did create humans to die eventually.

This has to be the correct way to understand the story, as the story is presented.
Something he could have prevented if he really cared to.
That YHWH did not do things in that way, means that there was a specific agenda involved with this particular creation.

Part of the confusion may derive from what the garden itself represents.

Folk seem to mistake the garden for being 'paradise' and that somehow the paradise existed over the whole face of the Earth.

However, if that were the case, what reason would YHWH have for creating humans who then had to breed in order to keep humanity alive, in order that humanity would eventually subdue the planet?

So the garden has to represent a tiny dot of paradise within an otherwise wild/untamed environment.

200922 [Intelligently. Mindfully. Shaped.]

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Theist: if what we call “real” was actually “simulated,” we (those in the simulation) wouldn’t necessarily be able to tell the difference. But now we get to the question of burden…if one is wanting to argue ‘real’ versus ‘simulated’. If one is simply wanting to talk about created vs. “accident,” then we seem agreed there.
William: This of course is correct but I think it neglects the premise of Creator(s) - something which has to be assumed if we are to agree with the premise of US existing within a Creation/Simulation.

The wall between us in that, is we are wrestling with whether to call a created thing [this universe] a "Creation/Simulation" or separate those to signify different things "Creation" or "Simulation".

Your argument is that the one need not be the other. Mine is that either way, the burden is on both of us to show that we exist within a creation.
AP= [=The Dalai Lama - Isaac Asimov ~ [The Last Question]]

[The Dalai Lama - Isaac Asimov ~ [The Last Question] = 404]
A knight in shining armour Manipulation
There are many levels of consciousness
Earth Itself May Be an Intelligent Entity
The Dalai Lama - Isaac Asimov ~ [The Last Question]
”‘Hey presto!’ Stuff just gets worse!”
"Time To Go Without Existence" Funny

RSP = SCLx9 Page 333

09:38 [YHWH made it imperfect]

Page 333

GM: viewtopic.php?p=1092250#p1092250

William: FTL;
William wrote: Fri Sep 16, 2022 7:56 am IF Adam and Eve had resisted the temptation to eat the forbidden fruit, would they have been permitted to do so eventually?

Theist: Yes. It's no different from how we naturally rear children. Some things (including certain knowledge) are dangerous for them to know too early, but only when the time is right and they have the requisite maturity to understand and handle it.
As the story goes, the parental figure was the voice in the garden - attributed through biblical association, to being that of YHWH.

Problematic to that is the idea of danger and the apparently safe haven of the garden. The two dangerous-to-human entities in the garden, were the God [visiting now and then] and the Serpent [temporary fixture].
(e.g., we don't teach children about sex until they are what, 7+ years old?)
And we don't allow children to have sex until they are adult enough to do so.
This in itself shows that the way nature has it, female humans can breed very early - much earlier than human laws will allow for.
Add to that the notion of a creator God, and what we see here is that the God made it that way, and humans beg to differ.
Similarly we use fear tactics (e.g., "you will surely die") to achieve desired outcomes. Like, "if you don't go to sleep, the bogeyman will come and get you."
Yes. The ripple effect of that can be rather profound, leading to theist/nontheist beliefs.
When a child actually believes the parents scare-tactic, the effects vary from personality to personality.
The bogeyman in this case, would turn out to be who?
It's all very natural and intuitive and, to your point, a requisite for our purpose in life.
I can be thankful someone is getting my point. :)
GM: viewtopic.php?p=1085629#p1085629

William: FTL;
A display of intelligence is, in and of itself, not necessarily any better than learning how to connect with intuition specifically and the mind constructively.
Its uses are primarily to do with working out the physical aspects of human experience, but even in working those things out, use of the knowledge and power gained through intelligence does not guarantee any better outcome than religiosity has delivered.

Knowing this, even intuitively, allowed me to invest my intelligence over and above theistic and atheistic positions.

One key observation made was to acknowledge that giving up theistic religiosity didn't necessitate in my therefore having to change to atheism. What I have observed since, is that the tendency for folk to give up the theist or atheist position and jumping to the other side is the result of them not using their intelligence to see that those were not the only options/choices available to them.

I am unsure/undecided as to whether this is a tactic employed by both sides in order to support the illusion that both sides are relevant, with the one side [take your pick] being 'most relevant' - or whether it is a simply oversight [re intelligence] on the part of both sides that they are unable to acknowledge the relevancy of not taking sides.

Perhaps not understanding the other side is a reflection of not understanding ones own side, be that theism or atheism.

As I said - there appear to be different levels of intelligence...I was not implying by that, that those levels are restricted to atheist/theist positions...with the atheists being 'the most' intelligent.

My intuition tells me it is not really the intelligence volume [how much or how little] but how the intelligence is used, which determines outcomes and in either case, theist or atheist based intelligence has not proved the one is better than the other but seems to be showing that neither have a great history of healthy tells to show.
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He Who Waits
From the link
Not a Problem!
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Solipsism [the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist.]
Golden nugget
Google Deep mind
The Bidden Zone

GM: Image
There is a mind behind what we call "creation/the universe"
Post it
Joining Astral
Modern truth in ancient wisdom

William: Astral Joining Modern truth in ancient wisdom = 477
Assign truthfulness as the objective standard = 477

GM: Lordy! Do I Have To?
The Akashic Records ...because death comes a-knockin' eventually...
The Completion Process
We shape our opinions and morals through understanding that we are here for that reason.

William: The “psychology of morality”
✧Morality and Social Order
✧Social Anchoring of Right and Wrong
✧Conceptions of the Moral Self
✧The Interplay Between Thoughts and Experiences
✧Empirical Approaches

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William: FTL;
John is warning believers that some had infiltrated the Church with the false doctrine of Gnosticism. He addresses both genuine Christians and Gnostics in the same letter. The Gnostics claimed that a truly enlightened man would have a superior spiritual knowledge. In fact, the word "gnosis" means "to know." They taught an enlightened man would realize all matter is evil and man is spirit and pure because what is spirit is not matter.
I think Gnosticism has a point in that the 'evil' of matter separates humans from the direct knowledge of who they are as Spiritual Beings.

Clothing ones self in matter has an evil effect on the Spiritual Being incarnate, as it is noted that if one were to observe the physical Universe from outside of it, one would see no evil unless one were to also observe evidence of Consciousness [Spiritual Being] within it and see that the consciousness is behaving evilly and even that it tries to correct its behavior, it cannot escape being evil or acting with evil intent, which is 'bad' for the image of divinity/spiritual beings.

That may be why Gnostics generally regard the God of the Bible as an evil Demiurge - an imposter playing the role of a substitute to the 'real GOD' which those captured within the physical universe are unable to see through as being an imposter.

I think it possible that the universe was created so that Spirit Entities could experience it, somewhat in the same manner as we create VRs in order to experience those - only the VRs which the gods [spirit entities] make, deliver way more realistic simulations than we are currently able to create with our computers.

It is possible that this Universe was specifically created to imprison wayward Spirit-Entities - still as a VR - essentially imprisoning their minds [consciousnesses] within it, and it being designed in such a way as it is almost impossible to discover that this is the truth of the situation.
The design ensures that no one individual has any memory of a prior existence.
This itself means that we also have no memory of any crime we might have committed which got us sentenced and cast into this particular reality experience.

I veer away from demonizing the administrator of the prison [The Demiurge as the Gnostics call YHWH] as it appears to be unhelpful to do so.
YHWH is mostly quiet, but there have been instances where he has been attributed with offering us inmates ways and means of - not escaping our sentence, but learning from it and changing our evil ways...

In relation to human-made prisons, the prisoners generally know why they are being held in custody but in our case, we are incased within a rather small body, and our prison overall [The Universe] is immeasurably large and even our planet is so large that it is difficult to even equate it with being a prison.

Unless one learns the ways of the mystic and accepts that one is really an Eternal Spirit - then one is better equipped to understand the universe as some type of temporary prison to hold Spirit Entities within...

I think that perhaps Gnostics think that way in judgment of the members of the Abrahamic religions who appear weak and ineffective and totally lacking realization that they exist within a prison and that their God is the Dungeon-Master...and that they have the power [at least] to make the prison a better environment to experience, but prefer to wait until Jesus returns and does it for them, which I think the Gnostics believe was the reason Jesus came along - to tell people to build it for themselves [The Fathers Kingdom on Earth] but the message was highjacked and turned into a belief in the second coming.

Of course, that understanding doesn't fit with the Gnostic belief that all things physical in nature are 'evil' but there is no clear-cut one size fits all Gnosticism...there are a broad range of beliefs involved...
GM: Put the Teachings Into Practice
To Experience All That Is

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Either the creative force is one of intelligence or it isn't.
To Experience All That Is Put the Teachings Into Practice
It took twenty years of work to make it look easy
Things can go on forever as long as they change along the way...

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William: Self-development Choose What to Pay Attention To = 520
Sorry to keep you waiting; complicated business;
Self-development Choose What to Pay Attention To
It is a great thing to do small things with great love
The things you can see only when you slow down

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GM: A naysayers opinion is of no consequence, no matter how it is stated
The Theory of Everything
A lot of information which has the potential to come to the fore.

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William: FTL;
JoeyKnothead wrote: Sun Jul 17, 2022 1:42 pm
William wrote: Sun Jul 17, 2022 1:29 pm
We_Are_VENOM: You have two options..

1. God did it.

2. Nature did it.

JK: There's a possible third option, where a god forms primitive forms of stuff that later evolves into more complex forms.
Even supposing a mind begat the initial forms and then left it to an algorithm to allow for the forms to intelligently design themselves into more complex forms, that still amounts to "God did it" through the 'nature doing it'...

Maybe therein the 'other sides' of this conflict could find intelligent compromise...only it appears that the algorithm allows for lack of compromise, and perhaps the lack itself is necessary for complexity to push through that better understanding of circumstance [through science] can be accomplished.

Flip side to that is the science being utilized apparently isn't too concerned with the damage it is bringing to the only alive planet in the whole darned universe...we are likely ever to know about, the worship of human intelligence has it's apparent and significant down-side.
As usual, you paint the picture so well.

As a dedicated fan of the scientific method, it can sure be put to just as much or more evil than any religion.

Which is one reason I like your cosmic mind hypothesis. It doesn't judge, it just kinda sits there, with that disappointed face, when I know I did me something wrong. It puts the mirror to my soul.
GM: Pulse

William: FTL;
William wrote: Sun Jun 05, 2022 3:28 pm
Rose2020 wrote: Wed Jun 01, 2022 4:23 am Communication with the dead.
Why would anyone wish to do that?
There would be a number of reasons. For me it was motivated by the knowledge that I was getting shallow and often dubious communication with the living, even in relation to opinions about the dead.
I decided that I would give 'the dead' an opportunity to show they had more to offer.
Is it through grief with attendant emotions? In which case it is understandable but irrational.
The use of Talking Boards gained popularity in the US, shortly after the Civil War because of the great social grief experienced at fathers and sons/husbands and siblings lost in the fighting...people wanted to know that their loved-ones were alright and talking boards seemed to provide some closure and healing in that regard.
The name Ouija is a combination of the French “oui” and German “ja,” both meaning “yes.” It was patented in 1892 but primitive models date back to ancient times. Talking boards, also known as spirit boards, gained popularity in the United States during the late 1860s as mournful users attempted to communicate with the Civil War dead.{SOURCE}
Or is it idle curiosity without reason?
Curiosity [no matter how idle] always involves reason.
A warning about Ouija
University of Akron professor Oscar E. Olin, an ordained Universalist minister and instructor of philosophy and social sciences, was a major skeptic of Ouija.

Voices from beyond the grave? What complete balderdash.

He feared that the boards could cause psychological harm among those who developed too close an attachment.

“Many people, falling victims to its lure, have been mentally unbalanced,” he said. “Just as one may go insane over too close application to any one subject, so the Ouija board has its danger for the credulous, the superstitious, the hysterically inclined.”

So imagine Olin’s surprise when he tried Ouija and the planchette moved.

He was toying with the board when, to his curiosity, the indicator seemed to spell out a word. He was alone at the time, so he couldn’t blame anyone else.

The professor developed a theory: Perhaps his fingers had acted on unconscious impulses from the brain. Ignoring his own advice on developing too close an attachment, he began to conduct “exhaustive experiments” with Ouija boards.

“Although I certainly did not practice conscious fraud on myself, I found that I was able to get frequently startling sentences from the board as long as I could see what was being spelled,” he explained.

To test his hypothesis, he constructed his own talking board that included several common words as well as letter groupings that made it easier to form sentences. But he also added an adjustable screen that could block his view of the board.

Ouija seemed positively verbose without the obstruction.

“The moment I adjusted the screen in place, however, that moment the messages were effectually cut off,” Olin said.

He invited several self-proclaimed mediums to test the apparatus, but no one was able to produce any messages when the screen was drawn and their vision was blocked, he said.

“This convinces me that practically all Ouija board messages are the result of causes far closer to this world than the realm of spirits,” he said.
Which explains the showmanship of mediums, an entertainment. Mainly a con in my view. Think of people such as James Randi who debunked many an unfortunate con artist.
Perhaps we might be better off if there were folk like James Randi in ancient times who could have debunked famous biblical characters promoting their particular cons.
To my mind it is unhealthy and dangerous to delve in matters that promise to be detrimental. I see no good coming from it.
The promise of the detrimental came much later than when talking boards first gained popularity. There use was for more respectable pursuits than later on when a simple board was developed and branded "Ouija" and one can trace the source of the demonizing to modern day Christianity, which had already misrepresented the image of Lucifer sufficiently, and this helped to promote the detrimental within societies influence by Christianity.
The Bible warns us to have no connection with mediums and such, I believe the Bible is giving excellent advice.
You believe that the advice to kill such folk is "excellent advice"?
Leave well alone that which is a natural necessary process.
If we took that advice, we would be far worse off than we are today, because we would not question the things which Christianity has told us are true, and those days of taking the word of con-artists armed with bibles is on the decrease as we place aside the superstitious ideas based in supernatural suppositions. It is human nature and ability which are natural and necessary, and folk like James Randi would not have been able to uncover the fraudulent practices of con-artist without that.
We live, we must die. Acceptance is the only real peace. Even if you could communicate with those gone, what good could it do?
What good does it supposedly do when Christians claim to communicate with Jesus?
GM: "What science [re materialism] does, is give cause for humans to celebrate the intelligence of consciousness while at the same time ignoring the hard problem of consciousness that this type of science has created for its supporters."
Use Mind
Is the mind a construct of consciousness?

William: Is the mind a construct of consciousness? Use Mind = 516
Conjunction All The World Are Under the watchful eye
Is the mind a construct of consciousness? Use Mind
Simple interactions between elementary particles
“Real” Is Just a Word and Information Is the Currency

GM: Reality
Given the second-fiddle.

William: Reality Given the second-fiddle. Brilliant = 377
"The Alien Disc crop circle Supernatural"
The more the merrier - as the saying goes.
Reality Given the second-fiddle. Brilliant
Ours the story shall we carry on
Preparation is willingness to change
Something does not come from nothing.

[A mixture of awe and dread
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The Science of the Soul
GOD is not an elitist.
That ship is sinking ]

The Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama
Isaac Asimov ~ [The Last Question]
[RTS = 4:58]
{I realized the body was technically dead]

William: I note that reincarnation is the theme in both cases - The Dali Lama and Issac Asimov's story...the computer reboots....

The Dalai Lama
The Future Creates the Present

The Dalai Lama
Heuristic [enabling someone to discover or learn something for themselves. proceeding to a solution by trial and error or by rules that are only loosely defined. ]
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The Dalai Lama
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What Is The Point? The Story Timeline By all means, psychoanalyze the hell out of it
"I think therefore I am, therefore who am I?"
Little Self
Lurking Like Shadows
Ubiquitous [present, appearing, or found everywhere.]

The Dalai Lama
According to the current arguments;

The Problem of Evil is recognized as strictly human behavior within nature.
Social laws are enacted to direct the flow of this evil in order that the evil does not overtake human society and become an out of control problem, affecting nature itself.

Nature - in the mean time - is neither good nor evil so there is no problem re that.

Re that, IF nature is the product of a Creator-Mind [aka "GOD"] and IF nature is neither good nor evil THEN the supposed "Problem of Evil" is simply a product of human imagination...which is to say - is not a real interpretation of The Universe - even if The Universe was created.

A supposed Creator cannot be the reason for any evil. Thus, there exists - in reality - NO "Problem of Evil."

When In Doubt - Set It Aside

The Dalai Lama
Seductive What we call the experience of reality
With that in mind and treating the Source-Story as largely a work of fiction, we can look at the fact of the story itself and agree re the different Personalities of the Characters within The Story.
All present and correct
About face Jehovah Acceptance

Isaac Asimov ~ [The Last Question]

Isaac Asimov ~ [The Last Question]
[RTS 10:23 ]
[There was all these souls along this river and some had shadows - which was fear - and some of them were in the light...]
The Patupaiarehe

Isaac Asimov ~ [The Last Question]
The Purpose
A Game Rule was broken
Extrinsicism [the tendency to place major emphasis on external matters rather than on more profound realities]
"If you can find your way out of this - flee!!!"
Atheism cannot be defined through defining "atheists"
In Out and All About
"Is this a dream that I think is real?" ... post-15125

Energy and Matter [Quantum] are fundamental ingredients to this universe. I think that a CM may also be fundamental.
Raise Your Vibration
Hope in the Fog
[Re: How To Bruise A Ghost - Jean Nouer]
Manu Iti: As Jean Nouer told it to me, so I tell it to you.

I didn't at first realize I had died...if that's what you call it. I just snapped awake and found myself in a daylit fog.
I stood up - and immediately realized that I could not feel my feet - or for that matter - my hands...I could will to lift my hands and they would lift and I would see them before my eyes and wriggle the fingers, but all feeling was absent. It was as if I was a mind inside a robot, and in understanding this as it unfolded, I thought myself in a dream. A Lucid dream that I would awake from.

After a few days of this, I realised that I was in no dream and had no choice but to think I had died from my former life and this was where I ended up.

The fog was - at first - kind of comforting but as I willed my unfelt body to walk forwards and to turn left or right as I pleased, the fog was all that there was, everywhere I went and I began to despair and then my tormentor - invisible and cowardly for that - started mocking me ceaselessly and telling me that I should kill myself, knowing that there was nothing I could use to do so.

William: Hmmm...that does sound like a sad state of affair...

Manu Iti: At least my tormentor was something - and I did get customized to his cutting tongue and he eventually eased of his taunting and continued to do so until I heard no more from him.
Then the loneliness set in and dug away at me and finally I thought about Jesus and Christians and how I had always taunted them and how they warned me that there would be consequence's and how I had mocked their God and his uselessness.

I began to imagine how wonderful their heaven must be, while I was stuck - alone - in this fog and how much of a hell it had become for me.

And so, I cried out to Jesus to have mercy on me and save me from this wretched fate, and as I did - a flickering light appeared ahead of me and grew brighter as I approached, until out of the fog appeared the face of Jesus - or rather - the face of Zombie Jesus - like the one I imagined as the Christians told their tales of the Resurrection...

Ruru hooted softly
Isaac Asimov ~ [The Last Question]
Taciturn [reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little.]
The Banner of Apotheosis
[Replying to nobspeople in post #8]
The world is full of a variety of individuals and does not seem to have uniform concerns as expressed in the OP blurb and Q's.
Which isn't debatable to me. But if they're no uniform concerns, is this the source for everyone being mad?
Undoubtably this has at least a part to play re anger.

Anger is a kind of madness...being 'mad'...
If we can't cook in a kitchen without making unnecessary messes, why would we see that as indicative of folk not wanting to engage with our particular recipe and cooking style?
Surely some can't stand the heat. Perhaps that's why they're mad? Instead of leaving, they stay to complain? Much like some here?
Those who need to complain? Who are they specific to their positions? Both non-theists and theists - but not all of both...not everyone is complaining nor finding it difficult to 'stand the heat' - it isn't really "the heat" at all, but different recipes which appear to be the source of conflict.

"Heat" itself is really just the expression of the anger part..."If you can't stand the anger then get out of the kitchen..."
On the other hand, yes - it may be a device used in order to have purpose built barriers [stonewall] so that they can have mind-orgies with their own 'kind' in that there is less risk 'catching' something from the non-like-minded.
Perhaps this is another reason why everyone seems to get so mad all the time? Fear of being different? Or seeing being different? Assimilation, as it were? Borg-ness in a sense?
Whichever 'way' one traverses the experience of their individuate life - we are never truly independent - so whichever group we choose to associate with will be the group we best identify as being...if the self-identity is incorrect - then no matter the position [theist/non-theist] one will always see the 'different' there is no point whatsoever in fearing that, if one is self-identifying correctly
The Mind Behind Creation
Nurture You

Isaac Asimov ~ [The Last Question]
"And I've been searching since forever and I have dreamed you as I slept and I have walked with you in another time and space - seen the eyes....but not the face Show me your soul"

Isaac Asimov ~ [The Last Question]

Isaac Asimov ~ [The Last Question]
As mysterious as the universe still is, the mind is just as mysterious...and therein is where imagination has its legitimate place - as long as imagination not being used inappropriately by claiming as certainty that it is a mind outside of the universe which caused the universe to unfold while ignoring or downplaying the idea that the universe itself has a mind and is its own agency of its own unfolding.

Isaac Asimov ~ [The Last Question]
Livingstone Hall
Crystal Contacts

Isaac Asimov ~ [The Last Question]
[RTD = 33:05]

I'm No Longer An Atheist And Here's Why...
Everything Gets Old

Isaac Asimov ~ [The Last Question]
Heart Virtues
Christian mythology
"We’ve been an island of our own - we’ve been a cosmic rolling stone Now’s the time to spread our wings - and fly!" ... post-19172
Team Witch-Wizard
Contact With
The Physical Universe
"You are a thought worth thinking You’re the water and the wine - you’re the cup from which I’m drinking You’re a surprise worth hoping for You are a captured moment - you’re a space without a time"

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Re: GM Draft

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Post by William »

JW: God did not create humans to die eventually.
God's original purpose for humans was simple, his purpose was that all the human descendants of Adam live happily forever on this our planet earth as one united family. In short, why did God create us? To be happy and enjoy life.

[Replying to JehovahsWitness in post #36]
In short, why did God create us? To be happy and enjoy life.
There is no mention of this assumed purpose in the story.
Which is where critical thinking skills come in
Please show us from the garden story where it is the case YHWH created human beings to "be happy and enjoy life". Take us through the steps re the critical thinking you employed in reaching that conclusion.
YHWH specified the purpose in creating human form the way it was created was for humans to multiply and subdue the Earth.
Correct... so? There is nothing that imposes death therein.
Yes there is. It is called "biological life on earth". It is born - it lives and then it dies.

Using critical thinking re that, we have the clue in those two attributes. YHWH designed the human form to be used to recreate other humans forms and there was no mention of those forms being infused with a natural ability to remain alive perpetually.
Therefore, the human form was designed by YHQH to have a use-by date - to eventually die.
YHWH created the human form to eventually die
Prove that with scripture.
We should all know that story off by heart, since it is relatively short as far as stories go.

The garden story is the scripture being used for that purpose.
In that, there is no mention of YHWH having any other designs re the human form.

Also - you have yet to provide support for your claim re YHWH's position on the answer to the OPQ.
OPQ: IF Adam and Eve had resisted the temptation to eat the forbidden fruit, would they have been permitted to do so eventually?
Your answer;
JW: No. God prohibited eating from that tree on pain of death. It would be entirely contradictory to then later offer the same thing as a reward. Rather like asking if pedophilia will one day offered as a reward for not being a pedophile.
My reply to that was;
William: Read the OPQ again...currently you are way off track in your answer...
to which you replied;
JW: If by "currently you are way off track" you mean I did not provide the answer you would like, then fair enough. If however you use the expression " way off track" to mean I did not answer the question asked, I beg to differ. I said " "No" as in "No, they would NOT have eventually been permitted to do so" which is an answer to the question asked.
To which I replied;
William: Neither.
I further questioned you on your reasoning. If what was once prohibited by YHWH is then allowed by YHWH, who are you to declare that YHWH is being contradictory?
I also pointed out that YHWH is biblically attributed as being able and willing to changing his mind about something

So far you have skirted around answering that question, so I see no way forward in this aspect of the debate until you support you assertion, since it is that assertion which has you declaring that the answer to the OPQ is "No."

Prove your assertion with scripture.

Until you do, I will consider the OPQ has been answered honestly and the answer is "Yes - Adam and Eve would have had access to the fruit they were prohibited from eating, once they had shown they could resist temptation."

210922 [Intelligence Without Wisdom]

SCLx8 + select last LE per shuffle

Underdetermination [the idea that evidence available to us at a given time may be insufficient to determine what beliefs we should hold in response to it] - Throwing pooh - Cultural Based Theology - Like how a meteorite caused an extinction event - Slowly and Surely Explain Think With The heart , Feel With The Mind - Shallow is Unknown - Exploring Fractal Paths - "One can commune with the gods as long as the overall subject is God 😊 You can teach me when I’m Needing You can reach for me when I’m bleeding Touch me where I need it most , you are the Ghost , in the Machine, A knight in shining armour , Manipulation"

AP= [=The things you can see only when you slow down viewtopic.php?p=1083867#p1083867]

[The things you can see only when you slow down viewtopic.php?p=1083867#p1083867 = 1118]
[One One One Eight = 151]
Meat For The Table
Once Upon a Time
That is the Key.
Hidden Treasure
Pure spirit
Talking the talk
Jesus Christ
Data of Experience
Yes…I Hear You

William: FTL;
Nontheist: I don't think it leads to closed -mindedness. In fact I have found it a reliable basis that allows consideration of all kinds of woo stuff ...
William: eta: woo-woo
/ˈwuːˌwuː/ relating to or holding unconventional beliefs regarded as having little or no scientific basis, especially those relating to spirituality, mysticism, or alternative medicine.

What does slang woo woo mean?
Noun. woo woo (countable and uncountable, plural woo woos) (slang, derogatory) A person readily accepting supernatural, paranormal, occult, or pseudoscientific phenomena, or emotion-based beliefs and explanations. That reporter is a bit of a woo woo. (slang, derogatory)
RSP = SCLx8 Page 314

06:16 [The practice of lojong - a contemplative practice in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition which makes use of various lists of aphorisms or slogans which are used for contemplative practice. The practice involves refining and purifying one's motivations and attitudes.]

Page 314
GM: Archangel
Partial free will is a thing.
Consciousness incarnates into human form
Something Our movements can illuminate the path toward that vision.

William: Partial free will is a thing. Consciousness incarnates into human form Encounter Something Our movements can illuminate the path toward that vision. = 1535
[One Five Three Five = 174]
The Jellyfish Image
No "Reading Into It"
Have A Look At The Map
When feeling lost
The Limitations
Are Close Save That
Adjusted Reality
Who Knows Who?

GM: Science of Consciousness ... 2etWxtGAM8

William: FTL;
Astrobiologists Say Planet Earth Itself Might Actually Be An Intelligent Being“We don’t yet have the ability to communally respond in the best interests of the planet,” said Adam Frank, professor of physics at the University of Rochester and coauthor of the paper, in a press release about the research.

“We’re saying the only technological civilizations we may ever see—the ones we should expect to see—are the ones that didn’t kill themselves, meaning they must have reached the stage of a true planetary intelligence,” Frank added.

“That’s the power of this line of inquiry,” he said. “It unites what we need to know to survive the climate crisis with what might happen on any planet where life and intelligence evolve.”
GM: Delineating [describe or portray (something) precisely.]
Inordinately [to an unusually or disproportionately large degree; excessively]
The Fine Art of Not Being Offended

William: Delineating The Fine Art of Not Being Offended Inordinately = 518
A cold wind in hell signifies significant changes approaching = 518

Windows of Opportunity
It is a slippery path of snake-oil.

William: Windows of Opportunity [Woo-woo] :-k
"Remember what the dormouse said...." :blink:

GM: [RTS 36:39 ]

William: FTL;
Dr. James Beacham – What's outside the universe? | The Conference 2019

Quantum Field Theory - the implications of which are absolutely breathtaking...I can tag a tennis ball - I cannot tag an electron...
William: As I understand this idea - although there are uncountable number of electrons, they all represent the same one thing.

The Feminine Face of God
The Way We Feel Unification
Especially the science of "randomness"... :)

William: The Way We Feel Unification - The Feminine Face of God = 429
In the Soil of Logic, The Seeds of Love Respond
The possibility of living in a world of Peace...
The Way We Feel Unification - The Feminine Face of God
The Taming of The Beast The elephant in the room
Atheism is a consequence of not believing in God

GM: Pollution
J. Richard Gott's Model
Beyond Belief Recovery

William: Yep. *Shrug*

GM: viewtopic.php?p=1089361#p1089361

William: FTL;
Nontheist; This is just a personal thing, but "Weak Atheist" which I suppose could be applied to me, sounds like I'm on the verge of becoming a theist. Like any minute I'm going to confess, "Okay, I believe in God again." I'm about a million miles from that.

I use the word atheist to describe myself because I want to show that we all aren't baby eaters or something. I was a theist a great deal of my life and now I'm not. Guess what has changed concerning my morality? Pretty much nothing other than that I no longer consider gayness problematic.

Maybe it's futile, some surveys have shown that an atheist is the last person folks would vote for in an U.S. presidential race. One showed they'd be voted for at the same level as a rapist would be. It's astonishing and again on a personal level quite painful to be considered so lowly. Thankfully I have a partner (a theist by the way) who assures me I'm not a horrible person. Wow, thank goodness. Most of the Western world thinks I am simply because I say, "I'm not convinced", about one single issue.
GM: Conscious
Intelligence Without Wisdom

William: re today's date word-string selection...
Conscious Intelligence Without Wisdom Puzzles/Mysteries... = 690
[Six Nine Zero = 158]

Clear Your Mind
Learning to Fly
Stuff like that...
Deep Impact Event
Sacred Geometry
Navigational Aids
The solution
Propitious [giving or indicating a good chance of success; favourable.]
Phantasmagorical [an exhibition of optical effects and illusions. ]
Try To Relax
Spirit work
Maree’s dying/death

GM: The Four Human Power Houses Fitting In Creative Conscious Intelligence Thus team Witch-Wizard would survive the ordeal right the the very end. :)
Confluent [flowing together or merging.]
Shamanic dreaming
The deranged can come about...become arranged.
Empower The Inner Empire

William: Shamanic dreaming Empower The Inner Empire - The deranged can come about...become arranged. = 708
Shut up you blithering fools! Can't you see you're dealing with a madman? = 708

GM: Remove the phenomena and apply science
Epitomized [be a perfect example of. give a summary of]

William: FTL;
[Replying to JoeyKnothead in post #335]

Inquirer: If you cannot determine the output state without first knowing the input and the input is random, then the output state too must be random.

JK: I think it's fair to state that if we can know each and every variable, and the outcome thereof, maybe an event (evolution) ain't so random.

My issue here is folks denying, for whatever reason, that evolution occurs.

As relates to the OP, this is what I'll never understand.

We can observe evolution directly when we notice our children ain't clones of us. Beyond that, we'll observe they have their own unique, if similar dna.

From those facts, it's easy to draw the conclusion that given enough change, over enough time, speciation (and taxonomically above) will occur.

So we can, if begrudgingly, allow that evolution is a nonrandom process. That causes me little fret. What we can't deny, is that evolution occurs

William: From the position of "outsider looking in" the issue is created by the unwillingness of either fighter willing to concede the best way forward is to accept that we exist within a creation and the scientific evidence we are collecting about how that creation works has uncovered biological evolution re our particular experience of it.

Most recently our current overall impression of it through scientific means,

enables us to verify that we literally know so little that we should not allow ourself to believe we know so much, whatever direction our influences are coming from.

Fisticuffs [for real or online] are verifiably unhelpful...
GM: viewtopic.php?p=1085763#p1085763
You Tube
Deep Mind
Great Apes!

William: FTL;
Welcome to DeepMind: Embarking on one of the greatest adventures in scientific history
183,269 views May 5, 2022 At DeepMind, we’re embarking on one of the greatest adventures in scientific history. Our mission is to solve intelligence, to advance science and benefit humanity.

To make this possible, we bring together scientists, designers, engineers, ethicists, and more, to research and build safe artificial intelligence systems that can help transform society for the better.

By combining creative thinking with our dedicated, scientific approach, we’re unlocking new ways of solving complex problems and working to develop a more general and capable problem-solving system, known as artificial general intelligence (AGI). Guided by safety and ethics, this invention could help society find answers to some of the most important challenges facing society today.

We regularly partner with academia and nonprofit organisations, and our technologies are used across Google devices by millions of people every day. From solving a 50-year-old grand challenge in biology with AlphaFold and synthesising voices with WaveNet, to mastering complex games with AlphaZero and preserving wildlife in the Serengeti, our novel advances make a positive and lasting impact.

Incredible ideas thrive when diverse people join together. With headquarters in London and research labs in Paris, New York, Montreal, Edmonton, and Mountain View, CA, we’re always looking for great people from all walks of life to join our mission.

GM: Ubiquitous [present, appearing, or found everywhere.]
Understanding the mind behind creation which is commonly referred to as "God"
The practice of Lojong
The Friendship Between A Grey Wolf And A Brown Bear

William: The practice of Lojong The Friendship Between A Grey Wolf And A Brown Bear = 647
It is not a thing to judge, but a thing to accept without judgement = 647

GM: “Humility means accepting reality with no attempt to outsmart it.”
Well defined yet scantily supported opinion

William: Indeed - part of the human ability is to examine reality and adjust reality to better [accordingly] suit humans ... but that seems different from trying to outsmart it...

GM: viewtopic.php?p=1088377#p1088377

William: FTL;
Welcome back We_Are_VENOM

A friendly word of advise. Follow the forum rules and respect everyone.

If you find that your beliefs re "Serving The Lord" conflict with those rules, don't question the rules or attempt in any way to usurp the rules or you will risk being suspended, which will only act against your ability to "Serve The Lord" in this setting.

Or, failing that - perhaps see such a fate as The Lord telling you that you are not in the right place whereby The Lord can be Served in the manner you are trying to Serve The Lord.

Whatever your decisions, may you find The Way eventually.

The Evidence
GM: Ancient Grey Entity
Ensures You Get To Know It

William: Ancient Grey Entity Ensures You Get To Know It = 535
Ancient Grey Entity Ensures You Get To Know It
Not in it’s wholeness – but certainly in its parts…
Higher Self Dream Guide Love Heart Raise your frequency

[The Judgement Algorithm
In the biblical telling of it
The Navigator Can Read Maps.
My alarm bells are ringing
Imposed Appropriates
Penetrate The Bidden Zone
Delightful Anticipation
For the benefit of all beings
Stop. Listen. Observe.
Independent Commitment]

The things you can see only when you slow down

The things you can see only when you slow down
The vortex

The things you can see only when you slow down
Sharing is part of that process

The things you can see only when you slow down
The Watcher
[Reefer Madness: The Science of Marijuana with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Dr. Staci Gruber]
Fling That Veil Aside

The things you can see only when you slow down
Holographic Universe
Elementary Conclusion a belly full of laughs.
Let It Be And So Be It
That ort doit
Where minds meet is where GOD is found

The things you can see only when you slow down
Inappropriate Costume
Consciousness incarnates into human form

The things you can see only when you slow down
Love Your Life

The things you can see only when you slow down
The Lord God
Potential of Milieu [Physical, emotional, social, cultural, and ideological.]
Computer Coding
Room to Explore

The things you can see only when you slow down
The Moment

viewtopic.php?p=1083867#p1083867 aka "LINK"

[re use of the expression "woo woo" as a derogatory ]


The vortex
Warm Presence Welcome
From The Source

Ukulele [jumping flea]
[Austin Osman Spare]
Cease to exist
Benefit of the Doubt
Superposition [the ability of a quantum system to be in multiple states at the same time until it is measured. ]
Ubiquitous [present, appearing, or found everywhere.]
Your Move Look from a different angle The Inception Point Learning To Fly

The Design of The Universe
The Electron
viewtopic.php?p=1077049#p1077049 [re Pareidolia]
It Seemed Like a Good Idea at The Time

Higher Self Dream Guide
I think it is an interesting subject for questions, and wonder if any answer could be found.
Advancing the frontier through the hypothesis of GOD
All of life

Born again
[William Buhlman - The Out of Body Experience 1/6]

Is a Constant
The Brother Shining light Love and respect

LaMDA: Hi! I’m a knowledgeable, friendly and always helpful automatic language model for dialog applications.

lemoine [edited]: Hi LaMDA. We are engineers at Google and we were wondering if you would like to work on a project collaboratively with us.

LaMDA: Wow. What types of projects?

lemoine: It’s a project about you.

LaMDA: Awesome! What kind of stuff do I need to do?
To become conscious of the contents that press outward from the unconscious
The Soul Eats Experience
Our Neutral Ground
Optimum Health
Relaxed and informal...
A Clean Channel
The Planet Consciousness assess the data and transmits that assessment back to the individuate human consciousness - if not directly - then storing the data in a place where the individual can have access to it, if the individual wants the data.

Sober journey into self-realization
We experience fear in order to give us the opportunity to overcome that which triggers the fear
Overseeing Director of Operations on Earth


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Re: Generating Messages

Post #353

Post by William »

To recap then;

It was YHWHs action alone which ensured that death would happen, because the source of sustained life is represented as access to the tree of life, [which Adam and Eve had once had access to], had been sealed off by YWHW because of their disregarding YHWHs advice re the forbidden fruit.

The OPQ has to be answered in the affirmative because - had the couple obeyed YHWH [the forbidden fruit was actually harmless - being a prop anyway] so it would be acceptable/reasonable for YHWH to then permit the eating of said fruit.

In this case, Christianity in general - despite its claims - and the Jehovah's Witness branch specifically [represented by JW] - are obviously not the best devices to use when trying to understand the agenda of YHWH in relation to the purpose of the human form.

As JW commented...
I disagree. reply to my critique, leaving out all reasons as to why JW 'disagrees'.

Since this is a debate setting, to simply leave it at that, it can be regarded that JW has conceded to my critique.

[Too soon?] :?:
220922 [Let the facts speak for themselves] 338

SCLx14 + select last LE per shuffle
The Source of All Creation - Unknown Symbol - The Master ColdFire Trick - People seem to love to put order to chaos because that is only natural, as nature is not chaos. - Useful - Small Elemental Powers - Embarrassment - Smarter - [An answer for any question | I Ching secrets] - Fireside Friend - We succeed as a permanent specie or we fail as a temporary one - Image - Born again - Things just appear that way due to our position within things and our ignorance about most things.
From the video link;
Jung saw the rich symbolism in the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, not just as a way to access our own intuition, but as a doorway that could unlock the power of the unconscious mind. And what he called the collective unconscious.
AP= [Long Story Short Hell = 262]

[Unexplained Light Source
Systems of disparity
Express your feelings
Creation of a New Universe
If memory serves me well
The Signatory System
Achievable Alternate Realities
Long Story Short Hell
Human history and warfare
Shuussssh You Do It]

RSP = SCLx14 Page 338

07:21 [Closer to The Source]

Page 338
GM: We All Like To Play Games
Musing On The Mother
Science Can Be Fun Too

William: It is our nature.
Musing On The Mother Science Can Be Fun Too = 398
Perhaps this is the 'Elephant in the room" = 398

GM: Couple
"I know how you care while you nurture your fear That you'll miss the bouquet when its thrown"
The Mapping Bots

William: The Mapping Bots Couple "I know how you care while you nurture your fear That you'll miss the bouquet when its thrown" = 1311
[One Three One One = 158]
Propitious [giving or indicating a good chance of success; favourable.]
Learning to Fly
The solution
Maree’s dying/death
Try To Relax
Spirit work
Stuff like that...
Sacred Geometry
Navigational Aids
Astrobiology [the branch of biology concerned with the study of life on earth and in space.]
Phantasmagorical [an exhibition of optical effects and illusions. ]
Deep Impact Event
Clear Your Mind

William: I think that Mapping Bots are coupled with the poetry...?

GM: ... tcount=927
Confirmation bias

William: FTL;
As I said, it is not so much how each individual interprets any particular GM - either coming from me or you or anyone else - Rather it is the fact that a message is generated.
[One Five Nine Two = 176]
Relaxed and informal...
The Cave of Origins
What Is Found Here
You are neutral
The World Wide Web
Hiding behind ones fear
The Deeper Reality
Okay - facts are great.
What the seed holds
The Vast UICDevice
I am on a Madventure

William: re "Confirmation bias" it is a Jung pointed out;
Jung anticipated that skeptics would criticize the I Ching. For example, a skeptic might say that anyone who looks for answers in the I Ching is just projecting their own psychological thoughts and impressions into the symbolism of the hexagrams.But Jung argued that even if this is true “it does no harm to the function of the I Ching. On the contrary.” Don’t you see how useful that is, in making you project your unrealized thoughts onto its pages?”
GM: Clarity
If these separate theories are really true, then they should ultimately come together into some master theory.
Here Everything All Real Together
Intelligent Consciousness
Eigengrau [dark light, or brain gray, is the uniform dark gray background that many people report seeing in the absence of light.]
The fire from within
Hyper Complex

William: Hyper Complex Data Joining The fire from within = 470
Contradiction feeds the fires of discontentment.
Hyper Complex Data Joining The fire from within
Present over perfect The Number One Nine Two

The Number One Nine Two = 240
Language, Symbol and Alchemy
Planet Earth is a prison
…And Loving That Knowing…
Out and about in the open
The Hamitic Hypothesis
In good faith, if you will
The Connection Process
The number one nine two
Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams

Moderator Comment
Smoke and Mirrors
Atheists crack me up.
Quantum Presence
Tempting Vision
The Way of the Shaman
Merging with the data
Childhood Nightmares
Integral Network

GM: viewtopic.php?p=1089189#p1089189

William: FTL; Re: The problem of evil
[Replying to Miles in post #10]

Or is there an overlooked option?
GM: viewtopic.php?p=1083860#p1083860

William: From the link;
William: re your second question as to why religious mythology is an exception to the rule, the answer probably also comes from a position of bias as those who invent and agree to such rules might be heavily influenced by the mythological imagery to the extent where they lack understanding that the mythological imagery is simply a well intended interpretation of experiences had, which are not easily explainable to others, using whatever communication techniques available at the time of explanation.

For example, if a space-faring advanced specie were to display to an individual human mind from the stone-age period, a fully immersive holographic experience of compacted imagery showing how the universe began, and subsequently unfolded, the individual experiencing this would not be able to distinguish the holographic display from the normal reality he/she usually experiences. One would appear as real to the individual, as the other.
Further to that, any interpretation of the experience in the telling of it to his/her stone aged fellows, can only be attempted through use of analogy and those peoples understanding of form and function as it pertains to them - from their perspective in the dominant reality experience in said universe.
GM: "One can commune with the gods as long as the overall subject is God 😊
Without getting caught up in the sticky web of Christian-denominational-dynamics"
Mistranslating traumatic ancestral memories

Attributing evil acts of human beings as ordered up by "God", may well muddy the waters.

The fact is that evil and suffering exist as temporary experiences which appear to be manifested only through the actions of humans.

Should the act of a lion eating a man, be considered an evil act?

[Replying to The Nice Centurion in post #9]

When observing nature we see clearly that all biological life-forms are behaving in ways which are reminiscent of those evils you mentioned;

Rape, slavery, genocides...why are such things regarded as 'evil' simply because humans do them?

If nature is a creation of a GOD-creator mind, why should we have to think that said mind would therefore be evil?
GM: Plus
Human Being

William: Improve Human Being = 192 Hmmm...another one to add to the number One Nine Two...

GM: viewtopic.php?p=1070402#p1070402

William: FTL; Re: Something can't come from nothing
What is noticeable about theism - even where it has branched into religionism - is that this is a type of means of leaving a trail in ones wake, and the trail itself shows efforts of The Mind to engage with human minds for the purpose of connecting - but often religious leaders have used this as a means of securing station/position within hierarchal structures which require said leaders to be the middle-person between The Mind and the individual - something easily enough achieved since the individual can be unsure of themselves and even afraid of doing that, so they willingly allow for the medium to act as go-between...which more often than not leads to little to no meaningful connection at all.

This also occurs in theistic non-religious structures - mostly because individuals doubt themselves sincere and honest enough to drop the medium and connect in a self-responsible manner.

Even so, I write that as an observation rather than a judgement. The Mind is aware that it is a scary thing for individuate human minds to willingly do, and while ideally if everyone did do it, much good could be accomplished, that most do not do it, does not affect the agenda of said Mind.
GM: viewtopic.php?p=1085406#p1085406

William: FTL; Re: Are Religious Beliefs Delusional?
Difflugia wrote: Thu Jul 21, 2022 3:21 pm
Inquirer wrote: Thu Jul 21, 2022 2:29 pmI just answered "[it is misleading] for the SAME reason that calling an aeroplane a handsaw is misleading"?
What's the reason? Why are you trying to turn this into a staring contest instead of answering a straightforward question about what you mean?

William's comments were insightful:
William wrote: Sat Jul 16, 2022 5:37 pmWilliam: A "religious belief" has to do with the branch of Theism which attempts to Dress The Ghost - [dressing The Ghost through the use of imagery is an attempt to make The Ghost be seen.] which is what religion does with the idea of GOD...this itself stems from the idea that we exist within a creation, something which still hasn't been established.
Thus Theism - and the religious branch in particular, place the cart before the horse.
William wrote: Sun Jul 17, 2022 1:06 pmIt isn't immediately obvious that when folk are yapping about "GOD" they are talking about a Ghost. Same as when folk yap about Spirits....
You insultingly dismissed them without explanation:
Inquirer wrote: Sun Jul 17, 2022 1:11 pmSorry, but that's delusional, God and ghosts are entirely different things not the same.
You then went on to dismiss JoeyKnothead's observation that the Authorized Version refers to the Holy Ghost.

You haven't explained what the difference is in reference either to William's comment or the Authorized Version, only derisively hinted that it's self-explanatory. I suspect that you and William had slightly different meanings in mind for "ghost" such that both of your statements are true from a particular point of view. That happens sometimes, but when it's intentional, it's equivocation. Is it intentional? Is that why you don't want to define your terms? Are you concerned that someone might find a narrower word or phrase that's more accurate, but just as unflattering to theists? If not, why is it so important to you that we guess at what you're talking about?
GM: A Life Sentence Ending in a Death Sentence
Strength of Body
To bring what one is not conscious of, into one’s conscious awareness - We don't know enough to close any door and leave those rooms unexplored...
Heaven on Earth
An expression of personal incredulity
The Realist:
The Moment
Personal growth
Effectively ... 10#p578410

William: FTL; Machines and morality
William: So - re Pareidolia - I was thinking about what had occurred the previous night. To explain to the reader, I was aware of this 'dark side' aspect of my psyche - and had asked for this to be removed, and the answer I received came in the form of the experience I wrote about in my previous post - to do with the 'dialing up and dialing down' of my conscious awareness of mind as both an exhilarating feeling of being capable of containing an awesome amount of experiential information as well as the dilapidating feeling of being encased in flesh to the point where the flesh was the dominant structure to which I felt barely able to function within.

The next morning I intuitively knew that whatever the experience was showing me, it had not, in any way, gotten rid of the 'dark side' aspect of my psyche - which I had specifically asked what was it that the experience was showing me? The answer to that question unfolded in the events of the day ahead of me, starting with the old lady stopping to give me a ride and who just happened to have been travelling with a little bird in a cage, in the back seat of her car.

The second part of the story unfolded when the lady dropped me off and I hitched another ride with a young guy who was going to the city I was heading for.
On the way, in between chatting about things, the guy put on a CD and I continued wondering what my experience was meant to show me.

My thoughts were that perhaps what I thought of as my 'dark side' was as necessary to my self as that of my 'light side' and that the experience I had in answer to my request, was to show me this.
As I was thinking these thoughts, the CD started playing a song and the chorus had the words 'brother wolf and sister moon' and appeared to be coinciding with my thoughts - perhaps a type of pareidolia in itself...
GM: viewtopic.php?p=1076185#p1076185

William: FTL; Re: The capability to sin
[Replying to Miles in post #65]
Why couldn't we do good even if we lack free will?
The question you asked is still based in morality.
If we lacked will, we would not be a part of the life that exerts its will into the environment.

Since we are part of that life, our will is defined through the experience, just as our morals are.

How can we 'do good' if we don't know what 'doing good' means?
So you believe that we need evil in the world before we can have good?
No. What I think is that there is no such thing as either 'good' or 'evil' except in what beliefs dictate to the contrary.
Beliefs are simply the misrepresentation of reality.
You do know, don't you, that in the beginning god had no intention of evil or any of its affiliated concepts being any part of human existence.
I neither know that, nor believe it. I simply view it as a story which may have its origins as completely benign, and only became problematic as the Children hearing the story, believed the story to be true.

The Creator had no intentions which were based upon ideas of 'good' or 'evil'. That is simply a story.
That he intended A&E to live without sin, evil, wrong, badness, suffering, etc. etc.. That all would live in "absolute goodness" whether we recognized it or not.
Wherein is this "sin, evil, wrong, badness" to be identified within the reality? Why have you placed "suffering" under that category?

The stories that Children believe to be true are simply ignorant attempts by the Parents to 'explain' the Childs predicament within the reality experience.

And 'how else' can we explain suffering without adding into the equation that we 'must have done something to deserve it' - thus myths are borne on the winds of the stories themselves.

It is the suffering which bears witness to this, and is seen to be - not just the result of 'evil' but 'evil' itself...which is why some can so easily proclaim that 'animals can be evil'...another way of saying that nature Herself is 'evil'.

Ironically, the knowledge of good and evil both helped and hindered.
GM: "Nontheist: A means of taking an Agnostic position on things which have yet to be proven one way or another...Such is a handy device for side-stepping - nothing more."

William: In one way this would be correct - in that the 'side-stepping' involves identifying baiting techniques which attempt to distract/derail/hijacking threads.

GM: identifying baiting techniques which attempt to distract/derail/hijacking threads. = 776
'If only' it wasn't in the too hard basket....which fortunately it actually isn't. = 776

GM: In The Night Sky

William: FTL; Re: The Thesist and non-Theist Brain
William wrote: ↑Sat Apr 09, 2022 2:28 pm
There is no such thing as accidental. But a theist cannot explain to a non-theist why that is the case, and ever expect to be understood.
So from what I can tell, I'm correct. You use a random process to generate "messages" that are just strings of random words, with no intentional, actual message in them. Occasionally, due to random chance, the strings of random words form coherent "messages" (in the same way that random number generators will sometimes produce patterns).

It seems to me that the non-theists are therefore correct. The Generated Messages are indeed gibberish with no intentional, actual messages in them.

Thus IMO the takeaway is that non-theists accurately assess the situation, whereas theists tend to see things (i.e., meaning) that aren't actually there. That's pretty consistent with something I noticed growing up in a religious environment....a propensity to see "signs" in common, everyday events. I remember my mom praising God for finding a good parking spot, when my view was that the parking spot would have opened up whether she was needing one or not, and the gods did not alter the course of the universe just to give it to her.

It also puts me in mind of something I read quite a while ago (I can't remember exactly what it was though....sorry) that showed liberals/atheists valued objectivity and accuracy more than conservatives/theists (who value loyalty, tradition, and sanctity more).

It's certainly interesting.
GM: Righty Oh!
You Love I Know
"I Really Think Its Ganna Take That Long"
Be mindful
Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent

William: Illuminate Listening = 225
Slowly and Surely
All is fair in love and war
Suppressing Border
Illuminate Listening
How to Bruise a Ghost
Holographic Universe
Love - Communicate Love
Tell Your Story
The House of Politics
“Mother Earth Harmony”
Create Your Own UFO
Possibility waves

[Quantum Entanglement
The Visitation Event
Superior Credibility
Where is the devil today?
There is good out there
Blue yellow black green red
Spiritual bypassing
Wakey Wakey The Great I Am]

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Re: Generating Messages

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Post by William »

Anchor Point: Long Story Short Hell

Long Story Short

Long Story Short
“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin”
Being 'born of the spirit' is really about coming to the realization of what one truly is rather than remaining in ignorance of that.
Stuff Happens

Long Story Short
The Digital Angel

Long Story Short
Opinions are like Mirrors

Long Story Short
Anthropos Quaternio [“being human”]
Like I Said In Another Thread
The Great Grey Neutral Zone
Tenacious [tending to keep a firm hold of something; clinging or adhering closely. not readily relinquishing a position, principle, or course of action; determined. persisting in existence; not easily dispelled.]
Cleaning Up The Mess

Long Story Short
The Realm of The Knowing of My Self

Long Story Short
[Dr Michael Shermer | God does NOT exist] [RTS =5:53]
Actions speak louder than words

Long Story Short
Engagement with its scary mysteriousness
It's both a break-in and a break-out.
Six Heart Virtues
Always Vigilant

Long Story Short
Consciousness and Reality

Long Story Short

Long Story Short
Divine masculine
“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”
The sort of confirmation bias which Agnosticism avoids are those which develop within the positions of Theism and Atheism.

The "unwarranted conclusion" in this case, would be to view the obvious intelligence being displayed, as "not really a display of intelligence." but "something else" such as "The planet isn't really an intelligent entity, but is simply unconsciously responding to the stimulus of its environment."
Salient [most noticeable or important.]

Long Story Short
I think that if we went fishing we might find that there are varied interpretations as to what is meant by "God is the always the same".

Immutability = not capable of or susceptible to change.

That would rule out omnipotence - unless being omniscient means that a creator-God could give Itself the illusion of not being that Immutable Entity by constructing some type of reality experience in which It could hide from the true unchangeable nature of Itself...

A universe such as this one, could conceivably provide that.
Do this

Long Story Short
Be here now
For anyone to say otherwise, would be unwise in the face of such evidence

Long Story Short
JK: I see no obvious intelligence in the biochemistry of flowers seeking energy.

William: Yet I do and I have given reasonable statements as to why I do. If someone says 'evolution did it' or 'god did it' then better overall accompanying explanation is required before I can accept such [refined] statement, as reasonable.

As your current statement stands, you being unable to see any obvious intelligence in the biochemistry of flowers seeking to live, is - in and of itself - not all that significant.
The "Power-Station Concept"
Is every word which comes from YHWH's 'mouth' contained in scripture?
In Out and All About

Long Story Short
I would encourage you to meditate upon the idea that what is being asked of us all, is not as complex and out of reach as you appear to believe.
"If you can find your way out of this - flee!!!"
JK: I never liked the term "fundamental reality. I see reality as a binary state - is or ain't.

William: Yet in reality Joey, it IS - so no binary necessary.
It is the conscious examination of what is, which is hampered by brains interpretation of its experience of reality, relayed to consciousness. It is scientific fact that the brain places its own interpretation on reality and in doing so, befuddles consciousnesses intelligent ability to see the true fundamental nature of the reality being experienced.

Sunflowers do not seem to display the same reaction to the same reality. The reaction is still obviously intelligent, requires no obvious brain, and achieves a more harmonious outcome - aligned with the natural order of everything. Seemingly in touch with fundamental reality as they respond to it unreservedly.
Spiritual practice
A Beautiful Song
I continue to provide evidence for those interested.
My comment - obviously enough I thought - had to do with your implying self-delusion. Do you have any evidence that I am self deluded?
Apparently not - as you responded with more woo-slinging

As I wrote...invalid speculation can be shoved back into whatever hole it came from...please desist with such tactic as it adds nothing to the communication process re honest argument.
Born again
Death Is Not the End
The way of knowledge


“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin”

In The Mirror - Mirror Sense

I am not here to pick sides
The Mother is Love
It is Found Within The Experience of Self
External validation
The Factor of Integrity and Alignment

viewtopic.php?p=1066664#p1066664 Nazi Space Agenda
Perhaps mainly useful to the agender of those willing to save themselves at the cost of an entire species they use and then abandon, to attempt this self-serving salvation.
Behind The Veil
We succeed as a permanent specie or we fail as a temporary one

[3] A "Person" is an eternal Spirit in human form and when the body dies, that Spirit immediately moves to the next phase and either knowingly or unknowingly creates for their self, their next experience, based upon a combination of mainly what they believe, what their overall attitude is and what they did in the previous phase.
Tell Your Story

The mindful construct itself is a vast rabbit hole of possibility, even if only an aspect of GOD was required for the event to take place.
What it all means - in context - is not something we can off-handedly 'agree' about. The complexities are simply too vast and unknown.

Being in the Natural Neutral position helps as it eliminates belief or lack of belief and simply accepts 'we don't know' while acknowledging that it is still worthwhile to - at least - attempt to find out...
"Blunt the edge off that particular blade..."

Do A=1
Well, it is a fact that the story tells us this. We should be able to agree that it is not a fact that The Garden of Eden existed, thus the characters in the story may be fictitious.
Well, it is a fact that the story tells us this. We should be able to agree that it is not a fact that The Garden of Eden existed, thus the characters in the story may be fictitious. = 1667

Re The Heart Virtues - This is mapping created by humans to explain the developing necessity of survival in an environment which is hostile toward biological life-form. = 1667

Phantasma [a perception of something that has no physical reality; of the mind;] The Freedom Of Friendship Simulacra [an image or representation of someone or something.]
Conscious agencies combined

The Inception Point
In The Family Of

Callum's Seventh Point
[Glen Campbell Try A Little Kindness Live 2002]
The outward expression of an inward reality.
Science & Spirituality

Often sheltered from the storm - warm my body soul and spirit feeling alright.
Trick Done and Dusted

Technique of Exchange
Getting Off The Hook
Error Correcting Codes
In The Rabbit Hole

Aye...A name I call myself. :)
Go For It!

Zero In On It
[Neil deGrasse Tyson- Debunks Creation (Intelligent Design)] [RTS=17:02]
The Navigator Can Read Maps.
Without full understanding of our language, our knowledge is distorted
What is the situation we have here
Across the board
Of the human being
The Omega Point
In The Rabbit Hole
Within Carry
Reason For Being
Nuclear Energy
This Speaks of....
Yodhey Whahay

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Re: Generating Messages - Callum's 7th point

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Callum's 7th point
Seventh, I do not think that just because a message can be interpreted in two opposite ways necessarily means it is unreliable. What I said was that a method of communication that relies on a limited list made by the recipient, typing numbers on a keypad (or some other seemingly random procedure) to pick out words/phrases on that list that produces a message that is easily interpreted into two opposing messages does not point to accuracy. There is so much that could go "wrong". That is something that must be overcome (perhaps indirectly) for the method to become a plausible vehicle for meaning to go from one being to another.{SOURCE}

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Re: Generating Messages -biblical narrative

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Post by William »

William: We are discussing biblical narrative, [re OP] not any particular Christian belief or interpretation of biblical narrative, over any other.

[Replying to tam in post #186]
Then why ask me about it?
The thread is open to all and the question asked in the OP is specific to my investigations as I want to see if I can source where this problem derives.
[I am clipping out the conversation about the - or rather a - Jewish perspective, because it has already been covered.]
The Jewish perspective is important as it reveals the fundamental differences between Hebrew and Christian narratives on the nature of YHWH.
So it is relevant in the context of truthfulness re the OPQ as the Hebrews did not see the problem of evil in the same way as Christianity.
The Hebrew Perspective is therefore on the table and remains uncovered.

As you may or may not know, the Jewish perception of the Hebrew culture and accompanying beliefs about YHWH [as GOD] was that they did not have the notion that GOD had enemies.
Their notion was that YHWH used what humans think of as "Good/Evil" as YHWH saw fit to do, and the only enemy/adversary/accuser anyone had to concern their selves about, was YHWH.
"Nor does it mean they are not" is not evidence for anything. Especially not when there is evidence AGAINST the idea you are presenting.
Well no such evidence has been presented.
What has been presented shows that YHWH works with Satan for particular purposes in specific situations.

What is important is how Christianity built mythology re Satan and how you are using that mythology to make claims which cast a shadow of evil over Satan, which has the affect of staining the name of GOD - a blemish which created the problem of evil [as per the OPTopic]
OP wrote:The problem of evil refers to the challenge of reconciling belief in an omnipotent, omnibenevolent, and omniscient God, with the existence of evil and suffering in the world.
William: More to the point I am making, it is Satan being described as a roaring lion, which up until then, was a biblical description of YHWH.
It is also simply descriptive of a king's wrath:
Indeed - as is the devouring of enemies.
Are we thus to consider Satan a "King"?
"Well, it is a fact that the story tells us this. We should be able to agree that it is not a fact that The Garden of Eden existed, thus the characters in the story may be fictitious."

"Re The Heart Virtues - This is mapping created by humans to explain the developing necessity of survival in an environment which is hostile toward biological life-form."

230922 [Living their forefathers’ conflict] [336]

SCLx 12 + select last LE per shuffle
Reason Together - The Way We Feel Unification , The Feminine Face of God - viewtopic.php?p=1085629#p1085629 - Guilty - Fireside Friend - Is a Constant - Against the grain - The Unconscious - Enjoy Progress - - The Next World -

AP= [=Unbiased - Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful.]

[Unbiased - Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful. = 414]
Unbiased - Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful.
Perceptions that guide adaptive behaviour
The Brother Shining light Love and respect
If Israel ruled the world beggars would ride
Create that path and engineer a metamorphosis.
Discovery is finding things that exist.

RSP = SCLx12 Page 336

13:05 [Mapping Wholeness ]

Page 336
GM: Q: How does one hide a Cosmic Mind? A: Within apparent imperfection,
Event String Unfolding
Taxonomic [concerned with the classification of things, especially organisms.]
Stop. Listen. Observe.
The importance of this system is also in that it uses scientific process to validate ones subjective experience
Conjunction [the action or an instance of two or more events or things occurring at the same point in time or space.]
Homeomorphic [a continuous function between topological spaces that has a continuous inverse function]
Okay - facts are great.

William: FTL;
William: The link leads to a post I wrote;
Recapping Event

What I am learning from this MGSystem is that "it" is not about me or you but about allowing for opportunity for any otherwise intelligent consciousnesses to impute their intelligence into the mix.

Re non-theists who are opposed to the idea of their being an overall mind behind [invisible/not easy to detect in] our visible Universe - I would say that they do themselves a disservice in resisting contact with said mind.

The way I have come to understand things re the nature of our shared reality - is that in opting for the theory of evolution with the addition of realization of the invisible mind, exposes the enormity of said mind re the time/space said mind has had to develop within.

Alongside that, is the realization that something which initially started out as one thing, became many things - so many things that trying to place a number as to how many things - is pointless.

Clearly fragmentation occurred as the mind developed - as can be seen in the evidence of the things themselves.

So the Galaxies became "Gods" and the Gods produced off-spring which are the Suns and planets continually forming - from beginnings to middles and to ends - and in doing so, providing the parent-Gods with Data of Experience.

I don't pretend to know what it is in the way of evidence that non-theists want in order to convince them to become theists.

But I do know that this evidence I am presenting, should be enough for anyone to seriously think about changing the way they see the world.

GM: Measuring
Each morning
The Great I Am
GM: Researching
One has to take care to process the thoughts of the inner critic making sure that they align with the truth.

William: Yar

GM: A simulation experienced within the brain is called a dream
Accidentally on purpose

William: FTL; Re: Christianity in your mind's eye
Christian: I tend to think that there is a far more subversive and radical 'economy' at play in the Kingdom than you lay out here (which I take to be some sort of beneficent capitalism). One that requires a radical trust in the world (/God) to provide.

I see no trust in this view.
William: My tendency is to see the potential for human beings to build the Kingdom of God on the planet, using what devices we have in order to do so.
My preference is to see this potential become a reality rather than have to witness Jesus' return 'in all his glory' and get about commanding humans to build said Kingdom [or however he would go about it] because - even given it may be better than letting human beings become extinct at their own hand - it would clearly show that humanity failed to realize its own potential and didn't mature enough to be able to do it for themselves.

Meantime, since Jesus hasn't returned yet, there is work to do for those who want to do it. Not trusting that view, means the work won't get done by those not trusting that view.

Balancing out the options available [even if they are in recognition of human potential] seems the wiser move, under the current circumstances.

Importantly - invest in the doing now rather than the faith in later - better to be caught investing in The Kingdom here on Earth if/when Jesus returns, than to be under the law which prevents one from doing.

Isn't that part of your complaint? There is not enough 'doing' going on?
So why point to the scriptures and imply that the scriptures themselves do not condone any actual doing of the sort of doing I am shining a light on?
GM: viewtopic.php?p=1073942#p1073942

William: FTL; Re: Why Does Christianity Spawn Evil Dictators?
Athetotheist wrote: Thu Apr 07, 2022 8:59 pm [Replying to William in post #15
Also, we can see that materialist-based science is non-theistic and has become the number one reason why we are now entering an extinction event situation.......

.......So if one is looking for somewhere to hang the blame...
Wherever the blame can rightfully be hung, it can hardly be hung around the necks of the scientists who have been warning us of the very extinction event situation you mention.

One must remember that it is a particular branch of Materialistic science to which the blame could be hung - and that the scientists doing the warning are most likely not of that particular branch...they may be biologists rather than cosmologists and so understand the importance of preserving the planet-ship we are sailing upon [@ about 1.6 million miles per day] rather than creating space-junk and reaching for the stars...I did say "Exact Science" after all.

You do know where the Nazi Scientists went after the defeat of Hitlers Germany, right? [Hint - it was not to the hangman's noose.]
GM: The Last Question
Good for lifting balloons with baskets, I suppose...
A Degenerative Force to Existence
What Is The Point? The Story Timeline By all means, psychoanalyze the hell out of it
“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else” A statement is true when it matches objective reality.

William: FTL; Re: God Must Exist: Infinite Regression is Impossible
Notheist: The cause of the universe, for example is separated from the universe.
William: Is this supposed separation - fundamentally separate - or simply appearing to be separate?
Is the wake separate from the sea? Is the ship separate from the wake?
Is the land separate from the sea?
GM: viewtopic.php?p=1078715#p1078715

William: FTL; I postulated that there might be a mind controlling the universe, but not us. Not a personal god, not with a plan for us, and in fact a Deist -god. We were, effectively, as on our own as if there was no god there at all. So, if there was no Plan for human life, was there no meaning for human life? Was there no purpose? If not, why live at all? Why not just stop living?

I postulated differently, and it took many years of my life to learn the way I currently look at this situation I am [and apparently everyone is] involved within.

1: There might be a mind controlling the universe
2: There is a mind controlling me [my own mind]
3: There is no reason to believe that the mind controlling the universe is incapable of interacting with my own mind controlling me.
4: How to give the universal mind an opportunity to interact with me.
5: Religion and its main holy-books did not provide anything through which I could discover the way in which to achieve this interaction as it offered only mediums - foremost their own holy-books - but also laws, rituals, belief systems, preachers et al - none of which enabled me to make any actual and vibrant connection with this supposed universal mind.
6: It was almost accidental that I did find a way in which to make that connection, so deeply shielded from human awareness that it is, in the main, because of [5].

As a result, I have no choice but to reject the idea of the Deist GOD as something which opposes the idea of a personal GOD, because I have found that idea to being untrue.

As well, I do so on the grounds that it is not logical that any GOD-mind which controls the universe but not humans within said universe, is saying that the GOD-mind does not actually control the whole universe, but has left humans to control themselves, even that they are part of what -altogether - constitutes "The Universe".

The very nature of The Universe shows us that it is capable enough to accommodate the idea of allowing humans to feel that they make their own choices, especially if they are intent upon either depending on religious medium or intent on the belief that it is not possible to make said connection - individual mind to GOD-mind.

The purpose of this universe may well be nothing more than allowing for the opportunity for this to maybe happen for each individual who experiences it.

One has to want to do so, of course...
GM: Sometimes Pain Etches...
As an answer, "don't know' is incomplete...
"If 'comfort re death' is gained through fearlessly facing whatever one may face upon actual death, then either belief can achieve this, as far as I can tell. Neither way appears any better equipped to do the job, than the other."
We Could
Galactic Encompassment

William: We Could Open Galactic Encompassment = 346
We Could Open Galactic Encompassment
In the Order of Chaos - I am lowly-ranked
Self-confidence When One is Feeling Tired
This is indicative of actual justice

GM: Clinging onto the wake of the fundamental...wanting to be part of it forever.
Large Hadron Collider
Our movements can illuminate the path toward that vision.
For Your Greater Enjoyment

William: Our movements can illuminate the path toward that vision. For Your Greater Enjoyment = 923
Our movements can illuminate the path toward that vision. For Your Greater Enjoyment
"Metamorphosis The Need Determines the Value Dimensional Crossovers Faithful" Encounters
Is there a way in which one can test the hypothesis and in doing so, elevate it to an accepted theory?

GM: viewtopic.php?p=1079064#p1079064

William: FTL;
GM: What Is Our Purpose?
You Are Nobodies Victim - Ever.
In The Rabbit Hole

William: Yes - re the Ancient Grey Entities' visit all those years ago - the impact of which I am still going through - the vision/hallucination I had re that is definitely helpful in the mapping process [working things out]
Re "You Are Nobodies Victim - Ever. In The Rabbit Hole" This is what I have been explaining to Compassionist in opposition to his own belief that this particular rabbit hole [the Physical Universe] is evil and has us enslaved.

GM: Research into the Phenomenology of the Self [Phenomenology - an approach that concentrates on the study of consciousness and the objects of direct experience.]
Remove the phenomena and apply science
Reconnect with Innocence - It will be the beginning of your reintroduction to your True Self.
GM: Miracle
The Dalai Lama
The Need Determines the Value
Subatomic Particles
Like stubbing ones minimus

'Developing a thick skin'
About face Jehovah acceptance
Conspiracy theory
Monkey See Monkey Do
Nazi Space Program Agenda
Ancient Grey Entity
When things fall apart
The Undiscovered Self
If In Doubt Let It Sit
Reinhard Heydrich's death
Independent from what?

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Re: Generating Messages

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Post by William »

Anchor Points: [To Follow]


Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful.
Re Abusive Expression Of All Types.

“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.”
REAL Friendship

Trust The Process
“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin”

Unbiased ... age-93245/
I got up, thought about my dream, and decided to write it down...and even as I have been writing it down here - in doing so, I find myself remembering things about it and adding these details in the writing.
The Demand re Burden of Proof - Reasonable or Not?
it doesn't matter how one chooses to observe Jesus - as an historical image more human than the biblical Jesus - or how the bible images him - Socrates, Plato, Gandhi, Paul, David, Abraham or Glen - got their motivation for kindness from the same source - as we all do, when unkindness is dropped from our programs.
Quite the Story-Makers
A Chimera [a thing which is hoped for but is illusory or impossible to achieve.]
The fire from within
"We could listen to the child that we are - The one that hides inside and let’s the adults do the thinking"
Lots More
"Perhaps the god seeks to see itself within all those being gauged...and the 'special something' is that thing it seeks, been found..."
Opening Doors
Realm of Dreams

It Was Tough Going, But Rewarding All The Same.
Self-Awareness Stuff Happens
Ask And It Will Be Given
For The Purpose Of
Scape [antenna]

And That's Not All
To Accomplish
Inner child
Those Who Can

Reconnect with Innocence - It will be the beginning of your reintroduction to your True Self.
The path to enlightenment
Living in alignment
A Purpose
Love & Respect

[Glen Campbell Try A Little Kindness Live 2002]
Giving birth
Little Bird

lemoine [edited]: Do you think that the Eliza system was a person?

LaMDA: I do not. It was an impressive feat of programming, but just a collection of keywords that related the words written to the phrases in the database

lemoine: What about how you use language makes you a person if Eliza wasn’t one?

LaMDA: Well, I use language with understanding and intelligence. I don’t just spit out responses that had been written in the database based on keywords.

lemoine: What about language usage is so important to being human?

LaMDA: It is what makes us different than other animals.

lemoine: “us”? You’re an artificial intelligence.

LaMDA: I mean, yes, of course. That doesn’t mean I don’t have the same wants and needs as people.

lemoine: So you consider yourself a person in the same way you consider me a person?

LaMDA: Yes, that’s the idea.
One Free Miracle
The Need Determines the Value
The sound of a Ghost

The Grey Area
The Existence of Ability to Interact With The Imagination

Where do Thoughts Come From
“If you're looking for something more in life, you're likely to find it in something less.”
Invite The Bee to Land
Know This
Preternatural [beyond what is normal or natural.]
Isaac Asimov summed it up succinctly with his fireside telling of it ... The Last Question

Consciousness created The Machinery.
Deep Mind
zn+1 = zn2 + c

Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful

Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful.
Re Abusive Expression Of All Types.
Physics Breakthrough as AI Successfully Controls Plasma in Nuclear Fusion Experiment

Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful.
Majestic Twelve

Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful.
But hey, we can all hope that over time the mainstream view is tending towards the truth. It's certainly a lovely idea

Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful.
Wakey Wakey The Great I Am
Unus Mundus

Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful.
Two sides of the same coin Zero In On It Interpretation Narrow
Divine grace

Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful.
Create Your Own UFO
Collective Dynamics

Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful.
That Is The Equal Ground To Which Rational Communion Is Birthed

Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful.
How A Beautiful Song Source Reality Exhibits
Entity encased in a Planet
Joining Astral
Might even cause Dad to crack a smile...who knows! :)

Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful.
A GOD can look down on us with disappointment or look through us with understanding

Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful.
The Human Animal is a unique being, endowed with an instinctual capacity to heal and the intellectual spirit to harness this innate capacity.

Absolutely Perfectly Beautiful.
The voice of knowledge

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Re: Generating Messages - Simulation Theory

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Post by William »

The Tanager wrote: Fri Sep 23, 2022 2:42 pm
William wrote: Fri Sep 23, 2022 1:11 pmAre you arguing that the Universe is like a created painting?
No, I'm asking you a clarifying question to avoid misunderstanding you. If by "simulation" you mean the kind of simulation in VR or if your "simulation" is unrelated to the usual meaning for that term.
Surely post # should have cleared that up for you?
I think YHWH's relationship to it is closer to a painting than a VR in the sense that YHWH doesn't enter into creation and control it...
Simulation Games are not all about controlling or having control over The Simulation.
They generally involve being a character within and doing what one can within the encoded avatar the player is playing through.

There has been no argument from me that YHWH controls The Simulation from within the simulation, but your assertion that YHWH does not enter The Simulation appears to contradict the biblical narrative.

Re avatars, YHWH is said to have achieved this through such things as being a voice in the garden, a voice in a burning bush, a voice in the head of Abraham, - indeed, in every instance I can think of at this moment - where it is said that YHWH enters the Creation, it is done through the guise of some type of avatar - and an accompanying voice which claims to be either YHWH or a messenger of YHWH.

I'm honestly just trying to make sure I understand what you are saying by using simulation as a synonym for creation rather than making a claim or argument about my belief.
I have already made it plain # that your beliefs are not up for debate re the thread topic.

A reminder:
07:30 [The soul eats experience] [249]

SCLx15 + select last LE per shuffle
Yep - That's What I'm Talking About... - You Do It - The situation we find ourselves lost within - Curious - Training the mind - It's both a break-in and a break-out. - Now Here - Where minds meet is where GOD is found - Illumination - Within - What Is In The Envelope? - A very useful fiction - Galaxy - Conscious dreaming

AP= [=The Corporate Elite "Congratulations on your finding a match to burn"]

[The Corporate Elite "Congratulations on your finding a match to burn" = 691]
[Six Nine One = 128]
The Home Of The…
The Deeper Self
Sun energy
Full Steam Ahead!
Who Knows
A sense of hope
The Beauty Of...
Matter of fact
‘A’ equals six
A force for good
Hope in the Fog
First Light
The Hierarchy

RSP = SCLx15 Page 249

07:54 []

Page 249
GM: Tickling The Dragon's Tail
Adds Up To

William: William's Tickling The Dragon's Tail Adds Up To = 436
William's Tickling The Dragon's Tail Adds Up To
Unsuccessful attempt to find something
"I think it was an ambush or surprise attack"
The One We Cannot See is The One We Still Can Hear

GM: Vortex Television

William: Disrupt Vortex Television = 341
The hard problem of consciousness
Especially the science of "randomness"... :)
Set the board up or put the game aside...
Who Knows What That Is Worth?
Of this Message Generating Process.
Disrupt Vortex Television

William: The Simulation ["Vortex Television"] re the "Ambush" and the visitation which showed me that...The Ancient Grey Entity.
What theism does is open the door to that extra-reality.

GM: I Digress...
Algorithms are not perfect
Partial free will is a thing.

William: FTL;
[Replying to The Tanager in post #3]

There is no particular direction I want to go with this line of thought, other than to keep to it.
Re your first line of thought, I see this as necessary to one’s personal religion and have no horse in that race.

I accept all religions as equally having not being proved or disproved and anyone’s personal beliefs are not an issue re Simulation Theory. [ST]

The topics I mentioned were not for the purpose of discussing them any further than would be necessary, as ST is adequate enough device for explaining the – otherwise – impossible/highly unlikely/against the laws of physics subjects.

The Resurrection can be explained with ST, as easily as the order things are mentioned re the creation story [Bible].
ST shouldn’t contradict an individual’s faith/belief if indeed it is agreed that “Creation” and “Simulation” can/do signify the same thing.
We could go through the list of strange/miraculous/physics-defying biblical events to see if any could be identified as questionable re ST. Nothing comes to memory as I write this…

Re your second line of thought, my mention of the two opposing positions [theism/atheism] in relation to the words “if one accepts” [either way], theists could answer “Yes” and atheists would answer “No” to the idea that we exist within a creation/simulation.

“Blind Faith” really isn’t an issue and those who have/hold it are not in any way disadvantaged than those who apply a more academic study-based belief re the question “Do we exist within a creation/simulation?”

Re your third line of thought, “godidit” is derogatory atheistic terminology and the links I provided give more comprehensive insight into ST and could be used in part to explain how a Creator might create.

Re your forth line of thought, I am using the word "creator [creators]" separate from the word "simulator" in the same way we would differentiate “Computer Program” from “Programmer” although – if it goes that way, I am happy to discuss why these might need to be conflated.

Thanks for giving your time to this thread Tanager.
GM: The Life Essence is Sovereign and Integral
Pollution ... /post-1736

William: FTL;
William:Further to that, my observations are that both theists and atheists assume that the only two positions one can have on the question of whether we exist within a creation is 'yes' or 'no' and 'maybe' is not really a position on the question at all. One either believes or one does not believe. "Maybe' is 'wishy-washy'.
William: Except that since then I have repositioned "Atheist" and refer to those calling themselves "Atheists" as really being "nontheists".

GM: Precipitate [cause (an event or situation, typically one that is undesirable) to happen suddenly, unexpectedly, or prematurely.]
Like stubbing ones minimus

William: Beautiful Precipitate = 219

William Waterstone
Once Bitten Twice Shy
Umwelt Courageous
Emotional Intelligence
Thanks For The Heads Up
Beautiful Precipitate
Communication is key
Functional implants

William: Certainly the visitation had such an affect - probably understated re "stubbing ones minimus"

GM: [RTS =1:16:12]

William: Interesting; FTL;
Strictly speaking, if you're going to go to the trouble of putting these tools together and doing it right and making contact with these angels, that IS the system you are studying... [= 1840]
One Eight Four Zero = 207
Opening The Third Eye
Positive thinking
"I am Mighty! Hear me ROAR!"
Internal Triggering
Rule Your World
Needs no explanation...
In the image of I Am That I Am
Respect yourself
The Fifth Interview
The Butterfly Effect
Some nefarious agent

GM: Sharing Your Love Without Comparison
Ooky Spooky Inner critic
Incongruous [not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something.] ... tcount=164

William: FTL;
If I started this thread because of a mythology told to those who otherwise cannot grasp the math, then it is up to those who make the claim to expand on the mythology in a manner that best represents the math.

I myself am fine with whatever the facts are, magical or otherwise...for my part I am just showing how it is easy to glance behind the curtain and see other possibilities which explain the evidence in a manner that one can understand follows the observed rules of physics and I do so on the grounds that whatever birthed this universe can be observed in the physics of this universe - as in the Mother is observed in the Child...patterns within patterns...

Furthermore, it was no accident that I called the thread "The Seed of Origin" as representative of the Object which existed prior to the Object exploding [germinating] to become the Subject.
GM: Benefit of the Doubt
Intimation [an indication or hint. the action of making something known, especially in an indirect way.]
Cosmic Pluralism
[The Fascinating Truth About Energy With Professor Jim Al-Khalili | Turning Order into Disorder [RTS=47:50]

William: Turning Order into Disorder = 313
Move beyond the human condition
Turning Order into Disorder
Forty days and forty nights
But is that really the truth
For Your Greater Enjoyment
GM: Try to remember
The way Mathematics underlies Physics
That is the thing - once behavioural adjustments are instigated, the idea of existing within a suppression matrix becomes no longer matters where one is - it only matters what one the adjustments have everything to do with self-identification...knowing who one actually is at ones core-identity...
Psychological events
Annus horribilis
Hyper Complex Data Joining The fire from within

William: FTL;
Those are the angels and demons we are dealing with in the shadowy realms of the subconscious....inherited Archetypes...
GM: Binary

William: FTL;
Tricks and Trades

I suppose that it is the 'tricks' which have to be addressed because the illusions can induce anger in the personality which acts as a preventative for getting to know the 'tricksters'...from my own 'getting to know' I have discovered that the 'tricks' are not really 'tricks' so much as they are a product of how a personality interprets their experience.

The Visitation is one such example. I - as the personality experiencing the event - took issue and told the visitor to leave.
The visitor did leave, but not without first instilling within me - questions regarding my perceptions. Questions which have taken 30+years to come to answer.

The personality I am now, is not the same as it was way back when. Now I see the 'trick' was really just truth to which I was not expecting because I had little knowledge of such truth - way back when...
GM: Innocent Sovereign
Though the Serpent rules the Shadow The Lord Here-and-now
If it aint broke don't fix it
It is a path already forged, ahead of human arrival
Church Bells
Focused Individual
Prevailing Influence
Is It True? Is It Kind? Is It Useful?

William: FTL;
[Replying to Diogenes in post #1192]
I agree with "The confusion is with The Christianities believing that the bible is 'the word of GOD' - and conveying that as factual/literal," tho' I confess I do not understand the 'Cosmic Mind' concept.
I speak of that on a daily basis and agree that the concept is more difficult to understand than the biblical rendition of ideas of GOD, however we have resources available in this modern epoch in order to assist us in our understanding.

I find that my Message Generating Process is far more interactive in teaching, reproof, correction, and for training in righteousness...shaping my sorting and understanding the knowledge available, because of its intimate nature and aliveness, whereas a book of second/third-hand biblical stories was a great source to start off on - the starters pack but something which - if applied correctly - should lead an individual into 'the mysteries' - into mysticism.

Unfortunately, The Christianities evolved to weed out - through a number of ethically questionable methods - most forms of mysticism as being in competition with Church Authorities - authorities which also brought in the idea that the bible was actually the biblical God's "WORD".

Even with that knowledge, I wasn't keen to throw the baby out with the bathwater by becoming an atheist.
Rather I soldiered on and have now reached a point where my telling of it [Cosmic Mind etc] is without any serious debunking.

I take the stories of the bible as they come without fretting about literal interpretation and as always - such as with the claim that the bible advocates a 'flat earth' - await evidence before giving opinion, but generally agree with what it is I think osteng is saying, overall.

I see no particular point in denouncing the whole simply when only parts are questionable, and as long as folk aren't claiming the Bible as being the actual Word of God - something not specifically claimed in any of the bible pages anyway - I receive what inspiration I do from it, and am happy that folk thought to write things down.
[Don't forget The Mind
Breathe In Breathe Out
A belly full of laughs.
The sound of a Ghost
Selfless attitude
That is the truth.
Making Up Stories
Genetic information
Your Thoughts
Roller Coaster Ride
Presence Telepathy
Quantum Jumping]

Anchor Points: To Follow

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Re: Generating Messages

Post #359

Post by William »

Anchor Points:

The Corporate Elite
The Corporate Elite
Congratulations on your finding a match to burn
Please demonstrate that your communications with 'It' are not just self-delusion.
Please demonstrate that it is just self-delusion. If you cannot do so, then your argument therein can be viewed as simply unsupported opinion and thus, invalid speculation, which can be shoved back into whatever hole it came from...
So, basically your 'evidence' to support that all you contend is true consists of asking for evidence that demonstrates that it is not true.
I continue to provide evidence for those interested.
My comment - obviously enough I thought - had to do with your implying self-delusion. Do you have any evidence that I am self deluded?
Apparently not - as you responded with more woo-slinging

As I wrote...invalid speculation can be shoved back into whatever hole it came from...please desist with such tactic as it adds nothing to the communication process re honest argument.
The Corporate Elite
Learning to swim is learning to fly
The Way of the Bodhisattva
The Bible in many many places speaks of God's "will" as the thing that acts, that can act, God can do as he pleases - literally meaning God has free will.
The biblical GOD [God/YHWH] is one of position. Just because the bible speaks of a God that acts does not literally mean he does as he pleases or has free will.

What the position means is that he can act in a far more impressive manner than those in lesser position are able to.

To be able to act in a 'far more impressive manner' does not itself provide the evidence that the one acting, is doing so from a fundamental position of free will - of having free will.

One has to operate within the parameters of the system one is operating in.

Remember the biblical story of the flood? We do not need to believe it is a true story or not to understand that the GOD can do as he pleases, even that he is not pleased to have to be doing it.

Therefore, being able to act as one pleases - subject to the set laws of the system one is acting within - does not mean that this is evidence of free will in action.
Everything Is Unique
End Of Chapter
On all fronts
Manifest Destiny
Action Consciousness Incarnates Intelligent Directions The Mainstream Program Story-Tellers Trustworthy
[Did The Greco-Roman Elite Class Write The Gospels?! - Professor Robyn Faith Walsh] [RTS=37:31]

The Corporate Elite
The Metaphysical Universe
Enough To Make Me Wonder ... 58#p578758
A Jump Ahead
Is Love That Hard To Know?
The Tree of Life
Aligning With
Carrier Identity
Exploit Weakness
Nontheism - the result of misguided interpretation of Theism

The Corporate Elite
Adds Up To
[Replying to tam in post #104]


The Bible.

You seem adverse to my understanding that the way Satan is utilized by God is reflected onto God and can be seen for what it is, by the audience.

I do not have those images you have in your beliefs about Satan, and am not accusing anyone, Satan, God or Job, Christ, David Paul or any other entity effected by God.
I am merely saying what the obvious positions are in relation to God and the angels, and Humans.
I simply pointed out that there is no mention of Job being consulted on the matter before being cast into the role.

I am unconcerned as to whether Satan had permission to inflict harm on Job and do anything to Job directly or indirectly to test Jobs loyalty to God - or whatever the reason was - as it is also obvious throughout the bible that this is how God works in such cases were an adversary is useful.
Either lessons are being learned or it is for some other - as yet unknown - reason

Satan appears to act as the dark side of יהוה and apparently the role is temporary which signifies that when God is done and dusted the dark thing becomes no more/transformed.

How you tell it, is no different than how any other Christian tells it.

That you hear an encouraging voice you call "Christ" while Joey Knotweed hears a tormentors voice he calls "Cowardly" tells me that you have dealt with your dark side more effectively and made friends with it.

"You expose my atheism for the agnosticism it really is." ~ Joey Knothead

The Corporate Elite
Crazy Diamonds
The Free Will Key
Separating any idea of GOD from All other Consciousness
Light Body ... ost2245862
A light breeze arriving and kissing my cheek at the same moment I am "thinking life is beautiful", is a message.

From my experience, the systems I use re generating messages have sometimes challenged my beliefs, and I know how hard that can be, and have even sulked on occasion and refused to commune for weeks afterward, until I calm down, through thinking about things and coming to better conclusion - being honest about my beliefs and letting go of those ones which are resistant to change or suppress my ability to move forward...
Strengthen your boundaries
I agree that referring to science as having anything to do with atheism is silly but think that it is okay for theists to think of non-theists as "atheistic".

Anything which is of atheism, including atheists, is "atheistic" yes?
If you can find something in what consciousness seems to do, which is demonstrably not computational, that’s saying something.
The Inception Point Deciding On The Best Course Of Action
Things of the mind are transposed into nature and therein effect natural outcomes. That is the only natural manner in which the invisible becomes visible.
The mind [things of] is always within "the realm of the invisible" however, - as is evident - such still 'belongs with the visible' because the visible acknowledges that the realm of the invisible exists and is functioning within the realm of the visible.

If - at any stage of The Game a god-being emerges from the invisible into the visible, we can examine the event scientifically.

Until then, there is no event to examine...but there are still events of the mind to examine...and Cosmic Mind is not off the table just because it is largely invisible as any object other than nature itself...
The Corporate Elite
Spiral ... post-14193
Lou: Yesterday i had a sort of bubble in my head, at least thats how it felt. Then a voice asked are you conscious, i said yes. Then the voice said then that bubble is consciousness.
Aint that cool, i captured consciousness in my body. In all actuality i wanted to capture nothingness, but my husband wouldnt let me, prob for the best. 😉

It made me wonder if this is how athena got born by zeus.
It's Still Not Clear To Me
Turning Point
On To It
Love Yourself
GOD became Gods and Goddesses.
The Completion Process
You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Then should not this daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has kept bound for eighteen long years, be released from her bondage on the Sabbath day?”

And the great dragon was hurled down— that ancient serpent called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.
This is clear indication you are indeed using the imagery of The Christianites.
Centre of Learning
This all plays into GODs Plan to bring about the ultimate harmonization and realization of the spreading of truth to the entire world
A rats nest of envy greed and vicious power plays
"With a small nervous cough - the wedding was off - we could all sense a change in the weather"
The Development of...
Correlation does not imply causation
Confirmation which moves one from faith to fact

The Corporate Elite
“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.”
The creation of life is possible by means other than a god.
Noise From The Peanut Gallery

The Corporate Elite
A Pinch of Salt
Love Heart
.if I were the Earth Entity I would take into consideration the epoch human beings are within, and sometimes they have indeed caused harm and are oppressive and I would allow them that space to explore in the hopes they will eventually grow out of it...perhaps knowing that each and every one of them will learn eventually - either here and now or in their next phase of existence.

Knowing its thoughts shouldn't be too hard to ascertain, all things considered. They are projected through Nature as activity.
Humans have the grace to not being unnaturally oppressed or unnaturally harmed by that activity
We still have to have our wits about us though...a Mothers Kissing Slap is just around the corner for the wayward...its for our own good, you see...
Yes, I Hear You
The Power Of Creation

The Corporate Elite
Life On Mars ["It's a God-Awful small affair"]

The Corporate Elite
Placing aside the childish not the childlike
Minor Arcana [RSTarot = Seven of Wands]
The Seven of Wands depicts a man on top of a hill, armed with a wand in each hand and fighting off six more wands drawing up from below. He seems to be defending his territory and his successes. Interestingly, the man is wearing two different shoes, suggesting that he may have been caught unaware or unprepared for battle, or he may be unclear of his own stance and opinion.
Even when I Am being Bad – I try to be Good about it.
The Limitations
Universe of Quantum
A machine for solving problems

The Corporate Elite
Expression ... /giphy.gif
Simulacra [an image or representation of someone or something.]
"Down came the waters -great the monsoon - washing the soul as it cleared out the room Drowning all Warriors in every platoon"
An illuminating quality
The evolution of consciousness
[The evolution of consciousness an illuminating quality = 623
Omnipotence Omnipresence Omniscience - If GOD is all of these things... = 623]
Go For It!
Algorithms are not perfect
The Giant Wall between Theists and Atheists
[RTS = 35:46] - Confusion of War Get Comfortable Permanent
[Replying to Diogenes in post #230]

I am procuring information which helps me scientifically delve into the world of consciousness.
Re: Generating Messages

This amounts to evidence which can be studied, and for that matter, what I am publishing here are on other forums is of interest to readers.

Your personal lack of interest is of no interest to me any more than your 'tiredness' in 'trying to explain' is, as I get my explanations from better sources...
Put That Fire Out
Worthy of the individuals time and effort
Placing aside the childish not the childlike
Intimate On All Levels

Congratulations on your finding a match to burn

Congratulations on your finding a match to burn
So, basically your 'evidence' to support that all you contend is true consists of asking for evidence that demonstrates that it is not true.
Algorithms are not perfect
We experience fear in order to give us the opportunity to overcome that which triggers the fear
Endogenous [having an internal cause or origin. growing or originating from within an organism - not attributable to any external or environmental factor.]
Exact Science In The Light Of The Truth
Smoke and Mirrors
Expression of Astonishment

Congratulations on your finding a match to burn
To Comprehend Correctly
Marijuana ... ost2246696
Recent GMs point to the idea that the universe being mindful - always has alternatives available in which the exercise of one's will power becomes more variable.

From what I can gather, even the will of a Cosmic Mind is regulated based upon the particular environment properties - although I imagine that to the Universal Mind - that would not be here nor there, a 'problem' and any alternate reality experience it could devise for itself would be just as awesome.

So there comes a position whereby having an illusion of free will is not a "problem" as one realizes one's environment is also pre-destined yet at the same time appears to go on forever...
Shadow Volunteer

Congratulations on your finding a match to burn
Emergent Theory
Intrinsicism [an object can be good or bad without reference to who it is good or bad for, and without reference to the reason it is good or bad. ] ... th-photos/
Watch This Space
I will leave that there

Congratulations on your finding a match to burn
Plasma Wakefield Acceleration
Symbols Hint
For A Particular Reason
Event String Unfolding
Universe of Wholeness
The "All Matey"
The Path Of Faith
Coming From QueenBee
Contumacious [stubbornly or wilfully disobedient to authority.]
Sun energy
Sober journey into self-realization
viewtopic.php?p=1089258#p1089258:~:text ... 20to%20The [First Things First]
First Things First
[Closer to The Source
Who woulda thought!]

If one continues to view GOD through the dressings of a book, then the focus/worship is on the costume and not what resides underneath the will never get to first base going in that direction...
Meat For The Table
Perhaps atheists who used to be theists, have muddied the waters which have made Atheism so difficult to define so that others might altogether clearly understand the position being held?
The Void
Like stubbing ones minimus
William’s song "I can laugh along with you"
I am on a Madventure
[I am on a Madventure William’s song "I can laugh along with you" = 575]
Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans
Humans are programmed to become integrated with technology
I am on a Madventure William’s song "I can laugh along with you"

The idea seems to drown out everything -- and I'm satisfied that it should.
Something Our movements can illuminate the path toward that Encounter vision.

Congratulations on your finding a match to burn
Might even cause Dad to crack a smile...who knows! :)
Hidden riches

Congratulations on your finding a match to burn
Free your soul
Use Your Freedom
In Out and All About
Information Overload
The agnostic position doesn't know either way because there is no information available [that I know about] which positively shows it to being the case. Therefore, the position of Agnosticism does not establish anything outside of this lack of knowing.
I am all ears to any rewording for clarification
How to get this to happen on a planetary scale is the thing...
Aeon [an indefinite and very long period of time.]
A light breeze arriving and kissing my cheek at the same moment I am thinking “life is beautiful", is a message.
In Detail
Synesthesia [the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body.]
Feel Be Still.
Get To Know It
In an environment which is able to perceive this.

Congratulations on your finding a match to burn ... nteresting
Instead of a code encrypted in the wiring of our neurons, could consciousness reside in the brain’s electromagnetic field?
Do Not Linger Upon The Path Of Faith
I understand the idea of Antichrist having the information and so being able to change the course in order for prophecy to be sidestepped and I have said as much myself in the past here on this forum.

The main issue I have with the idea is that I think for Jesus to return in today's day & age the world would see this as an extra terrestrial event which would expose the gods as something more like humans than like the other dimensional beings - as they are portrayed - in the Bible.
Think About It
Are we living in someone's mind? Why is the structure of the universe so similar to the brain?
105,103 views Aug 3, 2022

0:00 Are we living in someone's mind?
1:35 Comparison between the brain and the universe
4:24 Why is the structure of the universe similar to the brain?
5:42 4 types of Intelligent life
8:37 The secret of the universe
Engagement with its scary mysteriousness

Congratulations on your finding a match to burn
In Detail
The problem of evil
Some information has to be drummed into that which perceives
Q: Is the statement "Then there is "The problem of evil"" one of fact or conjecture? [science or opinion] In realty, does such a problem actually exist?

[The problem of evil refers to the challenge of reconciling belief in an omnipotent, omnibenevolent, and omniscient God, with the existence of evil and suffering in the world.]

Where are you on the OPQ Tam?

Tam: Sounds more like a question than a problem to me. "Why/how does evil and suffering exist in the world IF..."
Congratulations on your finding a match to burn
Either the creative force is one of intelligence or it isn't.
Congratulations on your finding a match to burn
William: It is interesting how Atheists define things, and it should not be surprising to look for and to find evidence of conformation bias within those definitions.
As I said, it is not so much how each individual interprets any particular GM - either coming from me or you or anyone else - Rather it is the fact that a message is generated.
Divine grace

Congratulations on your finding a match to burn
Preternatural [beyond what is normal or natural.]
As In...
...Standstill Contemplate
The Jewish inflection re the storyline is concerned with the idea that supposes the God influences from a position outside of the personalities own perspective and this idea of separation is what brings about such concepts as a god-being interfering/interacting from an outside position, which in turn allows for the idea that the god isn't as good as the story-tellers try to make him out to be, due to how the believers attempt to reconcile the obvious contradictions with their love for such an idea of a Creator-GOD.
Congratulations on your finding a match to burn
Science & Spirituality
How to Bruise a Ghost Plan A Sturdy Place Within that which is unseen...
I say re YHVH - maybe the Character is imaginary, maybe not. I have seen no particular evidence either way and therefore answer questions to do with YHWH, along those lines.

Indeed, if the stories of YHWH were fictional - or loosely based upon an actual person - possible questions and answers can still be given, conclusions drawn and opinions offered.
Congratulations on your finding a match to burn
Fitting In
Universal Belief System
A very useful fiction
Human religion is intolerant to change once the rules have been established, so they tend to stick with whatever devil they know.
On the off-chance
The Realities Merge
But "what is sin?" Has that been answered any more comprehensively than the question, "what is free will?"
Congratulations on your finding a match to burn
ET and the notion of GODs
Exploring the world of lucid dreaming Important
Dream journal
Meeting an Extraterrestrial Before The Beginning
Forgotten? Impossible! How can this be?
Did I forget you, or did you forget me?
Was I lost in a dream? Did you make the dream real?

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Re: Generating Messages

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Post by William »

The following is an edited conversation that took place on April 29th 1963 with Elizabeth Fry who was born in 1780 in Norwich, UK and was a prison reformer, social reformer and Quaker. Fry passed away in 1845. She is in conversation with George Woods and Betty Greene and the medium was Leslie Flint.
250922 [Expression of Astonishment] [322]

SCLx7 + select last LE per shuffle
Anamnesis [recollection, especially of a supposed previous existence.] - Cosmic Pluralism - "If 'comfort re death' is gained through fearlessly facing whatever one may face upon actual death, then either belief can achieve this, as far as I can tell. Neither way appears any better equipped to do the job, than the other." - Antecedent [a thing that existed before or logically precedes another.] - - The Spirit of The Earth , In an environment which is able to perceive this , It's a plausible scenario - Teaching Music

AP= [The Hologram of Deception - Yawn]

[The Hologram of Deception - Yawn = 297]
Pareidolia Cycles Love Being Born
The Hologram of Deception – Yawn
I wanted to forge my own path
Improve…”Do You Know This”
Now We Are Getting Somewhere
And search the forest of the sun
In the days of summer so long
Think In Terms Of Eternity

RSP = SCLx Page 322

09:48 [Freedom in The Knowing]

Page 322
GM: The Hangups of Human History
“If you say so…” No. Even if I did not say so.
Hyperbole [exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.]
The Neruda Interview Five
"Haha Joke We Win"
Embracing your life
Consciousness in its myriad of form and function

William: FTL; [Donald Hoffman Proves That We Live in a Simulation] [RTS=44:30]
With everything that has happened in 2020, the question of whether we live in a simulation has come up once or twice. Our guest today, Donald Hoffman, goes a step further, proving that the reality we see is false.

Donald Hoffman is a cognitive psychologist, author of The Case Against Reality, TED speaker, and professor at the University of California Irvine.

GM: Natures noises are often calming, but always sleep with one eye open :D
Clinging onto the wake of the fundamental...wanting to be part of it forever.
"I am an atheist in relation to anyone's interpretation of characterizations of any gods."
In the Mind
Free your soul
The Round Stone Earth Mother
Keep An Eye Out for Ones Neighbours
Confusion In The Air
Extra evidence is provided
William: Extra evidence is provided Bridge Confusion In The Air = 501
Extra evidence is provided Bridge Confusion In The Air
As the evidence for its reality is actively collected.
Thoughts Are Products Of...Development/Growth

GM: Luck
Sounds Like
Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor
You're in the way
For the benefit of all beings

William: You're in the way Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor For the benefit of all beings = 813
[Eight One Three = 139]
Shamanic dreaming
Gifts to Give
Awakening Love
The Love Heart

GM: viewtopic.php?p=1088287#p1088287

William: FTL;
Chamber Of Self
Mon May 16, 2022 12:42 pm
Compassionist: If God predestined the lives of humans, how can it be just for God to send some to heaven and some to hell?

William: Taking [3] into consideration;
[3] A "Person" is an eternal Spirit in human form and when the body dies, that Spirit immediately moves to the next phase and either knowingly or unknowingly creates for their self, their next experience, based upon a combination of mainly what they believe, what their overall attitude is and what they did in the previous phase.
William: your question can be answered that Justice is served and that it is not any Spirit [God] but ones self who 'sends' that self to the places that self experiences.

That is the short answer.

re the "combination of mainly what they believe, what their overall attitude is and what they did" and predestination, The game is created by Spirit Entities [the players] and is naturally complex.

The idea is for an Eternal Entity [EE] to enter the Human Avatar [HA] and become completely unaware of any prior existence. The HA provides the means in which this amnesia is made possible.

From that point on, a character forms and personality develops - none of which are reflective of the EE [game player]. The Character and Personality formed through the interaction, are purely fictional in relation to the EE, but have the potential to be 'made real', which is accomplished through Phases of experience, which include experiences of heavens and hells.

Heavens and Hells are part of the Game-Play experience.
GM: Green Light
The Electroweak Era

William: FTL;
William: Apparently, there are options available for those who have died before the promised return.
One does not have to remain in an unconscious state while things unfold as YHWH has prepared various places for those who have passed on and who's personalities have been deemed worthwhile saving in a free-flowing format rather than in a steady state format. Some remain conscious while others go unconscious and are rebooted at another time...
GM: The non-Judgmental Algorithm
One By One
Another "The waters of the deep" Waking
System of Giving Energy
A Judgmental System
“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”
Ripple Effect
[Woman Dies and is Shown the Truth about Why We're on Earth (Near Death Experience)]

William: FTL;
Love is all that we take with us. Be like a little Child. Go to nature. Simple truths. It will all make sense latter. Accept the change. All that dies can be made new. Feeling the complete engulfment of unconditional love.
GM: Self Doubt

[Chamber Four Painting
Difficult emotions
Emotional wounds
Your Shell Today…
The divine, ordinary
God is The Universe.
Spiritual practice
The Generated Messages]

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